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Pseudonym: Langtry, Elmo

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Richard W. Rastetter. A cable in February of 1954 stated that Langtry was Chief, KUGOWN/PBSUCCESS.
A CIA document in February of 1978 stated that Elmo R. Langtry's true name was Richard W. Rastetter.

A cable on April 6, 1954, mentioned that Twicker (Howard Hunt) had replaced Langtry as Chief, KUGOWN (Psychological and Paramilitary Staff). Moreover, a memo on April 16, 1954, stated that Elmo Langtry was a LINCOLN (CIA's Guatemalan covert operations headquarters, a forward base in Florida) representative.

Rastetter, as WH/PP, wrote a memo in April of 1959 on David Phillips.

A cable in March, 1960, mentioned that Havana Station thought that it was a good time for a return visit to Havana of Peter N. Licari (Willard Carr) in representation of the "group." Licari should be "prepared to discuss plans and answer questions much as Langtry did with AMWAIL (Agrapucion Montecristi) and AMCHIRP (Ramon Barquin Lopez of the MRP)."

From at least June of 1960 to September of 1963, Elmo R. Langtry was either the Chief of Station (COS), San Jose, or someone who worked under the COS.


02/03/54: Cable from LINCOLN to Director: Slugline PBSUCCESS RYBAT: "1. Langtry proceeding per ref MSG. Would appreciate your securing moderate priced hotel accommodations. 2. Langtry is Chief, KUGOWN/PBSUCCESS. Has diplomatic passport. 3. Carrying pouch which will have to be stored your station upon arrival. PLS arrange."


03/10/54: Cable from LINCOLN to Director: Slugline PBSUCCESS RYBAT: JMSWAG: RE: 978 (IN 25656) (Handwritten: notable locate photos): "Your mission chief showed Langtry several photos resulting from surreptitious entry WSBURNT (Guatemala) installation. Photo recalled of most interest was correspondence between Czech Legation and WSBURNT attaché."


04/06/54: Cable from LINCOLN to Director: Slugline PBSUCCESS RYBAT: LINCOLN SITREP WEEK 29 MAR-5 APRIL..."3. Significant operational developments: A. General. Twicker (Howard Hunt) replaced Langtry as KUGOWN (Psychological and Paramilitary Staff) Chief, arrived to be KUFIRE (Intelligence) Chief. SHERWOOD (CIA radio broadcasting program based in Nicaragua begun on May 1, 1954), SCRANTON (training base for radio operators near Nicaragua) personnel in field..."


04/07/54: Cable from LINCOLN to Director: Slugline PBSUCCESS/RYBAT: REF: DIR 45362: "1. Cables to compromise Cruz were with army. 2. Langtry, now HQs, has full details." Howard Hunt/ha. (REDACTION). (REDACTION).


04/16/54: Memo for the record from Withheld, WH/Labor/10 and Withheld, WH/PW: Subject: SUMMIT and SALEM Conference to be held in Mexico: REF: LINC 1875 (IN 37731): "1. Re REF paragraph 1: LINC 924, dated 6 March, informed (REDACTION) that Headquarters had approved Congress as presented in HULA-76 on condition that development would procede with sufficient detailed planning to assure success of SUMMIT. The decision for approval was made on 3 March 1954 at Headquarters and is reflected in a Memorandum for the Record, by LINCOLN representative, Elmo Langtry, dated 4 March 1954. 2. HULA-171, paragraph 7, stated 'RNSHIELD has announced his Congress for 5 May. Headquarters believes this may allow too little time for thorough preparations, but there is no objection to using that as a tentative date.' 3. Re REF paragraph 1: Because LINCOLN has not yet pouched details of the alleged 'mishandling' of (REDACTION) in Mexico, the undersigned do not feel qualified to make a comment. However, the following details are not brought to light in the Reference: A. As of 18 March (REDACTION) because of visa difficulties and illness, was not yet in Mexico. Thus, as of 18 March, no-one was capable of initiating even the basic organizational activities. B. On 10 March, (REDACTION) urged that the (REDACTION) contact be set up soonest in order to keep preparations under KUGOWN control. In addition at that time (REDACTION) stated 'Project (SUMMIT) unrealistic this point.' 3. Re REF paragraph 2: LINC 1159, 19 March, stated, 'Strongly recommend implementation (SALEM) and authorization from PBSUCCESS allocation of funds.' Upon arrival of Elmo Langtry at Headquarters, the decision was made that LINCOLN would handle SUMMIT while Headquarters, with (REDACTION) handle SALEM. It was understood that Walter Twicker was assigned to LINCOLN to take charge of SUMMIT..."

104-10177-10091: SUBJECT: DAVE PHILLIPS.

04/15/59: Memo for the record from R. W. Rastetter, WH/PP: "At 1430 hours on this date I was telephoned by Dave Phillips from New York who informed me that he had several sessions with Joshua Powers, who was enthusiastic about the film. Partly through the assistance of Mr. Powers he was able to show the film to several dozen prospective clients, and it is Phillips’ estimate that it may be possible to sell the film strictly on a commercial basis. Phillips feels that it will take about 10 days for the prospective clients to make up their minds and, therefore, he was authorized (by Colonel King) to return to Havana and then come back to New York when needed, which will be about the 28th of April. Phillips will remain in New York until Friday, 17 April. His phone number and address are known to the undersigned."


03/28/60: Cable from Havana to Director: "1. Jorge Alonso Pujol, partner of Tony Varona in insurance business and closely associated with him politically, informed Olien (James/Jim Noel) at lunch 15 March that Varona has had all he can take of the local situation and is ready to join the active opposition to Castro. He said that once Varona leaves Cuba he will not be able to return and consequently he would like very much to talk with someone with proper credentials about his plans. He also said that when he goes Varona wants to achieve as much anti-Castro propaganda value from the move as is possible and that this would take a little planning. Alonso Pujol said that under present laws and conditions anyone who engages in active opposition to the regime will forfeit his property and run the risk of execution or long prison sentence and that this aspect will have to be carefully considered in order minimize risk to Varona's business associates who are not yet prepared to make the break. More than anything else, according to Alonso Pujol, Varona fears that the United States will reach some sort of understanding with Castro which will 'pull rug out from under opposition' leaving them stranded and without means of livelihood. 2. Station again suggests that time ripe for return visit to Havana of Peter N. Licari (Willard Carr) in representation of the 'group' and prepared to discuss plans and answer questions much as Langtry did with AMWAIL and AMCHIRP. A timetable aimed at gaining maximum psychological impact from Varona's departure could also be worked out between them if all other factors are favorable. 3. Advise. C/S Comment: *Requested station to query Tony Varona re current plans to come to PBPRIME (U.S.)."


06/17/60: Dispatch from COS, San Jose to Chief, WHD: "The four attached clippings give further background information on the Movimiento de Recuperacion Revolucionario Cubana which has already been reported briefly in the references. Elmo R. Langtry."


09/09/63: Dispatch from COS, San Jose to Chief, WH Division: "1. Attached is a newspaper clipping on Manolo Ray which may be of interest to the Headquarters desk. Elmo R. Langtry."


02/15/78: CIA document: Page 14: ..."Langtry, Elmo R.: Richard W. Rastetter (true name)..." - - - 2022 release, pages 8, 10, 14: https://www.archives.gov/files/research/jfk/releases/2022/104-10061-10115.pdf


Undated CIA document: Page 7: ..."40. RASTETTER, Richard William..."

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