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Pseudonym: Langevin, Paul

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Paul D. Langevin was one of the pseudonyms used by CIA officer David A. Phillips.
See 180-10110-10016: Phillips testified that he only had two pseudonyms, Michael Choaden and Paul Langevin, and the other names were aliases.

Larry Hancock, Nexus: The CIA and Political Assassination (2012), p. 24

"David Phillips (aka Paul D. Langevin and Walter B. Bracton), coming into the CIA as a contract employee after being a professional actor and Latin American newspaper operator, was assigned to psychological and propaganda operations in PB/SUCCESS..."

U.S. State Department Archive - https://2001-2009.state.gov/r/pa/ho/frus/ike/guat/20172.htm

People and Pseudonyms: "Phillips, David Atlee (Paul D. Langevin), Field Director, Operation SHERWOOD."


04/09/54: Memo from Howard J. Preston, Administrative Officer, PBS to FI/STC/SPB: "1. It is requested that necessary action be taken on a priority basis to secure an appropriate security clearance for Paul D. Langevin (Ps) so that his services may be utilized as a Contract Agent in connection with Project PBSUCCESS. 2. Information of record in this office indicates that Subject was granted an Operational Security Clearance by your Division on 14 January 1952. From 25 January 1952 until 31 August 1953, Subject served as a Contract Agent in the WH Division in connection with Project PBGROVEL. It is believed that the most recent Personal History Statement completed by Subject is on record in your Office. 3. Please advise Mr. Salerno, WH Division, extension 3581, of action taken on this matter."

Foreign Relations of the United States, 1952-1954: Guatemala Current Section: 247. 6/28/54-Telegram From Operation PBSUCCESS Headquarters in Florida to the Mission Broadcasting Station

06/28/54: Telegram from Operation PBSUCCESS Headquarters in Florida to the Mission Broadcasting Station: "4459. For Langevin and Cadick/Rip Robertson. 1. Arbenz is out but Diaz (2) refuses to accept Calligeris’s/Carlos Castillo Armas' terms. Only 500 regular army and 2500 untrained reserves in Adam. 2. Immediately inform public what has happened and that if cease and terms LINC 4362 (IN 22435) (3) not complied with immediately SYNCARP (The "Junta", Castillo Armas' political organization headed by Cordova Cerna) will launch all out bombing attack and assault and destroy all those not joining anti-Communist forces. Communism must go and Diaz must agree to terms or army of liberation will continue its victorious march to Adam and fight Communists to last one. 3. Appeal to people that Communist Arbenz has resigned, first victory won and everyone should now join side of liberation movement for a greater WSBURNT (Guatemala). The government is obviously crumbling and further bloodshed futile. Prepare leaflets for troops in field. 4. Tell Diaz bombings to start noon 28 June and will not stop until liberation army occupies palace or Diaz agrees to terms announced. 5. Target but don’t announce for noon 28 June is Matamoros again and knock out brief pilots from Langevin’s staff or [name not declassified]. Put on maximum air show. Strafe all AA batteries. 6. SHERWOOD to keep steady strong appeal that anti-Communists are victorious and Diaz must agree cease fire before hundreds of innocent army men die in lost cause. Only way to stop bloodshed is to drive communism out. No other solution acceptable..."

104-10128-10364: MEMO: LANGEVIN, PAUL D.

03/20/56: Memo from Robert C. Cunningham to Chief, Contract Personnel Division: Subject: Langevin, Paul D. #40696 SC: "1. Reference is made to your request dated 20 January 1956 for a Covert Security Clearance to permit appointment of Subject to Staff/Agent/operations officer at Havana, Cuba...5. This clearance becomes invalid in the event the Subject's services are not utilized within 60 days of the date of this memorandum."


04/25/78, HSCA document: Page 77: ..."Mr. Goldsmith: Turning to another area, I believe at the beginning of your testimony today we first raised the question of your pseudonyms, and one of them was Michael Choaden? Mr. Phillips: Choaden. Mr. Goldsmith: Choaden, and what was the other one? Mr. Phillips: Paul Langevin, Paul D. Langevin, L-a-n-g-e-v-i-n, something very close, but I think that is correct. Mr. Goldsmith: Now, when you dealt with one of your assets or agents, what name did you use? Mr. Phillips: I never used my pseudonym. The pseudonyms was for internal CIA use, and I always used an alias except in those cases when I used a true name, but I always used an alias. Mr. Goldsmith: And how many operational aliases did you say that you may have had? Mr. Phillips: Well, over a period of 25 years I suppose a hundred..."

Larry Hancock • MFF

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