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Pseudonym: Hediger, Donald

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Unknown identity. A memo in October of 1953 mentioned that Donald O. Hediger was a GS–7 Operations Officer of the CIA Paramilitary and Psychological Staff in Guatemala.

Foreign Relations of the United States, 1952-1954: Guatemala: Current Section: Persons and Pseudonyms

Page xx: ..."Hediger, Donald (pseudonym, identity not released)..."

Foreign Relations of the United States, 1952-1954: Guatemala

09/25/53: 55. Memorandum from J. C. King, Chief, WHD: Subject: Tasks for Chief of Station, Guatemala: Page 3: ..."11. Any propaganda to be placed through Hediger will be forwarded to Headquarters to prevent any crossing of objectives within Guatemala." (7)

Foreign Relations of the United States, 1952-1954: Guatemala: Current Section: 61. 10/29/53-Memorandum for the Record

10/29/53: Memorandum for the Record from Withheld: Subject: Status of PBSUCCESS: "1. The present status of PBSUCCESS is as noted below: a. Personnel. Present planning calls for utilization of the following field personnel: (REDACTION), Guatemala: Chief of Station (REDACTION)—(REDACTION), GS–15 vice (REDACTION), GS–14 Operations Officer (REDACTION), PP—(REDACTION), GS–14 Operations Officer (REDACTION), FI—(REDACTION) GS–13 Operations Officer, (REDACTION) FI—(REDACTION), GS–13 Reports Officer (REDACTION), PP—(REDACTION), GS–9 Admin. Asst.—(REDACTION) GS–7, Secty. Steno—(REDACTION), GS–5, Secty. Steno—(REDACTION) GS–5, Commo.—(REDACTION) GS–7, (REDACTION). Guatemala: Operations officer, PP (REDACTION)—Donald O. Hediger GS–7, Operations Officer PP (REDACTION)—Eliot P. Razmara GS–9. (REDACTION). Honduras: Operations Officer FI (REDACTION)—(REDACTION) GS–7. (REDACTION), Honduras: Operations officer PP (REDACTION)—Jacob R. Seekford GS–12, (REDACTION)—Vincent C. Pivall. [4 names not declassified], TDY replacement for Older, Heddiger and Razmara are in place and operating..." - - - In regards to the last line note that "Older" is redacted in the above passage but unredacted here (therefore it has been added): https://www.cia.gov/readingroom/docs/DOC_0000924003.pdf

Foreign Relations of the United States, 1952-1954: Guatemala: Current Section: 63. 11/5/53-Memorandum From [name not declassified] of the Central Intelligence Agency to [name not declassified] of the Central Intelligence Agency

11/05/53: Memorandum from Withheld to Withheld: Subject: Summary of Directives and Instructions on PBSUCCESS: Page 2: ..."7. Instructions from WHD to Guatemala Station during 1953 (material extracted from Guatemala Chrono File). a. 5 January, instructed Station to have Hediger continue writing articles about Guatemala for planting elsewhere in hemisphere. (According to REDACTION, ESCONSIN-1 now writes such articles)..."


12/01/53: Memorandum from Withheld to Special Deputy to CWH, Project PBSUCCESS: Subject: Personnel - Guatemala: ..."4...Improving language ability, (REDACTION) and the economic development of the country would be the best line for this possible replacement of Hediger. He would travel to Guatemala on a tourist card, which preferably should be obtained from a Guatemalan Consulate fairly distant from Washington, D. C. 5. The Station should have one experienced FI staff agent in a covert capacity (REDACTION) travel (REDACTION) and conform at least in a general way to the qualifications as outlined above for the possible replacement of Hediger. This (REDACTION) would act as direct supervisor of ESCROW, who has an extensive number of contacts in high government Spanish-Communist and Spanish-Republican circles. Hediger is now acting as a (REDACTION) with ESCROW but ESCROW needs direct supervision rather than supervision by means of written communications as is the case at present. This new (REDACTION) would have the principal task of Communist Party and high government penetration not only through ESCROW but also by the development of new sources...Hediger also presently handles (REDACTION), a (REDACTION) exile, who is in the operational development stage and who is referred to locally and signs receipts for payments as (REDACTION). The development of (REDACTION) as been for the purpose of penetrating the labor movement and he has prepared an extensive study for us of the entire labor movement in Guatemala, including unions, federations, confederations, and organizational status, Communist influences, etc..."


12/04/53: Memo from Birch O'Neal to Special Deputy, WH: Subject: Ross Crozier: ..."which operation is presently being handled through Donald O. Hediger. Irrespective of whether Hediger continues with Guatemala or is given assignment outside the country, I believe that it is important to have Crozier with us in Guatemala. We can find plenty for him to do." - - - June 27, 2023 release, page 125: https://www.archives.gov/files/research/jfk/releases/2023/104-10215-10246.pdf


01/13/54: Dispatch (via Air Pouch) from COS, Guatemala (REDACTION) to Chief, WHD: Subject: General - PBSUCCESS: Specific: ESSENCE Activities: "1. Enclosed are copies of nine memoranda prepared by Donald O. Hediger and relating to operational developments that have taken place since the preparation of the reference. 2. 'CARTER' as used in these memoranda refers to (REDACTION). 'WHITE' and 'BLACK' correspond to ESSENCE-A and ESSENCE-B as outlined in paragraphs 6 (a) and 6 (b) of the attachment to HGG-A-476. 'OUTSIDE' refers to anti-communist, anti-government exile groups in adjoining countries. 3. Memorandum No. 5 has an enclosure one copy of the propaganda item previously discussed in paragraph (g) of HGG-A-529. (REDACTION) George L. Tranger."


01/14/54: Air dispatch from COS, Guatemala to Chief, WHD: Subject: PBSUCCESS: ESSENCE Activities: "The following sub-paragraphs contain information relating to ESSENCE activities since the preparation of reference: a. Donald O. Hediger reported on 23 December 1953 that united anti-communist activities in Guatemala are now being achieved by means of the recently-established Frente Anticomunista Nacional (FAN). ESSENCE claims that the Comite de Estudiantes Universitarios Anti-comunistas (CEUA) is the controlling member of this united front and that all members except the Partido Unificacion Anticomunista (PUA) accepts CEUA's leadership. Quoting Hediger's report, PUA 'cooperates' but does not 'submit.' b. ESSENCE claims that he and associates have made valuable contacts on the staffs of the principal independent newspapers for the purpose of obtaining cooperation in the placement of anti-communist materials. c. Internal strife and conflicts between contending official parties is due in part (according to Hediger) to undercover agitation and the spreading of rumors by ESSENCE personnel. In addition, ESSENCE claims that members of his group have penetrated at least one official party, thereby avoiding government reprisal for outright opposition activity and at the same time placing themselves in a position to engage in disruption activities. d. ESSENCE has completed plans for two daily fifteen-minute radio programs. One will be clearly political and anti-communist and will depend in large part on the support materials requested in reference (a)...e. By early January 1954 it is expected that El Rebelde will become a bi-weekly and ESSENCE is presently attempting to complete plans to make that publication a daily by mid-February 1954. ESSENCE claims that exiled groups have requested an increase in overt-type propaganda within Guatemala (see reference c)."


02/17/54: Cable from LINCOLN to Director: Slugline PBSUCCESS RYBAT: "1. Site C to be utilized to house minimum four WSBURNT (Guatemala) personnel and Hediger. Requires three meals day five people, housekeeping, laundry, etc. Hediger fully occupied with assigned KUGOWN (Psychological and Paramilitary Staff) work. 2. Experience Site B emphasizes need for cleared housekeeper at all sites from security and operational aspects. 3. Request comment re clearing, hiring, and briefing housekeeper locally."

Foreign Relations of the United States, 1952-1954: Guatemala: Current Section: 115. 3/12/54-Contact Report

03/12/54: Contact Report: No. 48. Place: War Room. Staff Present: W. Robertson (10 names not declassified): Page 3: ..."Hediger’s return was arranged and he will be discharged upon his return to Washington. The man Hediger recommended is to be acquired. Hediger is not to cut in on anything else..."


03/24/54: Dispatch (via Air Pouch) from Jerome C. Dunbar to COS, Guatemala (Info: WASH): Subject: LINCOLN: Operational Hediger's Reports: "Being forwarded for your information are the enclosed reports by Donald O. Hediger on Project ESPLANADE. Please return the enclosed reports in the next pouch from your station to LINCOLN." - - - From Page 3: 02/04/54: Report from Donald O. Hediger to Robert Ford: Subject: A: ESPLANADE-B, Activity of Hediger; B: Personal Suggestions: ..."1) Hediger's activities in ESPLANADE-B, so-called, as they related to LINCOLN project were as follows and under the following conditions: a) Hediger was preceeded in that station by an agent under cover-name of Hunkins, who had established considerable contacts in the Comite Civico Nacional (C.C.N.) and with (REDACTION). b) Initially, Hediger (REDACTION) active only in establishing minor contacts for miscellaneous intelligence and rumors as related, chiefly, to KMFORGET activity; assisting station with material and ideas for KMFORGET items which were fed to the original ESPLANADE group under Hunkins; and similar material for HDQ. consumption (such as clippings, misc. information, photos, etc). c) Hediger carried on other contact activity, also, but these did not bear directly on ESPLANADE..." Very detailed report continues (from Page 26 there is typed notes).

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