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Pseudonym: Parmuth, Gregory

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Gregory D. Parmuth was a pseudonym used by CIA operative Robert Zambernardi.


10/08/63, Dispatch from COS, Mexico City to Chief, WH Division: Page 3: ..."8. Personnel: Robert B. Riggs continues to meet Arnold Arehart each morning before 0800 hours to receive all LIENVOY tapes and transcripts from the previous day. The daily meetings with Victor W. Obold and David B. Schlageter, the two EE translators, were transferred on 18 September 1963 from the Station EE case officer to the KURIOT technician, Gregory D. Parmuth who delivers and receives reels and transcripts from them each day. Parmuth also acts as a cutout for Douglas J. Feinglass. Paul V. Levister, Headquarters KUTUBE officer (Foreign Intelligence (FI) division of CIA), visited the Station from 22 September to 1 October to consult with LIENVOY and LIFEAT case officers in preparation for a report to be written on the two projects as examples of tap operations which produce both positive intelligence and operational leads..."

Jefferson Morley, Our Man in Mexico: Winston Scott and the Hidden History of the CIA, p. 179

..."'On the morning of 27 September (1963), PARMUTH (code name for the photo technician) installed VLS-2 Trigger Device at the LIERODE base house and used the 500mm lens issued with this system,' Win wrote. He reported that the VLS-2 device had been examined the day before and needed new batteries, 'but otherwise the system tested well.' There was a slight mechanical problem that required the remachining of a screw on the trigger device. The station requested that the new system be tested for four days. In his next report on LIERODE in November, Win wrote that 'the VLS-2 broke down after 4 days of photographing.' That suggests that the camera was working on September 27 and broke down on October 1. 'The VLS-2 Trigger Device, installed at the LIERODE base house to cover the Consulate entrance,' he wrote, 'is performing well with little false triggering.' If anything, the camera was overly sensitive, according to Win. 'During the first two weeks of operation, the VLS-2 would trigger traffic entering and leaving the target entrance...'"


November 1963: "Presented below is a reporting of the operational and support activities of Gregory D. Parmuth for the above mentioned period... On 15 November 1963, Parmuth photographed 593 frames, using the Recordak, to fulfill a monthly Staff D requirement for Chief of Station, Mexico City. From 19 to 21 November 1963, Parmuth, Mulford and Rescigno constructed a new counter for the passport camera and repaired both passport cameras which are used at the Mexico City airport... During the period 22 to 26 November 1963, because of circumstance surrounding President Kennedy's death which involved Mexico City Station (and Lee H. Oswald), Parmuth was requested by Chief of Station to render special photographic support to Station, to meet with Parmuth's basehouse agents on emergency standby basis and to keep in close contact with Feinglass, meeting him three times a day during the above mentioned period." Circled: "(See HMMA-21817 5.b.)" ...General Summary of Activities: One photographic operational assignment was completed by Parmuth which was photographing banners used at a demonstration against the Cuban Embassy. A total of three days was spent at the MKCHARITY installation constructing a counter for the airport and supporting Rescigno in preparing for an audio operation. One agent was trained in SW. Station support kept Parmuth extremely busy from 15 to 30 November working with the LIFEUD/22, the (REDACTION) passport camera and Station assignments concerning the assassination of the President. Print production totalled 3,100 for the month. Photographic basehouses covering Soviet and Satellite embassies produced normally with the exception of the LIERODE basehouse which is now working a six-full-day week regardless of the embassy visiting hours...." 12/11/63, Dispatch from COS, Mexico City to Chief, KURIOT (Attention: Photographic Branch):


"On the night of 7 December 1963, PARMUTH was requested by the (Chief of Station) to install an extension phone at the COS residence. After a short training period given by RESCIGNO at the MKCHARITY base, PARMUTH was able to service this request satisfactorily. This extension was one which replaced one removed (for study) by KUSODA/Office of Security officials who inspected Mexico... ...On the morning of 17 December 1963, Swinehart, LIFEUD-22 and Parmuth met at the LIERODE basehouse to install the 35mm SEQUENCE camera and the VLS-2 trigger device. Swinehart instructed both LIFEUD-22 and Parmuth very thoroughly on the installation and the maintenance of the SEQUENCE camera...Although the Consulate door was closed to the public for a period of six days for unknown reasons as of the night of 17 December 1963, tests were made using the SEQUENCE camera photographing people walking by the Consulate door. The camera worked well and produced good printable negatives. On the morning of 18 December 1963, L-22 contacted Parmuth and explained that the Consulate door was now open to the public and receiving visitors as of 1010 that day. Parmuth and Swinehart joined L-22 shortly later at the LIERODE basehouse and found that the camera system was working and photographing people entering and leaving the target area..."


01/16/64, Dispatch from COS, Mexico City to Chief, KURIOT (Info: Chief, WH): Page 3: ...."i. On the evening of 31 December 1963, Parmuth was requested by Michael C. Choaden, C/Cuban Operations Officer, to make an emergency meeting with LIFEUD/22. The purpose of this meeting was to pick up photographs and logs for 30 and 31 December in connection with a priority Cuban operation...."


06/03/78, HSCA interview of Robert Zambernardi in Hotel Maria Isabel, Mexico City: Page 7: ..."Mr. Zambernardi said that his pseudonym was Gregory D. Parnuth." (sp)

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