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Pseudonym: Nebecker, Joel

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Joel N. Nebecker was probably Lawrence Sternfield. Shane 'O Sullivan, in Dirty Tricks: Nixon, Watergate, and the CIA, stated that "the Esterline/Sternfield correspondence was between 'Anthony R. Ponchay' (Jake Esterline) and 'Joel N. Nebecker.'"
Also, Sternfield was the Originating Officer for a cable on December 1, 1969, that was from Nebecker: https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=228844#relPageId=110

A memo in February of 1954 stated that "Nebecker will travel to LINCOLN (CIA's Guatemalan covert operations headquarters, a forward base in Florida) the week of 22 February to work with members of the LINCOLN staff on implementation of the PBSUCCESS labor program."

A telegram on Operation PBSUCESS in Guatemala in March of 1954 stated that Nebecker was developing plans for a proposed hemisphere wide anti-communist conference scheduled for April 15, and a exile labor meeting scheduled for May 1, 1954. This was mentioned in the KUGOWN (Psychological and Paramilitary Staff) section of the telegram.

Joel N. Nebecker was possibly Chief of Station, Rio de Janeiro in March of 1961. Moreover, Larry Staunton was an alias used by Joel N. Nebecker when meeting John Thomas Duncan in August of 1968: https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=151040&relPageId=45

A cable on November 6, 1969, mentioned that Nebecker was Deputy Chief of Station (DCOS), WH/Miami. In addition, a document in January, 1970, stated that AMCHALK-5 (Miguel Angel Diaz Isalgue) knew Joel N. Nebecker's true first name. A-5 also knew Frederick C. Bradspies's true first name.


02/23/54: Memo for Chief, WH: Subject: Situation Report - PBSUCCESS, for the period 16-22 February 1954: Page 4: ..."D. Nebecker (note: name handwritten) will travel to LINCOLN (CIA's Guatemalan covert operations headquarters, a forward base in Florida) the week of 22 February to work with members of the LINCOLN staff on implementation of the PBSUCCESS labor program..."

Foreign Relations of the United States, 1952-1954: Guatemala Current Section: 110. 3/2/54-Telegram From Operation PBSUCCESS Headquarters in Florida to the Central Intelligence Agency

03/02/54: Foreign Relations of the United States, 1952-1954: Guatemala: 110: Telegram From Operation PBSUCCESS Headquarters in Florida to the Central Intelligence Agency: Page 2: ..."D. KUGOWN (Psychological and Paramilitary Staff): Flow of guidance and materials to controlled assets is presently increasing and will continue. Proposed hemisphere-wide anti-Red conf scheduled for 15 Apr and exile labor mtg May 1 (being developed by Nebecker) should provide outside KUGOWN impetus. Key to KUGOWN effort inside WSBURNT (Guatemala) is SHERWOOD (CIA radio broadcasting program based in Nicaragua begun on May 1, 1954) siting and initiation of programs. These must go into effect not later than 1 April to provide 60-day KUGOWN buildup..."


03/18/54: Cable from LINCOLN to Director: RYBAT PBSUCCESS: "Strongly recommend implementation Ref A and authorization from PBSUCCESS (project to overthrow - "without bloodshed, if possible" - the Arbenz government in Guatemala in 1954) allocation of funds requested Ref C, para two. Also recommend Nebecker and (REDACTION) work out details to provide maximum emphasis WSBURNT (Guatemala) issue."


04/29/54: Memorandum for the record from Withheld, C/PP: Subject: KUGOWN - PT/18: SUMMIT Congress: "1. Review of subject files results in the following positive facts: a) The Congress is definitely taking place 27-30 May in Mexico City; b) First public announcements have been issued by RNSHIELD; c) Emissaries for South America have already left 22 April, those for Central America are supposed to have left 26 April (to make personal contacts with delegates and start local propaganda for congress everywhere);...5. Recommendations: a) We should insist the HQ sends immediately a qualified staff officer to (REDACTION) whether Nebecker or somebody else, and that this officer either goes via LINCOLN (CIA's Guatemalan covert operations headquarters, a forward base in Florida) or be briefed in Washington by undersigned..."


05/23/54: Cable from Withheld to Director, LINCOLN: RYBAT PBSUCCESS: "1. We still recommend permanent committee be called 'Committee against Soviet intervention in Latin America' to maximize cover summit and PBSUCCESS (project to overthrow - "without bloodshed, if possible" - the Arbenz government in Guatemala in 1954), to provide long range anti-Soviet mechanism in hemisphere, and to best implement suggestions of para 6 and 7 Ref A. 2. We propose following organizational plan for committee: A. RNSHIELD will propose resolution establishing committee and will appoint members. B. RNSHIELD will provide formation subordinate country committees to implement in each country directives of parent committee. C. Mission will select and RNSHIELD will request delegates of stature in respective countries to head up country committees. D. RNSHIELD will instruct country committees to undertake tasks of para 7 Ref A. 3. Advantages of above: A. Creation of nucleus for active groups in each country to carry out para 7 C Ref A rather than circular letters from executive committee. B. Provide continuing evidence of hemi wide support for WSBURNT (Guatemala) issue. C. Provide long range working groups in hemisphere with common ties and understanding. D. Believe sufficient KUGOWN (Psychological and Paramilitary Staff) controlled and contacted delegates present summit to ensure local control over country committees and coordinate hemi wide effort. 4. Above proposal worked out by Nebecker (REDACTION) request decision soonest."


03/06/61: Dispatch from COS, Rio de Janeiro to Chief, WHD: Subject: KUCAGE/JMRAKE/Clips of Conte Aguero - Visit to Brazil: "Attached are the clips mentioned in paragraph five of the Reference. (Signature) Joel N. Nebecker." On Page 2 is a Routing and Routing Sheet: in the To column at number 2 is "Rio/Maloney."

104-10165-10191: WEEKLY REPORT AS OF 1200 HOURS 25 MAY

05/28/68: Cable from JMCOBRA to Director: Page 2: ..."2. Visitors present during the week: Anthony R. Ponchay (Jake Esterline), Joel N. Nebecker, Curtis B. Lamberson, Gerald F. Waselink, and IDEN A of JMCOBRA 0015..."

104-10225-10012: CIA FILE ON ( )SHELL-5

11/06/69: Cable from Director to Ottawa, WH/Miami (Orig: John Mertz, Unit: WH/COG/OPS): Slugline RYBAT TYPIC AMCHALK SMABOVE: "1. Per Ref A, HQs believes necessary that Nebecker establish contact with AMCHALK-5 (Miguel Angel Diaz Isalgue) upon arrival in (REDACTION) so that he be able relay information from AMCHALK-5 to SMABOVE (Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Security and Intelligence) on DGI - AMCHALK-5 meeting site. This step necessary because feel protective surveillance of meeting site by SMABOVE requisite for continuing operation. Please advise Nebecker. 2. File: 19-136-1/3. 201-307337. WH Comment: Ref A says HQs desires Nebecker initiate contact with AMCHALK-5 and that AMCHALK-5 should not make meeting with DGI without surveillance by SMABOVE. Ref B says that Noltham, Ottawa Station Officer, will contact AMCHALK-5 at his hotel in (REDACTION) to try delay operation. It adds that Noltham and Nebecker (DCOS WH/Miami) will consult with SMABOVE to assure coverage of meeting. Ref C request no contact between Noltham and AMCHALK-5 for fear that operation would be exposed to DGI. Ref D requests that operation proceed only if protective coverage can be given to AMCHALK-5 - DGI meeting and that Nebecker initiate contact with AMCHALK-5 upon arrival (REDACTION)." Releasing Officer: William V. Broe, C/WHD. J. J. Fieldhouse, C/E/BC. Coordinating Officer: E/BC/C:: L. Leas. Authenticating Officer: W. Laybourne for James E. Flannery, C/WH/COG.

104-10225-10012: CIA FILE ON ( )SHELL-5

01/29/70: Dispatch from COS, WH/Miami to Chief, Western Hemisphere Division: Subject: AMCHALK/Dismissal of AMCHALK-5: "1. AMCHALK-5 (Miguel Angel Diaz Isalgue) was advised on 17 October 1969 that his services with RVROCK (CIA in late sixties-early seventies) had not been in sufficient demand to justify his retention on the payroll beyond 30 November 1969. Accordingly, on 31 October 1969 AMCHALK-5 executed a termination secrecy oath and quit claim which are forwarded as separate cover attachments hereto. The agent was paid his salary through 30 November plus a bonus equivalent to one month's salary...(Signature) Frederick C. Bradspies." - - - Page 90: "AGENT SERVICE RECORD: 1. Agent's Cryptonym or Pseudonym: AMCHALK-5 (formerly AMSTALK-1 and AMICE-14) (See also SD 56490). 2. Project Identification: AMCHALK. 3. Agent Recruited by: Leleand H. Cobfield. 4. Capacity in which Agent Served: Technical agent on REDTOP (CIA Soviet Division) operation. Also to establish contact with opposition service. 5. Rate of Pay: $300 per month gross. 6. Other Commitments: None. 7. Agent Dismissed by: Frederick C. Bradspies. 8. Reason for Dismissal: Economy, lack of requirements for operational use. 9. Security Risks: Subject knows location of Station meeting site #206. Knows Frederick C. Bradspies and Joel N. Nebecker in true first name only. Subject also knows accommodation address #1402..."


06/07/73: Names on left hand side: "AMCLATTER-1; Hamilton, Edward J.; AMSNAP-3 (car); BKHERALD; Alpha-6; Gervenot, Norris G.; Lettsome, Conrad P.; Ponchay, Anthony R.; Hunt, Howard E.; Cuba; Watergate." - - - Names on the right: Artime, Manuel; Nebecker, Joel N.; Nurnad, Clayton P.; Mastrovito, Michael; Sturges, Frank; Gonzalez, Virgilio; McCord, James; Farrell, Frank; Villamanan, Manolo; LNERGO; AMANCHOR-1..."


06/00/75: Rockefeller Commission document: "INDEX: A. Memo for Record - Gervenot. Project AMABDUCT. 19 Nov 71 SECRET. B. Memo for Chief, TYPIC, signed by A. R. Ponchay (Jake Esterline) - 17 Mar 72 SECRET. C. Ltr from Ponchay to 'Joel' - 17 Mar 72. D. Ltr from Nebecker to 'Anthony' - 27 Mar 72. E. Activities of Howard Hunt and Dr. Artime in Miami and Nicaragua 5 Apr 72. F. Memo for COS, Subj: References to Howard Hunt - 19 June 72 SECRET. G. Ltr addressed 'Dear Friend' - 20 June 72, unsigned SECRET. H. Cable from Nebecker 21 June 72 SECRET. I. Memorandum re Mr. Eugenio R. Martinez - 11 July 73 SECRET."

Dirty Tricks: Nixon, Watergate, and the CIA by Shane O'Sullivan (2018)

Page 411: ..."A CIA index card indicates Martinez' Agency cryptonym was AMSNAP-3, his first case officer Ramon Gonzalez used the pseudonym 'Norris G. Gervenot'; his second case officer Robert Ritchie used the name 'Conrad P. Lettsome'; and the Esterline/Sternfield correspondence was between 'Anthony R. Ponchay' and 'Joel N. Nebecker'..." - - - Page 520: ..."(Note: APPENDIX 1) 14. Index card dated 7 June 1973, found in 'Card Lists re Frank Sturgis, E. Howard Hunt, et al.,' 104-10096-10131; 'Inventory of Rockefeller Commission Files.' 178-10004-10420, 108; 'Handwritten Bernard Barker chronology,' 104-10164-10015..."

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