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Pseudonym: Jobes, Bertrand

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Gordon Sutherland Campbell. A June 1962 dispatch stated that the man identified as the CIA head of maritime operations in the Miami area, in an article in the Denver Post on June 3, 1962, was probably Bertrand R. Jobes.
It also added that Jobes' true first name was identical with the name in the article, and that he had been associated with the Tejana in early 1961. The newspaper article by Robert K. Brown identifies the CIA head of maritime operations as "Gordon."

Bertrand Jobes was probably CIA officer Gordon Campbell. There is no mention of Jobes after the June of 1962 dispatch. This is consistent with the recorded death of Gordon Campbell. Campbell's death certificate stated that he was born on July 5, 1905 and died on September 19, 1962.

Bradley Ayers, pseudonym "Thomas Darguzis," was assigned to JMWAVE in 1963 and 1964. Ayers claimed that he knew a CIA officer named Gordon Campbell during that time.

In terms of the documentation on Bertrand Jobes, a September, 1960, cable on the meeting between David Morales and Lino Fernandez in Havana, and the planned exfiltration of three Cubans, had a message near the top, "Attention Bertrand Jobes."

In November, 1961, Jobes was the originator of a cable on Jorge and Leslie Nobregas. Moreover, AMDENIM-1's (Alberto Fernandez Hechevarria) PRQ Part II in March, 1962, stated that he knew Jobes by an alias.


09/04/60, Cable from Havana to Director: Slugline RYBAT JMNET JMASPEN: REF HAVA 5973 (IN 76854): ATTN BERTRAND JOBES: "1. Zamka (David Morales) met with Lino Fernandez AMYUM (MRR - Revolutionary Recovery Movement) leader HAVA in order get up final arrangements for exfiltration three AMYUM members night 6 Sept. AMYUM will use boat reported para 1 D. ref. FOLL persons will be exfiltrated: A. Reinaldo Pico y Ramon born 21 July 33 at Regla. B. Angel Maria Hernandez y Avila born 12 Jan 30 at HAVA. C. Luis Clemente Barcena y Serrano born 16 Oct 26 HAVA..."


07/12/61, Cable from JMWAVE to Director: Slugline JMZIP AMASPEN: "1. AMDENIM-1 (Alberto Fernandez Hechevarria) called Jobes 11 June and asked status payment money due him. Told approval not yet received. A-1 replied he going WASH again this week. Wants all financial matters settled before embarking on new association under terms of agreement..."


08/24/61: CIA memo from C-5, Rpt. #163: "1. Sources reported today that the Navy offices were transferred to the house on Biscayne Blvd and 23rd St, Miami, and that the Intelligence office which was located in the farm, and the radio and telegraph equipment operated by Flores, had also been moved to the above mentioned location. 2. Regarding Renato Diaz Blanco, source report that during the last few hours he has seemed much more optimistic for he claims that he had conversations with Juan Paula and that his problem will be satisfactorily solved." Handwritten note: "Manson (probably Al Cox) 1. Support: WOW (?). Maritime: BRJ (note: initials BRJ matched Bertrand R. Jobes). File CI/Naval Matters. - - - 08/22/61: Memo from C-5, Rpt. #157: Subject: Information on Naval Affairs: Handwritten below: "Manson (crossed out), Gordon C. CI/Ray D, M.G. file/Naval Matters." https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=25557#relPageId=4 - - - The "M. G." initials above may possibly refer to Manuel E. Gaygan (unknown whether real name or alias/pseudonym). Gaygan put his name to a dispatch in February of 1963 from Chief, KUWOLF (Psychological and Paramilitary Staff) Staff to COS, JMWAVE: https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=227736#relPageId=1


11/14/61, Cable from JMWAVE to Director (Orig: Bertrand R. Jobes): Slugline NO NIACT: JMZIP/PM: "1. JMWAVE has received several reports from reliable local sources that confirm derogatory information regarding Jorge Nobregas. 2. In August WAVE reps asked Leslie Nobregas, captain of Susan Ann to get rid of his brother, Jorge, due to the many reports of his homosexual tendencies. Leslie refused to do this. 3. Reasons listed below now make it evident that JMWAVE must completely sever all operational relationship with the Nobregas brothers and two of Jorge's special friends who are crewmen on Susan Ann. (A) On 1 November entire crew mutinied due to unfair treatment and high-handed favoritism shown toward Jorge clique. (B) Entire crew lacks confidence in Leslie's fortitude and fear a recurrence of proven cases when he has left men on the beach. (C) Crew confirms that he has more than once been forced to accomplish his mission because other crewmen held a pistol to his back. (D) The Goudie's say that they will not operate with us if the Nobregas group remains. (E) Crew men on other boats who know the actual situation resent our support of the Nobregas faction. 4. JMWAVE therefore proposes to tell Leslie Nobregas that we have no further need for his services, but are prepared to purchase his boat. 5. It is believed that he paid $15,000 for Susan Ann and would probably agree to sell at this figure since she would be useless to him without our support. 6. A qualified captain is available and the majority of the crew will no doubt remain, being glad to be rid of the Nobregas group. 7. Request authority to purchase for this amount. Advise ASAP." Authenticating Officer: Pantleone (Glenn J. - Rocky - Farnsworth). Releasing Officer: George H. Reingruber (Al Cox).

John Prados, Safe for Democracy (Ivan R. Dee: Chicago, 2006) pp. 305-307

1962: "Theodore Shackley's JM/WAVE had 112 exiles on board from the beginning, plus 40 CIA officers at Zenith and 39 more at Opa-Locka. At any given time there were a dozen or more Special Forces with the exile commandos. Bob Moore, later Gordon Campbell, were his deputies. David Morales led the paramilitary staff, Jack Corris took charge of support. Seymour Bolten headed the political action staff. The station eventually grew larger than the one that supported the Bay of Pigs invasion...The Miami operating base, set up under the station's aegis, lagged on maritime capability throughout MONGOOSE, in spite of the efforts of Gordon Campbell and Rudy Enders. Training the commandos proved easier than finding boats to move them. Motorboats sailing from Miami and throughout the Florida Keys made up the core. The station's maritime branch has been described as 'huge', but the Special Operations Division remained the largest element."

104-10172-10186: PRQ PART II DATA ON AMDENIM/1

03/15/62, CIA document: Page 5: ..."Subject knows following by alias: Domenic I. Pantleone (Glenn J. - Rocky - Farnsworth); Norman D. Kiggins (probably Robert Wall); Charles Masengill (probably Cal Hicks); Charles V. Gneiting (Thomas Hewitt); Bertrand R. Jobes and a former C/WH/4/PM. He has met the KUBARK (CIA) I.G."

124-10226-10495: No Title

06/03/62: FBI document: Pages 4-6: Article in the Denver Post by Robert K. Brown, Headlined: Anti-Castro Raids Continue: Cuban Exiles Have Learned to Hate CIA: Page 5: ..."CIA personnel, according to the 'Florida's' original crew, are 'stupid, inexperienced and have not guts.' They charge that the head man of the CIA in Key West - code name of 'Max' - is an ex-Agriculture Department official who knows nothing about maritime operations, and that 'Gordon,' who is head of maritime operations in the Miami area never commanded anything larger than a 50 foot yacht..."


06/11/62, Dispatch from COS, JMWAVE to Chief, Task Force W: "1. In reply to reference request for information with regard to the newspaper article to be published in the Denver Post on 3 June 1962, the following is provided..." Page 2: ..."g. The American identified in the article as the CIA head of maritime operations in the WAVE area is probably Bertrand R. Jobes, whose true first name is identical with the name in the article and who was associated with the Tejana in early 1961 when it was first picked up by CIA. Jobes' reputation as a maritime officer of course belies the derogatory statements made in the article..." Note that the Denver Post article above refers to "Gordon" as the head of maritime operations in Miami.

John Simkin, "Gordon Campbell" -https://spartacus-educational.com/JFKcampbellG.htm

Re September 1962: John Simkin, historian, writes that "Gordon Campbell was born on July 5, 1905. 'He was a yachtsman and Army colonel who served as a contract agent helping the agency ferry anti-Castro guerrillas across the straits of Florida, according to Rudy Enders, a retired CIA officer, and two other people who knew him... 'I was right there when he died,' said (Rudy) Enders in a telephone interview. 'He was getting a drink at the drinking fountain in Zenith Technical Services (the cover name for the CIA's offices) in Miami. He stood up and started shaking and he collapsed and we tried to revive him. We gave him mouth to mouth to resuscitation and it just didn't work. It was a real bad heart attack.' Campbell's death certificate, which identified him as a 'maritime adviser,' states he passed away on Sept. 19, 1962."


06/11/2014: Article on JFK Facts website by Jeff Morley: Headlined "Frogmen of the Bay of Pigs (and a dubious conspiracy claim): In response to the June 9 post about memories of the CIA in Miami, JFK Facts contributor Arnaldo Fernandez sent this photo of a group of Cuban frogmen shortly before the invasion at the Bay of Pigs. (Photograph: From left to right, Andrés Pruna, Jorge Silva, Amado Cantillo, Eduardo Zayas-Bazán, Octavio Soto, and Carlos Fonts. (Photo credit: Miami New Times). 'They started training on the Miami River aboard the WW II assault landing craft Blagar, which would be the command ship in the invasion. Their final trainer was CIA paramilitary operations officer Grayston Lynch,' Fernandez writes. 'According to Bradley Ayers, a U.S. Army officer assigned to JM/WAVE for undercover operations,' Fernandez goes on, 'Grayston Lynch was one of the nine people based at the CIA Station in Miami, who would ‘have intimate operational knowledge of the circumstances surrounding the [Kennedy] assassination.’ The other eight, according to Ayres, were station chief Ted Shackley, David Sanchez Morales, Rip Robertson, Edward Roderick, Tony Sforza, Thomas Clines, Gordon Campbell, and Felix Rodriguez.' I can’t accept Ayres’ assertion. Yes, the CIA’ still-secret records about David Morales are among the most important JFK records that remain subject to government censorship. Yes, Tony Sforza, known inside the CIA as 'Henry Sloman,' was an assassin, according to Seymour Hersh. But Gordon Campbell, who ran maritime operations for the CIA, died in September 1962. So the claim that he had 'intimate operational knowledge' of JFK’s assassination 14 months later is unfounded or supernatural. Here’s Campbell’s death certificate."


Death Certificate of Gordon Sutherland Campbell on the website JFK Facts: Date of Birth: July 5, 1905. Date of Death: September 19, 1962. Find a Grave website: https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/49163076


...on October 22 (1963), Mambises unit/AMGLOSSY attempted a landing from the Rex on Pinar del Rio province. Set off a firefight and strafing of freighter J. Louis by MIGS...Castro reported that four of Rex crew had been captured, described the Rex and named her home port in West Palm Beach...The Leda (was harbored) at Port Everglades. Captains of the vessels were brothers Alejandro Brooks (Rex) and Gaspar Brooks (Leda)...without interference from the INS...those captured were Alberto del Busto/AMSHAG-1, Luis Montero Carranza, Dr. Clemente Inclan Werner/AMSIGH-2 and one other not identified by name...Gordon Campbell, JMWAVE assistant station chief, would go to the ship just before a mission and hand Captain Brooks sealed orders to be opened at sea. After the Rex had cleared the harbor, the guns would be taken from the magazine and fastened to the deck mounts. Rex would rendezvous at sea with the commando, frogman and infiltration teams. Would replenish her stores and ammunition at Stock Island near Key West, where there was a CIA warehouse. A good portion of this section is a recounting of various raids reported in the book The War That Never Was by Bradley Ayers. It is good adventure reading..." It appears that a maritime chief continued to use the name "Gordon Campbell" into 1963.

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