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Pseudonym: Ascham, Robert D.

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Allen Dulles, Director of the CIA, fired in 1961 after the Bay of Pigs.

Foreign Relations of the United States, 1952-1954: Guatemala Current Section: Persons and Pseudonyms

Allen Dulles is identified as: "(Ascham, Robert A.), Deputy Director of Central Intelligence until February 26, 1953; thereafter Director of Central Intelligence.


9/25/64 memo from R. Easby/Alan White, deputy chief of the Mexico City station: "Only remaining hope would appear be to get ASCHAM prevail on (Warren) Commission not only retouch background on photos but also retouch face (note: of the "Mystery Man" in Mexico City) to degree obviously not identifiable with Ruby (note: as alleged by Marguerite Oswald when she was shown the Mystery Man photo over the weekend of Nov. 23-24) but also not with actual subject of photo. If neither suppression nor effective alteration possible, station plans (to) evacuate LIMITED, LILYRIC, LICALLA, recent LICOWL installation and LIMESA properties of all gear on phased basis...object is to prevent actual arrest (of) any actual base house keepers or domestics on theory that once in station house and subject usual police methods here they would likely tell all they knew or suspected."

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