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Pseudonym: Noemayr, Harold R.

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Ross Crozier, contract agent who was terminated during December 1963. He used a variety of pseudonyms and aliases. As Noemayr, he used the alias Roger Fox. He used the pseudonym Arthur G. Vaivada from the late 40s to the late 50s before he switched to Noemayr.

104-10194-10009: CIA FILE ON CROZIER ROSS.

First recruited in Panama in 1948 used in Project HYDROPATHIC, used name Arthur Vaivada, then moved to Costa Rica on Project HUMANOID, then transferred to BIRADIAL project and PBSUCCESS (the Guatemalan coup). See p. 157: the CIA was preparing to use him with Vincent Pivall in the PBSUCCESS program. See p. 50: Penetrated the Communist Party in Costa Rica; as Arthur G. Vaivada, served in Cuba since July 1954 with Project AMPHODARCH. Had experience in Army intelligence and Air Force intelligence. Described as "principal agent engaged in collection of positive intelligence and CE information." See p. 160: In July 1954 with AMPHODARCH, he was penetrating the Communist Party of Cuba and Cuban fronts, here and at p. 145 - see pseudo switching from Vaivada to Noemayr during the period from 1954 to 1956. After that date, he continued to use Vaivada as an alias. Also see 1993.08.10.16:29:28:780038: 4/27/54 memo by Special Agent in Charge Charles W. Kane to Chief, Operations Branch, re Ross Lester Crozier, #112569.

104-10114-10070: MEMO RE #112569

3/8/57 memorandum by John T. Flynn for Chief, WHD J.C. King, via Chief, CI/OA, Subject: Arthur G. Vaivada, C-25507. (Marginalia: #112569) "...He received his primary and high school education in De Kalb (Illinois) and entered the US Army in 1940, later transferring to the US Air Force...late in 1948 he was recruited by the Agency, and on 1 June 1949 became a CIA Contract Agent. Since that date, he has served as a contract agent with continuing high level performance, first in Costa Rica, later in Guatemala and Cuba. He is currently assigned to Cuba where he is utilized as principal agent in Project AMPHODARCH. Subject has worked principally and successfully so on Communist Party penetration operations since his engagement with CIA...it has been recommended he be converted from contract to career agent status...subject's spouse, a Costa Rican citizen, has expressed desire to acquire US citizenship."

104-10194-10009: CIA FILE ON CROZIER ROSS.

4/16/58 contract information and check list: Noemayr was established as his present pseudonym - Arthur G. Vaivada was described as his previous pseudonym or alias. Among other projects, he was active with PBSUCCESS in Guatemala in 1954. At this time he was with Project LIEDGE which continued till the end of 1961. His wife is described as a Costa Rican citizen born in 1918. See p. 117: During March 1958 Noemayr worked his way into "the mountain stronghold of the rebel Cuban forces, winning their friendship, and bringing out a quantity of significant and timely intelligence." and was praised by General Charles Cabell. (Also see 104-10215-10214, describing how he joined Castro and 200 rebels in their dawn attack on Manzanillo on 3/26/58.) At pp. 121-122: Noemayr was stationed in Mexico City with LIEDGE as case officer for Communist Party operations in Mexico.


5/1/58, indices search request: Harold R. Noemayr (ps) aka Arthur G. Vaivada (ps). Security office number 112569.https://www.maryferrell.org/php/crypsuedit.php?type=pseudo&id=NOEMAYR_HAROLD&action=review#


2/28/62 memorandum for the record by Harold R. Noemayr/Ross Crozier: "On 27 February 1962, this case officer held a long meeting with AMICE-1/Pascasio Linera and AMPANIC-1/Jose Eduardo Mallo concerning the organization and control of the WAVE unilateral asset, FORD. The meeting was prompted by an offer by AMICE-1 to remedy FORD political problems through reorganization on a representative and non-partisan basis. To appreciate the problems and weaknesses in the WAVE labor effort, certain factors must be recorded: 'a. FORD was created by WAVE, not by a spontaneous or determined effort by Cuban labor exiles to form an organization; b. FORD was founded in exile - not in the Cuban underground - which tends to make it more synthetic than other groups; c. FORD admittedly does not possess the best of Cuban experience and leadership, and if anything, has some rather dubious and controversial characters in their midst; d. FORD's existence has been jeopardized and haunted since the beginning by the presence and intrigues of the more competent but less democratic CTC in Exile, or the Eusebio Mujal labor movement... At this meeting, AMICE-1 described FORD as no longer under WAVE control and broken up in chaotic dissension; that there were only three so-called 'Independents' on the 'Executive Committee' which WAVE could count on for response to guidance and control (AMICE-1, AMICE-3, and AMOT-20)...It is important to point out at this time that the MONTECRISTI group, which leads the controlling bloc, is the subject of a WAVE investigation which thus far has revealed that the MONTECRISTI movement is penetrated, if not controlled, by the ANARCO-SINDCIALISTAS, an international organization which in turn is penetrated by various Castro front organizations. (Although the ANARCO-SINDICALISTAS overtly and publicly profess to be anti-Castro.)"


August 1962: For the MRR/AMYUM, David Morales/Zamka was running AMYUM/AMRUNG in 1960 inside Cuba, while Droller/Bender ran them outside Cuba (see 104-10193-10367). Morales appears to have been the case officer for the AMHINTS (military wing) of DRE during August 1962. His counterparts within DRE were Harold Noemayr/Ross Crozier (later Joannides/Newby) for AMSPELL (political wing) and Robert Q. Nelander/true name still unknown with the AMBARBS (students). Morales as "Dr. Meza' met regularly with AMHINT-2/Juan Salvat and Bernabe Pena as his alternate. Morales also met occasionally with Juan Maria Lasa U., as Lasa had a direct liaison relationship with Fletcher Knight/Richard Helms. Harold Noemayr as 'Roger Fox' met regularly with Pedro Ynterian Garcia as regular PM operational coordinator...AMHINT-2 as regular overall DRE/AMSPELL control...AMHINT-30 during processing AMHINT maritime." See 104-10194-10009, see p. 101: Bill Harvey states that he was "assigned PCS to the geographic area of JMWAVE and JMBAR". see p. 88: By January 1963, he had been transferred to the US Army Element, Joint Operating Command, 7753, the Pentagon, as a Latin American consultant. ("reason for leaving" - "desire to relocate" in marginalia). This page, Crozier's resume, has his home town misspelled as "Arlinton, Virginia". See p. 91 - shows that this was a "military cover backstop". See p. 96 - had a military cover backstop repeatedly throughout his career with CIA.


3/1/63: Memorandum for the Record, Harold R. Noemayr: "Twenty years of this service has been in the intelligence field, beginning with combat intelligence and covering economic and political intelligence while in the Air Force. (CIA) service began in June 1949, in foreign intelligence with some psychological warfare and, ultimately, paramilitary. About seventeen years of this service has been in Latin America (redactions) and Cuba (redactions)...in addition to speaking and living like a Latin American, I can think like one...this, naturally, led to my specialization in the field of Communist penetration operations in International Communism branch, where I think my record will speak for itself."

104-10215-10004: SUBJECT: ROSS CROZIER

3/19/63-3/22/63 Request from SAS/Support Vincent Beyman? support to Chief/SAS Desmond FitzGerald. Three day visit from Washington DC to NYC for Ross L. Crozier, 201-168881. Crozier is listed as Career Agent.


In April-May 63: Matthew J. Ernau, Security Officer of APB/DODS described Crozier as a SAS career officer working with Charles Ford (wingman to both RFK and Bill Harvey) and answering to Stanley Gaines at DODS (Howard Hunt's boss), who has arranged for space for him at the WUOUTDONE office, Room 633. Also see 104-10112-10210, a routing slip with a couple more details.


5/9/63, Chief SAS/EOB Edward Marelius to Deputy Director of Security, attn: Robert Bannerman: Crozier was working with SAS during spring of 1963, had a covert security clearance, traveling from Miami to NY City every ten days talking with activists. He had been active with SAS since 3/25/63. (Note that Tony Sforza/"Alfred Sarno" said at deposition that a military intelligence group that had information in New York and Miami "knew more about what was going on in Cuban operations in the Miami area MI group than we did" so he relied mostly on them. See http://www.maryferrell.org/mffweb/archive/viewer/showDoc.do?docId=1366&relPageId=53

104-10112-10186: WITHHELD

10/8/63 memo by Chief, Military Cover, James Franklin re establishment of military cover backstop, and resignee backstop briefing for Ross L. Crozier. His resignation date was set for 11/28/63. 104-10194-10009, p. 85 reveals he resigned to "get out of covert type employment".


2/4/64 memorandum for the record by DC/PSD Steven L. Kuhn re Ross Crozier: "...Crozier was a Contract Agent who was terminated in December 1963...Jenkins (of the Office of Personnel) wants to place Crozier in with the Kaiser Company where (James Hunter) Drum is currently employed as a government sales representative. Crozier apparently had REDACTED and, being a covert type, had a phony background. Jenkins wanted to tell Drum about Crozier's previous REDACTED. I told Jenkins he could not do that but he could tell Drum that Crozier was a former Contract Agent of CIA."

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