Correspondence regarding FBI Cuba 109 Headquarters File

  1.Cuba109 Correspondence Air Force 2005-10-14 Johnson-JHL
  2.Cuba109 Correspondence Air Force 2006-01-13 Johnson-JHL
  3.Cuba109 Correspondence Air Force 2006-03-22 Johnson-JHL
  4.Cuba109 Correspondence Air Force 2006-05-30a Costa-JHL
  5.Cuba109 Correspondence Air Force 2006-05-30b Costa-JHL
  6.Cuba109 Correspondence Air Force 2007-08-23 Costa-JHL
  7.Cuba109 Correspondence Air Force 2007-08-27a JHL-Secy AF
  8.Cuba109 Correspondence Air Force 2007-08-27b JHL-Secy AF
  9.Cuba109 Correspondence Air Force 2008-03-10 Fox-JHL
  10.Cuba109 Correspondence Army 2005-06-14 Butterfield-JHL
  11.Cuba109 Correspondence Army 2005-08-05 Hardy-JHL
  12.Cuba109 Correspondence Army 2006-02-03 Butterfield-JHL
  13.Cuba109 Correspondence Army 2006-03-02 Dickerson-JHL
  14.Cuba109 Correspondence Army 2006-04-04 Butterfield-JHL
  15.Cuba109 Correspondence Army 2006-05-01 Dickerson-JHL
  16.Cuba109 Correspondence Army 2006-06-09 Dickerson-JHL
  17.Cuba109 Correspondence Army 2006-07-20 Dickerson-JHL
  18.Cuba109 Correspondence Army 2006-09-13 Dickerson-JHL
  19.Cuba109 Correspondence Army 2006-11-13 Butterfield-JHL
  20.Cuba109 Correspondence Army 2006-11-16 Butterfield-JHL
  21.Cuba109 Correspondence Army 2006-12-08 JHL-Secy Army
  22.Cuba109 Correspondence Army 2006-12-18 Butterfield-JHL
  23.Cuba109 Correspondence Army 2007-01-18 Butterfield-JHL
  24.Cuba109 Correspondence Army 2007-01-30 Butterfield-JHL
  25.Cuba109 Correspondence Army 2008-09-08 Buchholz-JHL
  26.Cuba109 Correspondence CIA 2006-02-15 Koch-JHL Release
  27.Cuba109 Correspondence CIA 2006-05-01 Koch-JHL
  28.Cuba109 Correspondence CIA 2006-12-19 Koch-JHL
  29.Cuba109 Correspondence CIA 2007-08-20 Koch-JHL
  30.Cuba109 Correspondence CIA 2007-08-27 JHL-Agency Release Panel
  31.Cuba109 Correspondence DIA 2006-03-31 Bestrain-JHL
  32.Cuba109 Correspondence DIA 2006-05 Bestrain-JHL
  33.Cuba109 Correspondence DIA 2006-05-01 Bestrain-JHL
  34.Cuba109 Correspondence DIA 2006-05-04 Bestrain-JHL
  35.Cuba109 Correspondence DIA 2007-03-05 McNeil-JHL
  36.Cuba109 Correspondence DIA 2008-12-22 Williams-JHL Release
  37.Cuba109 Correspondence DIA 2009-06-15 Williams-JHL
  38.Cuba109 Correspondence DIA 2011-09-14 Williams-JHL
  39.Cuba109 Correspondence DOD 2006-02-06 Henshall-JHL
  40.Cuba109 Correspondence DOD 2006-08-06 Henshall-JHL
  41.Cuba109 Correspondence DOJ 2006-02-06 Bordley-JHL
  42.Cuba109 Correspondence DOJ 2006-05-17 Jones-JHL
  43.Cuba109 Correspondence DOJ 2007-10-04 Jones-JHL
  44.Cuba109 Correspondence DOS 2003-02-25 Grafeld-JHL
  45.Cuba109 Correspondence DOS 2005-05-07 Release
  46.Cuba109 Correspondence DOS 2005-11-23 Grafeld-JHL Release part1
  47.Cuba109 Correspondence DOS 2005-11-23 Grafeld-JHL Release part2
  48.Cuba109 Correspondence DOS 2005-11-23 Grafeld-JHL Release part3
  49.Cuba109 Correspondence DOS 2006-01-07 JHL-Appeals Review Panel
  50.Cuba109 Correspondence DOS 2006-02-10 Grafeld-JHL
  51.Cuba109 Correspondence DOS 2006-02-22 Grafeld-JHL
  52.Cuba109 Correspondence DOS 2006-03-22 Grafeld-JHL
  53.Cuba109 Correspondence DOS 2006-03-22 Release
  54.Cuba109 Correspondence DOS 2006-04-02 JHL-Appeals Review Panel
  55.Cuba109 Correspondence DOS 2006-04-02 JHL-OIP
  56.Cuba109 Correspondence DOS 2006-04-12 Hartmann-JHL
  57.Cuba109 Correspondence DOS 2006-05-11 Morton-JHL Release
  58.Cuba109 Correspondence DOS 2006-07-11 Grafeld-JHL Release
  59.Cuba109 Correspondence DOS 2006-08-18 Grafeld-JHL
  60.Cuba109 Correspondence DOS 2006-08-18 Grafeld-JHL Release
  61.Cuba109 Correspondence DOS 2006-09-15 Grafeld-JHL Release
  62.Cuba109 Correspondence DOS 2006-10-30 Grafeld-JHL Release
  63.Cuba109 Correspondence DOS 2006-11-29 Grafeld-JHL
  64.Cuba109 Correspondence DOS 2007-01-30 JHL-Appeals Review Panel
  65.Cuba109 Correspondence DOS 2007-04-18 Grafeld-JHL Release
  66.Cuba109 Correspondence DOS 2007-09-13 Grafeld-JHL Release
  67.Cuba109 Correspondence DOS 2007-11-07 Grafeld-JHL Release
  68.Cuba109 Correspondence DOS 2008-09-12 Grafeld-JHL
  69.Cuba109 Correspondence DOS 2012-08-24 Appeals Review Panel-JHL
  70.Cuba109 Correspondence DOS undated Grafeld-JHL
  71.Cuba109 Correspondence FBI 2006-03-03 Hardy-JHL Release
  72.Cuba109 Correspondence FBI 2006-10-20 Hardy-JHL
  73.Cuba109 Correspondence Navy 2005-08-25 Laragy-JHL
  74.Cuba109 Correspondence Navy 2005-11-28 Laragy-JHL
  75.Cuba109 Correspondence Navy 2006-01-07 JHL-Judge Advocate General
  76.Cuba109 Correspondence Navy 2006-01-30 Laragy-JHL
  77.Cuba109 Correspondence Navy 2006-03-03 Judge Advocate General-JHL
  78.Cuba109 Correspondence Navy 2006-03-07 Jones-JHL
  79.Cuba109 Correspondence Navy 2006-03-28 Lama-JHL
  80.Cuba109 Correspondence Navy 2006-04-12 Laragy-JHL
  81.Cuba109 Correspondence Navy 2006-05-08 Wheeler-JHL
  82.Cuba109 Correspondence Navy 2006-06-02 Ceglio-JHL
  83.Cuba109 Correspondence Navy 2006-06-07 Jones-JHL
  84.Cuba109 Correspondence Navy 2007-10-12 Ceglio-JHL
  85.Cuba109 Correspondence Navy 2007-10-17 Watson-JHL

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