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Pseudonym: Hogan, Don

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A friend of George Michael Kappes, also known as Mickey Kappes. Kappes also used the alias Mike Kelley.
A memo on July 20, 1959, from FBI Director, Hoover, quoted from FBI informant, Catherine Taaffe on July 16th that: "Within the past few days Donald W. Hogan, employee of the Cuban Sugar Institute, Havana, Cuba, met a Mr. Beardsley (phonetic) in Havana. Beardsley reportedly informed Hogan that he was with the Central Intelligence Agency..." https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=231443#relPageId=2&search=

A cable on August 13, 1959, originated by Robert Reynolds (Al Cox), then WH/III/CARIBBEAN, stated that the real source of a printed extract from journalist, Drew Pearson, was not a CIA report but Don Hogan, who passed it on to Irving Davidson, and whom, in turn, gave it to the FBI and two other persons, in June 1959: https://www.archives.gov/files/research/jfk/releases/2021/docid-32378598.pdf 104-10226-10179:

The FBI memo in July, 1960, mentioned above, made it clear that Hogan was in contact with a CIA operative in Havana.

May 1961 cable - This WAVE officer was no fan of Don Hogan, working with AMDENIM-1/Alberto Fernandez at the time - he viewed him as a "hanger-on" and "given him wide berth - operationally speaking". https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=47361#relPageId=2&search=

A memo in February of 1963 from Evalena Vidal was addressed to "FI/Don H." This was probably a reference to Don Hogan. If this was the case then it appears as if Hogan was working in the Foreign Intelligence (FI) branch of JMWAVE at that time.

124-10200-10164: [No Title]

1/9/59 memo about Don Hogan flying from Idlewild (now La Guardia) Airport in NYC to Cuba. Was a public relations director for the July 26 movement.

104-10215-10096: FILE ON ROSS L. CROZIER

2/25/59 memo: "Mickey" (George Michael Kappes aka Mickey Kelly) was working with Hogan and trying to get Noemayr/Ross Crozier a job with Hogan, "who hopes to get major public relations contracts with Cuba".

1994.05.10.14:07:53:250007: Reel 27, Folder O - MRP, PART I.

9/18/60 memo from MASH to Director. States that Mickey Kappes working with Don Hogan. Went into Cuba three times. Kappes at this time, was "naive and not at all trained in clandestine ops". Includes the phrase: "with Don Hogan/Kappes as Alberto Fernandez (note: AMDENIM-1) reps".


This more complete version of the 9/18/60 document refers to "Don Hogan Kappes" and has the names of "Peters" and "Farnsworth" written in. Also written in is "Taylor" - presumably General Taylor - and the phrase "More Diaz" - which remains unclear. The document also mentions concern that Raul Chibas is a Castro plant in the United States.

124-10208-10454: No Title

12/08/60: CIA memorandum from Deputy Director (Plans) to Director, FBI: Subject: Index of Anti-Castro Organizations: Page 17: ..."FRCE - Fund for Resettlement of Cuban Exiles, Inc.: The FRCE was incorporated in August 1960 in New Haven, Connecticut, for the purpose of raising funds 'for the health and welfare of Cuban exiles.' Headed by Donald Hogan and Alberto Fernandez..."


08/11/61: Cable from JMWAVE to Director: Slugline JMZIP KUTUBE: Page 2: ..."Chief squanderer appears to be Alberto Fernandez, no longer an AMGLAD, who freewheeled on grand scale sending characters like Don Hogan on meaningless public relations trips and running up large long distance telephone expenses..."


Undated CIA document: "The case officer of Havana Station was contacted on 14 December 1960 by Jose Alvarez Lopez, Carlos Manuel (Unintelligible), and Ralph Diaz Hanscom (AMGLAD-1) to discuss plans being made in Havana to form a coordinated movement to be known as Unidad Revolucionaria (UR). This movement was to be formed from all individual anti-Castro organizations then existing in Cuba. The original 'Act of Integration' was signed (with nom-de-guerre) by representatives of 16 separate organizations. In forwarding the above, Havana Station expressed the opinion that the UR deserved careful study, since a united front in Cuba might be helpful to overall planning to achieve a united and coordinated movement among the exile groups, which appeared to be deeply involved in their own caldron of politics. Ralph Diaz Hanscom, one of the three individuals contacting Havana Station as an MRR (Movimiento Recuperacion Revolucionaria) leader in Oriente Province. He advised the Station that he was flying to Miami on 25 December to contact Ray, Martin Elena, Sanchez Arango, Nino Diaz, and Varona, to attempt to obtain an agreement from the Frente Revolucionario Democratico (FRD) for coordination. WH/4/PA expressed interest in the new UR, and asked Miami to forward its evaluation and the results of Diaz Hanscom's talks. While in Miami, Alberto Fernandez Echevarria arranged to have Diaz Hanscom talk to Mr. Howard Hunt and to Mr. (REDACTION). Varona informed Miami Station (which advised Headquarters) that Diaz Hanscom was interested in establishing an overall internal Cuban command...Diaz Hanscom then went to New York to (unintelligible) to Sinclair Oil to arrange sabotage activities against Cuban oil industries. While there, he was contacted at Sinclair by Donald Hogan (who undoubtedly learned of his existence from Alberto Fernandez)..."

Ted Shackley, Spymaster (Potomac Books, Inc., Dulles, VA) 2005, pp. 55-56

"(In early 1962) it was decided to review what sabotage operations were being considered for implementation. This revealed that the team of Rip Robertson, Grayston Lynch and Mickey Kappes had been working for months planning an operation against the Matahambre copper mine complex in Pinar del Rio province, an important export earner and thus valuable to Castro...we completed the planning for the operation, got policy approval from the Special Group (Augmented), and launched it. The team got into the Matahambre complex as planned...we learned later that Cuban authorities had found the explosives (and) disarmed them...our Matahambre failure was not well received by Bobby Kennedy. His caustic tongue worked at full speed to let all and sundry know we were the new Keystone Kops. On October 20 the team was back at Matahambre. This time they were detected by Cuban security forces. A short firefight followed. Of the eight men on the team, six were captured. Castro broadcast his triumph over Havana radio. Heartburn was suffered in Washington, and of course the displeasure was conveyed to us in Miami with a series of biting and unflattering remarks."


02/06/63: Memo from Evvy V (PW) to FI/Don H: "1. As per your request of this date, I asked Passavoy (probably Col. Wendell C. Johnson) to query AMBUD-1 (Jose Miro Cardona) re Dr. Enrique Huertas' current trip to Mexico. At the morning meeting today Passavoy met only with AMBUD-1's secretary as AMBUD-1 was tied up. He passed the request on to AMBUD-1 through her. 2. However, AMBUD-1's secretary was able to provide the following interim information on subject trip as follows: Some time ago, a letter was received from the Asociacion de Propritarios y Comerciantes of Mexico, which group collaborates quite closely with AMBUD-1. The purpose of the letter was to expound on the good impression Huertas had made at a previous public act put on by this association and to invite Huertas to participate in a similar act planned by this association for Jose Marti day, 28 January 1963. They also invited AMBUD-1 to attend. AMBUD-1 did not approve of Huertas accepting this invitation and apparently passed the request on to the AMBUD (Cuban Revolutionary Council - CRC) Public Relations Department (since he was sure AMDIP-1 (Tony Varona) would also veto it). That is the last AMBUD-1's secretary heard of the matter. However, on Saturday 26 January when AMBUD-1 was not with Mr. Robert Hurwitch at the Miami Airport, AMBUD-1's secretary saw Huertas and family arrive at the airport. Huertas was wearing very light-weight clothing and the comment of some of those who saw him was to the effect 'he must be going to a warm climate.' 3. I hope to have additional information on this matter from AMBUD-1 by 9 February."


Culminating in 1963: CIA case officer Rudy Enders delivered this eulogy at the memorial for Grayston Lynch: "After serving in (WW II and) Korea, he attended one of the original special operations classes, graduating alongside such warriors as...Lucein Conein, formerly a member of the French Foreign Legion, the OSS, the CIA and the DEA...It's no wonder Gray was selected by the CIA to be one of only two Americans to assist the brave Cuban Brigade at the Bay of Pigs...The Brigade was let down - betrayed - by the very people that sent them into battle, not only were the Cubans, but Gray himself and fellow officer Rip Robertson. After this horrific catastrophe, a flicker of hope emerged when Gray and Rip were again called upon to help spark a flame of resistance within Cuba. It was then that he recruited and trained an elite commando force (Comando Mambises/AMGLOSSY) where many of you served. It was during this period that case officers like me, Mickey Kappes, Bob Stevens and others had the privilege of working alongside Gray and the brave, freedom loving commando teams...(Gray and Rip) demonstrated leadership qualities that elevated them to 'role model' status for every subsequent agency paramilitary officer. When our government decided to shut down even this program, I can assure you we were as heartbroken as the wonderful men we served. It is a scar that will never disappear. It is why Gray dedicated his life to telling the truth concerning this covert agency program."


Based on the undated list of four names above, all of the names on that list appear to be aliases. "Pawley 65 foot yacht Flying Tiger will depart Miami 1800 hours 5 June. Aboard yacht will be Pawley's captain Luis Paez Guerra who Cuban national but long time trusted employee. (CIA) will have Donald F. Mazutis alias Mike Kelley (note: true name Mickey Kappes) and Marvin A. Laurenkus alias Alan Barton (note: true name Rudy Enders) on board Pawley yacht. This yacht due arrive Hogsty reef 0600 hours 8 June. Yacht will anchor reef area...(CIA PBY - PBY is an abbreviation for 'US Navy medium to heavy twin amphibious aircraft - used for maritime patrol, water bomber, and search and rescue') under dry lease to Pawley will arrive Hogsty Reef 0630 hours 8 June and land in protected area Hogsty Reef. (Aircraft) will contain Pawley, Martino, Spencer from LIFE, Irving G. Cadick alias William Rutherford, Oliver Fortson alias Maximo de Cordoba and eight Cubans. Party will be transferred by RB-12 from (aircraft) to Pawley yacht. Entire party will board Pawley yacht, take Cuban craft in tow, and head for launch point. (Aircraft) leaves area. Pawley yacht, surveilled by LEDA radar...goes from reef to launch point which 25 miles off Cuba in commercial sea lanes...Here Cubans loaded into their craft. Once they in their craft they passed ammo in boxes and while being covered by arms on Pawley yacht Cubans are then cut loose at 2200 hours 8 June for trip to Cuba. Cubans on mission will be Ernesto Duenas (201-298397), Eduardo Perez/AMDENIM-11 (201-294665), Rene Lamoru...Dennis Rigal....Luis Cantin...Rolando Rodriguez...Tomas Vaguero...Francisco Hernandez. Once Cubans hit Cuba they go exfil point pick up Sovs...once pickup (with Cuban craft)...(aircraft will) bring Sovs, Cubans, Pawley, Martino, Life rep, Cadick and Fortson back to Miami. Fortson will then debrief Sovs in Russian to extent possible once they on Pawley yacht and (aircraft)...if no show 10 June op aborts."


5/12/64 message from Micheal E. Capolillo in Puerto Rico to Charles Wiesinger (Rene Dubois, also known as Ray Dubois) of WAVE/CI in Miami regarding AMKNOB-1's (Piero Fedeli Medici) letter sent on 5/10/64. The letter is described as "One page SW (secret writing). Good development and legible." Could the man known as "Mike Kelley" also be "Michael Capolillo"?

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