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Cryptonym: ZREAGER

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The Instituto Inter Americano de Estudios Politicos in Costa Rica, known in English and as the Institute for Political Education. A project to "develop young potential political leaders."


01/24/61: Memo from Chief, WH Division to Deputy Director (Plans): Page 2: ..."C. Changes in the WHD...a task to develop young potential political leaders (ZREAGER) has been added..."


05/10/61: Dispatch from Chief of Base, Salzburg to COS, Austria (Info: Chief, EE): Subject: GROOVY/Operational Progress Report - Salzburg Operations Base: Page 5: ..."d...The Salzburg Seminar is being closely watched as a possible mechanism for future cover needs as well as for possible East Bloc contacts. This activity provides a continuing list of candidates for the Headquarters' ZREAGER Program..."

Philip Agee, Inside the Company: CIA Diary, p. 419 (1975)

"(Juan Bosch) was elected in (the Dominican Republic) 1962 thanks to the peasant vote organized by Sacha Volman/RNRADULAR. Volman earlier set up the Institute of Political Education in Costa Rica (cryptonym ZREAGER) where we sent young liberal political hopefuls for training."

104-10062-10227: DOCUMENT LISTINGS.

CIA document: Page 2: ..."Doc Ref/Secondary (2): HMYA-01968. FCN: Deferred ZREAGER Prospects. Date: 09/10/63. Code: AD. Routing IP: C/WH/3..."

124-10300-10008: No Title

12/5/66 FBI memo to HQ: "Charles Sternberg, director of the International Rescue Committee, 460 Park Avenue South, where (Roberto Francisco Fernandez Fuentes) is employed, states that he knows of (Fernandez's) affiliation with a school in Costa Rica (Instituto Inter Americano de Estudios Politicos) and with Sacha Volman, and strongly believes that both were CIA sponsored." Page 7: "On October 31, 1966, NY T-1 learned that Gaston Espinal advised his wife, Alba, that he had been informed by Roberto Fernandez that Sacha Volman, former director of the Labor Research Institute, 113 East 37th Street, New York City, had arrived in New York on October 29, 1966, and would be here for a few days."

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