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Pseudonym: Rowton, Wallace B.

"The Greek". Ernest Tsikerdanos - he served as AC/WH/1 during 1969. By 1975, he was Chief, CI, Special Operations under George Kalaris.
Helped spread the rumor that Silvia Duran slept with Lee Oswald thru his own memos and then through the memos of his agent LIRING-3.

104-10194-10022, p. 34: Prior to 3/67, Tsikerdanos was C/WH/2/P.

104-10185-10276: A 1964 A. G. Spera memo on AMMUG-1. Spera was AC/WH/1 during that time. There is a faint possibility Rowton's pseudonym might have been A. G. Spera, one of the deputies of W. J. (Jack) Kaufman, the chief of WH/1 during 1966-67.


1/19/65: C/WH/1 Walter J. Kaufman was authenticating officer on this memo: "Request identity and station traces person(s) at Mexi address: E.F. Ajdo 325, Juadalajova (Jalino), Mexique. George de Mohrenschildt, who connected Oswald case and who now living Haiti, received letter postmarked 30 Sept 1964 with above return address."

104-10176-10004: LIRING-3

Wallace Rowton - who some believe made up the story about Duran having affairs with Lee Oswald and maybe even LIRING-3 - is id'd here as "the Greek".

104-10266-10138: FOLDER ON LIRING-3.

9/27/66 cable: "LIRING-3 told Wallace B. Rowton 26 Sept that LIRING-4 now officially employed as secretary to LIRING-1. According to LIRING-3, LIRING-1 and LIRING-2 will go home PCS in December." See page 3: Rowton is WH/1, x3656 as case officer for LIRING-3. p. 252: See that extension 3656 again on 6/22/66 routing slip forwarded from deputy chief to chief to CI/OA, Rowton looks like either the deputy chief or the chief of WH/1 - W.J. Kaufman. See 104-10332-10014, p. 20. Walter J. Kaufman was chief of WH's Mexico branch.

Philip Agee, Inside the Company, https://archive.org/stream/pdfy-DAzR701tP2dL_DNu/inside-the-company-cia-diary-philip-agee_djvu.txt

Late 1966: In the Mexico branch (WH/1) we are responsible for headquarters support to the vast and complicated operations of the Mexico City station. Our Chief, Walter J. Kaufman, and our Deputy Chief, Joe Fisher, % head a team of about ten officers, each with responsibility for a different operational function at the station. Because of certain DDP office shifts in headquarters, our branch and the Cuban branch are temporarily being housed in the Ames building, one of several of the new high-rise office buildings in Rosslyn occupied by the Agency. Working just across the Potomac from Washington in many ways is more convenient than out in Langley, but the traffic coming and going is a disaster. Joe Fisher, gave me a briefing on the operations of the Mexico City station and I can understand why this station has the dubious reputation of too much bone and too little muscle. Operations are heavily weighted towards liaison (which rests on the unusually close relationship between Gustavo Diaz Ordaz, % the President of Mexico and Winston Scott, J the Chief of Station) and operational support (surveillance, observation posts, travel control, postal intercepts, telephone tapping). Badly lacking are good agent penetrations of the station's main targets: the Soviets, Cubans, local revolutionary organizations, and the Mexican government and political structure. The operations are dull because there are almost no political operations such as those we have in Ecuador and most Latin American countries. The reason is that the Mexican security services are so effective in stamping out the extreme left that we don't have to worry. If the government were less effective we would, of course, get going to promote repression.

104-10175-10025: LIRING-3

3/20/67 Dispatch from Chief, WH to COS, Mexico City: "The LIRING-3 operation...(has) promise of possibly producing important information on Cuban/Soviet subversion-support mechanisms operating in and through Mexico...(there is) apparently rapid progress LIRING-3 is making in creating a channel for the movement of arms and supplies from the United States to Guatemala...we do not wish to find ourselves in the position of having aided the guerrillas to receive even a small amount of weapons or supplies...the special difficulties inherent in a false-flag recruitment are appreciated by Headquarters..."; (at p. 188), April 67 chronology: "Carlos Jurado Delmar, a Mexican artist and existentialist, is an unwitting informant who has Mexican far leftist political convictions. He has been assessed by his handler as unfriendly to the US, and not a candidate for recruitment...Rowton pretends to be a Greek businessman interested in developing lucrative, semi-legal business with Cuba. Jurado may have the impression that (Wallace) Rowton is somehow connected with Soviet intelligence - a notion Rowton has not attempted to correct..."


5/26/67 report of meeting between Wallace B. Rowton and LIRING-3: Silvia had been recommended to work at the consulate by Teresa Proenza, who was the press attache from 1959 to 1962. Proenza was currently imprisoned for a conviction of espionage on behalf of the (CIA). (LIRING-3 said) the other day Silvia Duran called to say hello and renew her acquaintance. LIFEAT SAN-26 reveals that at about 12:45 pm on 22 May 1967, L-3 called (her number) and asked for Senora Silvia. When maid informed him she not in, he asked for Senor Horacio with no luck, and left a message. Duran called back asking how he got her number; he told her "Cuban Institute". He came by to visit a few minutes later. She told him "she had first met Oswald when he applied for a visa and had gone out with him several times since she had liked him from the start. She admitted that she had sexual relations with him but insisted that she had no idea of his plans." Right after 11/22, "interviewed thoroughly and beaten until she admitted that she had an affair with Oswald." 5/26/67 Cable from Mexico City to Director: Carlos Delmar keeps drawing closer to Wallace Rowton. Keeps close tabs on Mexican, Cuban and other Central American leftists. Delmar is a commercial artist and is having financial difficulties. News that Duran and Oswald had sexual relations is new,but "adds little to the Oswald case" wrote station chief Win Scott.(See 104-10404-10315 re the redactions) Rowton encouraged L-3 to stay away from Duran.


7/5/67 letter from Thomas Lund (C/WH Jack Kaufman) to Willard Curtis (COS Mexico City Win Scott), stating his desire to follow up on the report of the alleged relationship between Duran and Oswald. Notes that appear to be Anne Goodpasture's state that a longer investigation may be needed "beginning with as much as we know re time of day & where OSWALD was from LIENVOY". The complete note: "Suggest we may have to do a complete analysis of the Oswald file and point out to HQ (and the Mexican govt) all (underlined) the people who are now (underlined) claiming to have been with Oswald that day - beginning with as much as we know re time of day and where Oswald was from LIENVOY." Also see 7/3/67, 104-10176-10000: From LIFEAT: "SAN-34 (19 June) reveals that LIRING-3 is continuing his meetings with Sra. Silvia Duran, (Rowton had shown no interest in this contact and it appears that L-3 is developing a romantic attachment with Sra. Duran.)" In fact, Goodpasture conducted an investigation for the next two years and generated a 133-page report.


5/9/69 memo: Ernest Tsikerdanos signed on behalf of WH/1.


August, 1969: Comments prepared by AC/WH/1 Ernest Tsikerdanos. "The search team that arrested Fidel Castro (in 1956) and did the interrogation was LITEMPO-4 (now an important Station contact) and only about four years ago or so told COS about the calling card of LEONOV."

104-10310-10003: MEMORANDUM: MR. MARIO BROD

By 1975, George Kalaris reports that Ernest Tsikerdanos was Chief, CI Operations Group, Special Operations. (The SOG was known as the Israel Desk) The memo summarizes Mario Brod's career. See 104-10336-10003, p. 7 - Mangold's Cold Warrior, p. 331 - Kalaris assigned Tsikerdanos to handle the Golitsyn matter. Tsiderdanos served as one of Kalaris' deputies. See https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=207855&search=tsikerdanos#relPageId=4&tab=page See 157-10014-10007, p. 14: Attorney Paul Wallach knew Angleton was referring to Tsikerdanos when Angleton mentioned receiving a document from "one of the men who's still back on the staff".


"Ernest "Chick" Tsikerdanos (June 2, 1924 – December 8, 1997) was a veteran of OSS, 82nd Airborne. He served in Burma with the OSS Detachment 101.[1] Tsikerdanos had a close relationship with General and Madame Chiang Kai-shek and was held in high esteem by them and other Chinese Nationalist leaders.[citation needed] On the last day of the war, August 9, 1945, Tsikerdanos was wounded in the right eye by a Japanese mortar shell fragment when his battalion of Burmese Kachin irregulars were ambushed while moving across a valley. After leaving the service, Tsikerdanos joined CIA's famed Special Activities Division (SAD) and was assigned to Taiwan where he ran cross-channel reconnaissance and harassment operations into Red China from Nationalist-held islands. He served multiple tours in Greece, and later was entrusted with the difficult assignment of cleaning up the large mess of internal "dirt" files collected over twenty-five years by the paranoid former CIA Chief, James Jesus Angleton, after Angleton's forced retirement. After his own retirement, Tsikerdanos returned to CIA as a Contract Case Officer, working with distinction in the Agency's Counterterrorism Center for several years. He was personally engaged against some of the most dangerous terrorist suspects in Europe.[citation needed] He died on 8 December 1997 at the age of 73, after being diagnosed with cancer."

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