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Cryptonym: ZPSECANT

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ZPSECANT was probably Major Enrique Trinidad Oliva. A CIA memo in 1975 mentioned that in early July, 1954, Carlos Castillo Armas became President of the junta, which included Enrique Oliva and Elfigo Monzon as the other two members.
A cable on July 23, 1954, stated that Castillo Armas and ZPSECANT believed they were becoming sufficiently strong enough to be able to soon outmanoevre withheld identity from the ruling junta, leaving Castillo Armas as the provisional president. In addition, a document on September 2, 1954, mentioned that Castillo Armas had assumed the presidency of Guatemala, following the resignation from the junta of the other two members, Colonel Elfego Monzon and Major Enrique Oliva. SECANT was Major Enrique Trinidad Oliva.


07/23/54: Cable from Guatemala City to Director: Slugline RYBAT PBSUCCESS INTEL: RE: DIR 09770 (OUT 63326): "1. The needed and positive steps mentioned in GUAT 080 (IN 29424) included such fundamental necessities as disarming pro-Communist and pro-Arbenz campesinos, arresting known Communists, and practically all other security measures which should have been implemented without delay. The formation of the Comite de Defensa Nacional Contra el Communismo (CDNCC) is important step in right direction but time will elapse before this committee can properly function...3. Following points emerged in Calligeris (Carlos Castillo Armas) discussion: A. Calligeris and ZPSECANT believe they becoming sufficiently strong to soon maneuver (REDACTION) out of junta leaving Calligeris as provisional president. They believe this can be done without disturbance if they have plans. B. They have been perturbed by (REDACTION) indications that he has secret ODYOKE (U.S. Government) support and afraid until now do anything which might rock boat although (REDACTION) hid (REDACTION) in his own home after secret arms cache discovered in (REDACTION) house. Also protecting other pro-Arbenz and dubious individuals. (Station knows this is true). C. They both relieved when told 'group' desire only see active Communist clean up and establishment enlightened anti-Communist govt. D. Calligeris and (REDACTION) admitted that groups within army starting raise heads and there is reason be alert to danger of army coup. They and all others desperately anxious that planes mentioned in GUAT 081 (IN 29655) arrive soonest. They convinced this force would be loyal to them and dissuade any effort overthrow govt. E. They desperately anxious and need funds both for liberation army and for current govt expenditures. Requested aid. F. They state they now realize necessity really push anti-Communist measures and promised do so..."

Foreign Relations of the United States, 1952-1954: Guatemala Current Section: 284. 8/24/54-Telegram From the CIA Station in Guatemala to the Central Intelligence Agency

08/24/54: Telegram from Guatemala Station: "185. 1. Since returning to Station, have held conversations with ESQUIRE, Calligeris (Carlos Castillo Armas), ESCOBILLA, (REDACTION), ZPSEMANTIC, (REDACTION), ZPSECANT and other contacts this Station. Following conclusions have been reached which believe represents true picture although some details lacking. A. Political situation tends worsen because Calligeris shows little political sense. B. Calligeris apparently putting to one side tried collaborators of previous days and now surrounded by highly suspicious opportunistic elements including Jorge Garcia Granados, former secretary of Vicente Lombardo Toledano, former Ambassador to Washington, well known for Communist tendencies. Calligeris denies he has anything do with Garcia Granados, blamed latter’s presence in palace and closeness to govt on (REDACTION). However known that Calligeris has dined with him and consulted him on important matters. C. Though Calligeris told Bannister (probably John Doherty) that (REDACTION) was responsible for 2 August uprising, ZPSECANT stated (REDACTION) was loyal and acted correctly...P. As suggestion believe following should be done: (REDACTION) should be removed from junta and sent abroad on diplomatic mission. Calligeris and ZPSECANT should invite (REDACTION) to join them on junta while agreeing to follow (REDACTION) political plan which has support key anti-Communist figures now occupying important positions in government..."


09/02/54: Document: Titled: "GUATEMALA: Political: Lt. Col Carlos Castillo Armas, who led the rebellion which resulted in the overthrow of the pro-Communist Arbenz regime on 27 June, assumed the presidency of Guatemala on 1 September, following the resignation from the junta of two members: Colonel Elfego Monzon and Major Enrique Oliva.

Foreign Relations of the United States, 1952-1954: Guatemala: Current Section: 287. 5/12/75-Memorandum Prepared in the Central Intelligence Agency

05/12/75: CIA memorandum: Subject: CIA's Role in the Overthrow of Arbenz: Page 2-3: ... "Negotiations took place between Castillo and Monzon, President of the Junta, who agreed to accept Castillo as a member. In early July (1954) Castillo became President of the Junta with Major Enrique Oliva and Monzon as the other two members..."


Wilkiwand website entry for Enrique Trinidad Oliva: "Enrique Trinidad Oliva, was a Guatemalan military and politician, who served as Minister General, during the resignation of President Carlos Enrique Díaz de León. Minister General of the Republic of Guatemala: June 28 - September 1, 1954."

Gavin McDonald

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