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Pseudonym: Hostynski, Charles

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Unknown identity. Charles J. Hostynski was Chief of Base, JMBAR, in Key West during 1962. A dispatch in June, 1962, stated that Hostynski's true first name was identical with the name appearing in the Denver Post article of June 5, 1962, as the CIA's head man in the BARR area. Hostynski's true first name was possibly Max.
A dispatch in March, 1962, named Hostynski as Chief of Base, JMBAR (probably CIA maritime covert operations group located at Key West, Florida).

A cable in April, 1962, stated that Larry Laborde claimed that a CIA agent, named Max, had instructed him to blow up a ship belonging to Teofilo Babun. Laborde had allegedly contacted the Chief of Base, BARR, on April 22. A FBI teletype on the same day cited CIA, Miami has stating that Max was a CIA agent in Key West.

A FBI memo on April 30, 1962, included comments from Greg Maruca, a CIA agent in Miami, stating that Max had been contacted by Laborde and had tried to dissuade Laborde from attacking the ship. Therefore, Max appears to be identical with the Chief of Base, JMBAR, Charles J. Hostynski.

According to a dispatch in June, 1962, mentioned above, Hostynski was involved in Laborde's dismissal from the U.S. Department of Agriculture in Mexico in 1949. Laborde allegedly became hostile towards Hostynski when he was told in April of 1962 that he was being terminated from the CIA.


03/07/62, Dispatch from Chief, WH/4 to COS, JMWAVE (Info: Chief of Base, JMBAR): "1. Following discussions among Eric D. Rodwick (Al Cox), Chief of Station, JMWAVE; Charles J. Hostynski, Chief of Base, JMBAR (probably CIA maritime covert operations group located at Key West, Florida); and Lionel A. Chellimi, Chief, WH/4/KUSODA regarding the continued use of Mr. Cesar Diosdado as a U.S Customs agent at JMBAR, Headquarters has made arrangements to reimburse the U.S. Bureau of Customs for the use of Mr. Diosdado's services. The tenure of the aforementioned reimbursement arrangement with U.S. Customs is 4 March 1962 to 30 June 1962 at which time the continued need for Diosdado's services will be reviewed and appropriate recommendations will be made. Subject's parent office will continue to bear the expense of an official vehicle assigned to him. No further commitments were made. 2. For your information, the U.S. Customs Bureau intends to advise Mr. Diosdado that he is being reimbursed salary wise by CIA. It is requested that Diosdado be briefed by a KUSODA (CIA Office of Security) representative from either JMWAVE or JMBAR as to his relationship with us and that this information should not be divulged by Diosdado to other U.S. Government personnel or any other individual."


04/25/62, Cable from JMWAVE to Director: "1. On 24 Apr FBI rep contacted KUSODA (CIA Office of Security) WAVE. Advised that FBI had received info that one Lawrence J. Laborde reportedly received instructions from a 'Max a CIAer' to blow up a vessel S.S. William owned by one Babun and of Panamanian registry when it docks at pier three Miami next two or three days. Further Laborde and unidentified group considering raiding a warehouse owned by CIA at Key West containing various arms and equipment and protected by only one guard. 2. Check with COB BARR revealed Laborde contacted him 22 Apr and advised that Laborde considering destruction of a ship, name not furnished, which would dock pier three next few days. Laborde indicated ship carrying material not in best interest of U.S. COB BARR attempted to dissuade and urged Laborde return to home in Louisiana. 3. Check with local ODIBEX (U.S. Army) rep negative. 4. FBI advised that Laborde had been member of group we had supported but was not directly employed by CIA. Upon termination of the activity of which Laborde was member, Laborde was let go on 12 Mar 62. He is of no interest to us nor are we responsible his actions. Laborde has signed a secrecy agreement and was knowledgeable of our installations Key West area therefore we have security interest in his not revealing this aspect his activities. Laborde has general reputation of being completely unpredictable and not easily controlled. There is some opinion that he capable of attempting alleged course of action. 5. Station attempting to learn Laborde's whereabouts and, if successful, will notify FBI. If FBI contacts Laborde will attempt obtain results of their interview. 6. COB BARR alerted to increase guard coverage on warehouse. C/S Comment: *Dissemination applicable to RYBAT GYROSE YOBITE cables."

124-10294-10309: FBI TELETYPE

04/25/62, FBI teletype from SAC, Miami to Director: Subject: Larry J. Laborde; Gerald Patrick Hemming; Edward Collins; Antonio Cuesta; Internal Security-Cuba: "On April 24 last, MM-639-S, who has furnished reliable information in the past, advised as follows. Laborde, an American in Miami, claims he contacted Max (LNU), CIA agent in Key West, Florida, on April 22, last and advised him that the ship SS Williams was running machinery to Cuba. Laborde requested permission to blow up ship on its return to Miami. According to Laborde, Max gave him permission and indicated Laborde would get $5000 for job when completed. Laborde is working with Antonio Cuesta, Gerald Patrick Hemming and Edward Collins on this matter. Cuesta is Cuban national. Hemming and Collins are American mercenaries. Laborde claims to know identity and location of CIA warehouse in Key West where arms are stored and plans to burglarize it later. CIA, Miami, has advised that Laborde was of operational interest to CIA but that he was dropped a couple of months ago. According to CIA, Miami, Max is in fact a CIA agent in Key West and was contacted by Laborde..."

124-10294-10309: FBI MEMO:

04/30/62, Memorandum from SAC, Miami to Director: Subject: Larry J. Laborde; Gerald Patrick Hemming; Edward Collins; Antonio Cuesta; IS-Cuba: Pages 3-4: ..."On April 24, 1962, Mr. Greg Maruca, CIA, Miami, was advised of the above information. Maruca said that Laborde was of operational interest to CIA, but that he was dropped a couple of months ago. Max (LNU), mentioned above, according to Maruca is, in fact, a CIA agent in Key West, Florida and was contacted by Laborde. Contrary to the claim of Laborde, Max tried to dissuade Laborde from an attempt to blow up the 'SS Williams.' Max did not give Laborde permission to proceed, and CIA has not authorized this operation. Maruca said that Laborde had participated in CIA operations out of Key West, Florida, and knows the location of a warehouse containing arms. Maruca considers him as being unpredictable and capable of blowing up a ship. Maruca said Laborde was given money and a ticket to leave the Florida area and go to New Orleans, but had not done so. Maruca said that if Laborde were arrested and brought to trial for attempting to blow up the ship, he would probably expose CIA operations, which CIA did not want. Maruca asked if the FBI could 'pick up' Laborde and convince him not to go on with his plan concerning the ship. Maruca was advised that inasmuch as there was no federal violation within the Bureau's jurisdiction, the FBI did not plan to interview Laborde, and in view of the possibility of loss of property and lives, local authorities should be notified of Laborde's plan. Maruca agreed, and advised that CIA would notify local law enforcement officials..."

124-10226-10495: No Title

06/03/62: FBI document: Pages 4-6: Article in the Denver Post by Robert K. Brown, Headlined: Anti-Castro Raids Continue: Cuban Exiles Have Learned to Hate CIA: Page 5: ..."CIA personnel, according to the 'Florida's' original crew, are 'stupid, inexperienced and have not guts.' They charge that the head man of the CIA in Key West - code name of 'Max' - is an ex-Agriculture Department official who knows nothing about maritime operations, and that 'Gordon,' who is head of maritime operations in the Miami area never commanded anything larger than a 50 foot yacht..."


06/11/62, Dispatch from COS, JMWAVE to Chief, Task Force W: "1. In reply to reference request for information with regard to the newspaper article to be published in the Denver Post on 3 June 1962, the following is provided:...a. The source of the information in this article is almost certainly Lawrence J. Laborde who was associated with the motor vessel, M/V Tejana III, which has been utilized in CIA operations on and off since early 1961...b. Laborde was formerly employed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture in Mexico in 1947 to 1949 as a small boat operator and was separated involuntarily for misconduct. The charges included excessive use of intoxicants, unauthorized use of firearms, and failure to support dependent children. Charles J. Hostynski, Chief, JMBAR, was the Agricultural Department Personnel Officer who handled Laborde's out processing in 1949. Hostynski's true first name is identical with the name appearing in the article as CIA's head man in the BARR area. c. In April 1962 when Laborde was informed that his services on the Tejana were to be terminated, he became quite bitter towards those CIA officials with whom he previously had contact necessitated by the mounting of maritime operations in which the Tejana was utilized as the mother ship. Laborde evidenced prejudice toward Hostynski whom he knew to be responsible for his being fired in 1949 in Mexico. His conduct on being separated from the Tejana in April 1962 included the making of reckless threats which were recorded at the time in WAVE 3023...." The article can be found at 124-10226-10495, pp. 4-5, stating that the Florida's crew claimed that "Max" is an ex-Agriculture Dept. official who knows nothing about marine operations.

Gordon Campbell biography: https://spartacus-educational.com/JFKcampbellG.htm

Date of the alleged death of Gordon Campbell, described in his obituary as "maritime adviser", was September 19, 1962.


10/10/62, PRQ Part II - Operational Information: AMDENIM-1 (Alberto Fernandez Hechevarria): ..."3. List other case officers who have handled subject or whom he knows or has known. Give names by which they have been known: Other case officers who have handled Subj. include Dominic I. Panteleone (Glenn J. - Rocky - Farnsworth) and Theodore R. Windecker (probably Tom Clines). Staff employees whom Subj. knows include Donald P. Slingland and Charles J. Hostynski."

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