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Pseudonym: Clower, Wilfred

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Joseph G. Sancho. Wilfred O. Clower was known to AMMUG-1 as "Jose" and "Matt" to AMLUNT-2. A ARRB request on May 30, 1995, on information on Clower and others was answered by the CIA on the same day. Clower's true name was Sancho.
Foreign Relations of the United States (FRUS), 1952-1954: Guatemala, mentioned that Wilfred O. Clower was involved in this operation. Clower is mentioned in a telegram in August of 1954.

A memo from the Chief, Western Hemisphere Division, in October of 1958, mentioned that Wilfred O. Clower had recently vacated his position as a staff agent in Mexico City.

A memo in January of 1959 stated that Clower had "directed and trained the LIPSTICK surveillance team" in Mexico City.

A cable in August, 1964, mentioned that JMWAVE was sending Wilfred O. Clower to Houston to meet with the CIA Office of Operation (OO) there to investigate Oscar Rodriguez Molina and his alleged links to Cuban intelligence.

A cable in May of 1973 stated that Clower, along with another CIA operative, had debriefed WKSCARLET-3 (Luis Posada), where the latter denied association with drug traffickers.

Clower wrote a memo for the record in February, 1976, on SLANK-1 (Vladimir Lahera Rodriguez). Therefore, Joseph G. Sancho worked for the CIA from at least 1954 to 1976.

Foreign Relations of the United States, 1952-1954: Guatemala Current Section: Persons and Pseudonyms

Page XIX: "Persons and Pseudonyms...Clower, Wilfred O. (pseudonym, identity not released).." - - - 08/24/54: 284. Telegram From the CIA Station in Guatemala to the Central Intelligence Agency: Page 3: ..."I. ZPSEMANTIC (probably Domingo Goicolea Villacorta) told Clower noon 20 August that he has 900 armed men concentrating in city which will act in whatever way necessary to ensure that anti-Communist cause is not defrauded by palace or by incompetence. Obvious that ZPSEMANTIC is (REDACTION) man. Have checked and ZPSEMANTIC story is true. More being armed daily..." https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=145047&search=#relPageId=468&tab=page


10/29/58: Memorandum from Chief, WHD to WH/Personnel: Subject: Request for Staff Agent to fill RAP-8100 Slot in Mexico City: "1. It is requested that WH/Personnel locate a Staff Agent to fill the RAP-8100 to (FI), GS-12 slot in Mexico City which was recently vacated by Wilfred O. Clower (ps). 2. This Agent must be bilingual in Spanish and should have operational experience, especially in physical surveillance techniques. (Handwritten note). He will be expected to spot, develop, recruit, and direct surveillance assets. He will be given full responsibility for organizing an effective physical surveillance team. 3. It is requested that a suitable candidate be located as soon as possible so that the Contract Agent now performing the functions can be relieved of this responsibility and can devote his time to other tasks."


01/16/59: Memo from Withheld, Chief, FI/OPS Division (Signed by W. Lloyd George, Chief, Foreign Intelligence - FI) to Chief of Operations, DD/P: Subject: Project LIEMPTY (Approval) WH - Mexico City: Page 2: ..."As a replacement for a staff agent, Wilfred O. Clower (p), who directed and trained the LIPSTICK surveillance team, the husband and wife team of Clackett and Fiordalisi are proposed as qualified individuals to recruit, train, and direct the new LIEMPTY surveillance team and maintain its records..."


08/19/64: Cable from JMWAVE to Director: Slugline RYBAT TYPIC (handwritten note at top of cable: "CI/OA to 3: Is this the Molina GPFLOOR traffic?"): "1. 19 Aug KUJUMP (Office of Operations-OO) Houston advised KUJUMP WAVE area of FOLL: A. Oscar Rodriguez Molina DPOB 10 Dec 29 Jaruco HAVA effected Black River crossing from MEXI to Brownsville, Texas, 18 Aug. B. SUBJ picked up by and in custody ODURGE Brownsville. C. SUBJ claims visit PBPRIME (U.S.) May 61 for few months then returned PBRUMEN (Cuba) with family. D. Worked food ration department PBRUMEN until 64 when arrested for counter AMTHUG-1 (Fidel Castro) activities. E. While in jail approx 21 days was recruited by CIS for alleged mission abroad. F. SUBJ when picked up during above river crossing requested talk with ODYOKE (U.S. Government) intel rep. 2. WAVE sending Wilfred O. Clower to Houston/Brownsville contact KUJUMP Houston and assess SUBJ Brownsville order further determine nature CIS mission, locus same and possible op viability case. 3. WAVE traces possibly identical SUBJ previously forwarded addees. BELL 1989, 29 Feb 61; MEXI 7479, 2 Mar 61; WAVE 4375, 10 Mar 61; MEXI 7999, 12 May 61 and WAVE 6382, 23 May 61; Local ODURGE/ODENVY (U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service-INS)/FBI) traces pending. 4. Request addee traces. 5. Index."


11/12/64: AMMUG-1 PRQ Part II from CI/OA to C/WH/SA/CI: ..."3. List other case officers who have handled subject or whom he knows...Wilfred O. Clower as Jose..."

104-10177-10141: PRQ PART 11 AMLUNT/2

02/07/66: CIA document: ..."3. List other case officers who have handled Subject or whom he knows or has known. Give names by which they have been known: Reuben A. Hannula as Fred, Carl M. Berschiuski as Gene, Charles B. Weisinger (Rene Dubois, also known as Ray Dubois) as Raymond, Wilfred O. Clower as Matt, John R. Hemming as George (Training Instructor), Clayton D. Heippert as Don."

104-10178-10001: POSADA, LUIS CLEMENTE

04/20/73: Cable: Slugline PLMHABYSS WKRALLY WKSCARLET: "1. Concur with ref plan for confrontation of WKSCARLET-3 (Luis Posada) with two exceptions. Re para 2c feel one of our strongest cards in securing WKSCARLET-3's cooperation on this matter is implied threat of our reporting his narcotics involvement to gov and possible resultant loss his WKSCARLET job. Recognize problem of perhaps provoking violent reaction by applying too much pressure but if we don't use this threat, believe we would have weak hand indeed. Also, suggest that W-3's case officer be accompanied to meeting by second officer. Feel that presence of second officer as witness will indicate WKSCARLET-3 seriousness with which we view allegations against him and also will serve as inhibition, should he be tempted resort of physical violence. Good candidate for this role would be your forthcoming visitor, Robert F. Stontwist. If for some reason station prefers not use Stontwist, suggest Wilfred O. Clower, who due to leave Caracas PCS this summer. Please advise what you plan to do..."

104-10178-10001: POSADA, LUIS CLEMENTE

05/05/73: Cable: Slugline RYBAT MHABYSS WKRALLY WKSCARLET: "1. As suggested Reference A. Gabriel J. Labrenz and Wilfred O. Clower met WKSCARLET-3 (Luis Posada) night of 2 May in two hour confrontation which in reality was debriefing his association with alleged narcotics traffickers. During meeting WKSCARLET-3 very forthcoming, frank and convincing in his denial of being involved narcotics traffic. At end debriefing agreed to be SGSWIRLED during week beginning 6 May..."

104-10183-10366: NONRELATED AMMUG-1.

02/03/76: Memo for the record from Wilfred O. Clower: Subject: SLANK-1: "In reviewing SLANK-1's (Vladimir Lahera Rodriguez) file for possible leads to targets of interest the following names were selected: 1. Roberto Rodriguez Llompart (201-865547)...4. Rafael Mirabal Fernandez (KDACOUSTIC-1) (201-812117) (Mexico - February 1967)..."


05/30/95: ARRB document: Page 6: "ARRB request for the Historical Review Group, Central Intelligence Agency, May 30, 1995: Please provide us with information on the following:...Wilfred Clower (note: Ninth name on list)..."


05/30/95: ARRB document: Page 9: "Identities...9. Joseph G. Sancho (T)..."

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