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Pseudonym: Riggs, Robert W.

Anne Goodpasture, the aide-de-camp of Mexico City station chief Win Scott. After the assassination of President Kennedy, Goodpasture handled the various reviews of the station and wrote the history of Mexico City station.
A dispatch from Graham L. Page (probably Henry Hecksher) in April of 1954 stated that "the assignment of Riggs has met with great acclaim and her presence here is bound to relieve some of the extraordinary pressure under which everybody has been laboring."

A dispatch on May 26, 1954, mentioned that Riggs had left Guatemala. Before leaving, Page had requested a photograph of El Aceituno, which was required for the purpose of identifying a building used for storing arms and ammunition. However, this type of photograph was apparently not available at the time.

A memo in November of 1955 from Henry D. Hecksher, then Chief, WE/FI, was full of praise for Anne Goodpasture. Hecksher mentioned that he first met Goodpasture in Guatemala during Operation PBSUCCESS. Goodpasture was described by Hecksher as "an outstanding intelligence officer" and one of his main achievements as Chief, WE/FI, was to spirit her through WE Division. He also stated that Goodpasture's current position was as a Divisional FI Staff Officer. Anne Goodpasture worked for and with Winston Scott at the Mexico City station from June 1957 to October 1968.

Was she related to "General Goodpasture of the White House", who asked for a Domestic Contacts Division interview with Alexander Rorke in May 1961? See 104-10180-10057, pp. 2-3.


“Robert B. Riggs” was Goodpasture’s pseudonym: Chronology of Duran interrogation, p. 4. "RIGGS - RBR - pseudonym for A. Goodpasture".


04/20/54: Air dispatch from COS, Guatemala to LINCOLN: Subject: General - Operational: Specific - K Program Progress: FROM PAGE (probably Henry Hecksher): Page 3: ..."10. The assignment of Riggs has met with great acclaim and her presence here is bound to relieve some of the extraordinary pressure under which everybody has been laboring. Some time - preferably after this operation has been brought to a successful conclusion - I should like to be told why this station, charged with what is believed to be one of the most important missions ever entrusted to KUBARK (CIA), is being placed in the position of having to beg for technical and clerical personnel. Failure to provide the station with a second secretary and the even more conspicuous failure to provide adequate courier service may or may not suggest that a truly cooperative spirit on the part of ODACID (U.S. State Department) (which obviously could resolve these problems by the stroke of a pen) is greatly lacking. In this connection, may I be allowed to stress the importance of processing requests for the promotion of station personnel as expeditiously as possible?..."


05/07/54: Courier dispatch from COS, Guatemala to LINCOLN: Subject: General - Operational - EEI: Specific - Movement of Guatemalan Army Personnel and Equipment: "1. Attachment #1 is a report from ESCOBILLA (probably Doctor Hector Goicolea) concerning movement of Guatemalan Army personnel and equipment from the Guardia de Honor to Puerto Barrios on or about 15 April 1954 (GUAT-425). 2. Colonel A. E. McCormick, who had recently returned from Puerto Barrios and Zacapa was asked to evaluate this information. He stated that it was probably false (reported in GUAT-425), paragraph 1). Checks were also initiated through other sources to confirm or refute the report. 3. ESSENCE' (probably Lionel Sisniega Otero) report is attachment #2 which he wishes forwarded to PANCHO (Carlos Castillo Armas). 4. On 1 May ESPERANCE learned from his railroad contact that no tanks or troops had left by rail (GUAT-485). 5. ESTIMATOR visited the military base in Puerto Barrios on 2 May and reported on his return that only two or three soldiers were seen standing around (GUAT-475). 6. On 5 May ESPERANCE-5 advised that 4 tanks left Guatemala City for Zacapa (via road on trailers) during the last week of April (GUAT-492). 7. ESPERANCE has been alerted to obtain all possible data on military strength and equipment on his forthcoming visit to Gualan in the Zacapa region. A report on his observations will be forwarded by subsequent cable or dispatch. 8. Reporting on military movements is not being overlooked and every effort is being made to check and forward the information as it becomes available. (REDACTION) Robert B. Riggs."


05/26/54: Air dispatch from LINCOLN to Acting COS, Guatemala: Subject: Operational Arms and ammunition storage: "1. Before leaving Guatemala, Riggs saw a request from Graham Page (probably Henry Hecksher) for a photograph of El Aceituno which was desired for the purpose of identifying a building used for storage of arms and ammunition. Such a photograph was not available at the Guatemala station at that time. 2. Attached is an aerial view (July 1953) taken from the files at LINCOLN (CIA's Guatemalan covert operations headquarters, a forward base in Florida). Any information Page can supply with regard to arms and ammunition storage will be appreciated. (REDACTION) Jerome C. Dunbar (Albert Haney)."


11/07/55: Memorandum for the record from Henry D. Hecksher, Chief, WE/FI: Subject: Miss Ann Goodpasture: "1. There is little, I feel, my words can appropriately contribute to enhancing Miss Goodpasture's stature in this Agency. She is a fine person and an outstanding intelligence officer. 2. I first met Miss Goodpasture in the target country during PBSUCCESS, where under hazardous and trying circumstances she did in two weeks what two service attaches and one well-manned KUBARK (CIA) Station had failed to accomplish in two years. 3. To have spirited Miss Goodpasture into WE Division, I consider one of my main accomplishments as Chief, WE/FI. 4. In her present job as Divisional FI Staff Officer, specializing in a continuing study of the activities of the Soviet IS in the WE areas, building up from scratch a set of notebooks incorporating pertinent data culled from divisional files, assuring a flow of CE information from the Branches of the RIS Research Center in SR Division and conversely making available to the Branches the latest RIS doctrine, Miss Goodpasture is rendering exceptional service in reactivating a planned, methodical drive against one of the Agency's principal targets. I trust that it will be possible to retain her in her present position, and with her responsibilities basically unchanged, for at least another year. 5. Miss Goodpasture would like to go out on a field assignment in 1956-1957. She should be assigned to a post where her knowledge in RIS/CE matters can be turned to good account."


"Ms. Anne Goodpasture...was secretary to Chief of Station, Mexico City, Mr. Winston Scott, from June 1957 to October 1968. Ms. Goodpasture has been characterized as Mr. Scott's right hand during her tenure at the Station. In addition to her secretarial duties, she served as a liaison case officer who handled sensitive duties for the (Chief of Station). After the assassination of President Kennedy, she handled the various reviews of the Station and later wrote the history of Mexico City station."


12/30/63 memo from Chief, WH to Chief, Mexico City station: ..."Having paid this tribute to honesty, we will admit having departed from the facts in a few instances, in the interest of simplification. One was the question of reels and transcripts, and reels alone (pages 17, 32 and 42); we did not want to confuse the reader with this distinction. The other was the collection and distribution of reels and translations, which is somewhat more complex than the procedure described in the text; we preferred not to risk losing the reader and ourselves in the double and triple wingback formations of Robert Riggs and Jeremy Niarcos (pseudonym) on their way to work in the morning and sometimes during the day."

Bill Simpich

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