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Cryptonym: ZODIAC

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Internal CIA system for processing travel information regarding all Soviet satellite nationals that travel into or from the United States.
This information goes from foreign embassies to the State Dept, and then automatically to the CIA. A 10/11/63 memo from Win Scott seems to have triggered the protocol change for ZODIAC documents shown in a 11/19/63 memo. Was the 10/11/63 memo written in response to the Oswald visit to Mexico City? In addition, the declassified CIA Files on Nazi and Japanese Imperial Government war crimes stated that ZODIAC was the cryptonym for the "ZODIAC Operation aimed at the defection of East Bloc individuals while they were outside the Iron Curtain. Helmut Triska considered for possible use on this Project."

Philip Agee, Inside the Company: CIA Diary, p. 60 of 572. https://leaksource.files.wordpress.com/2014/08/inside-the-company-cia-diary-philip-agee.pdf

"Lists travel of citizens of satellite countries to the West."


CIA document: Research Aid: Cryptonyms and Terms in Declassified CIA Files Nazi War Crimes and Japanese Imperial Government Records Disclosure Acts: Page 63: ..."Term: ZODIAC. Definition: ZODIAC Operation aimed at the defection of East Bloc individuals while they were outside the Iron Curtain. Helmut Triska considered for possible use on this Project..."


08/03/53: Air dispatch from Withheld to Chief, WE: Subject: General - ZODIAC/PARSIMONY/VENUS. Specific - Potential Defection AVH Representative in Brussels


10/13/53: Cable from Bonn to Vienna: Slugline ZODIAC: "1. Germans have approved entry for following Hungarians for 6 week stay: Komor, Imre born 4 Feb 98 Budapest residing Budapest Nador-UTCA. PPT 22.767. Fejfarek, Gyula, born 5 Mar 25 residing Magloo, Luther Marton UTCA, 81. PPT 19904. Destination: Bickenbach and Company, Frankfurt, Westendstr 70. 2. CTC believes Beckenbach instigated clearances thru German channels as no request here from permit office Budapest. 3. If no objections from 3 intel chiefs by 20 Oct 53 entry visas will be given subjects."


04/29/55: Dispatch from Chief of Base, Pullach to Chief, EE: Subject: General - Operational. Specific - Status Report - ZIPPER Positive Operations: Page 3: ..."Within the satellite/USSR effort ZIPPER (Gehlen Organization) is weak. Eliminate the COIMBRA case, and the North German maritime operations, and there is nothing of great operational consequence remaining. ZIPPER, as well as other intelligence organizations, has learned the hard way about illegal operations. There is little hope that the two black operations planned for 1955 will materialize. Emphasis is now on ZOMBIE/ZODIAC, although with the exception of the maritime assets there is a surprising lack of progress and firm assets in that field as of the present. This is primarily attributed to ZIPPER's illegal status, and it will be folly not to assume that ZIPPER will play a dominant role in all future ZOMBIE/ZODIAC activities in Germany. It should be pointed out, however, that they will suffer under certain political disadvantages in the ZODIAC field..."


05/09/55: Cable from Withheld to Director: Slugline ZODIAC: "1. Following info from (REDACTION). EVAL B3. 2. Jan Piechulski petty officer Polish M. S. Mickiewicz stated 27 April that while Mickiewicz recently in Brazilian port (time not specified) FNU Wojcicki, seaman on American ship Del Norte told him Zygmunt Borkowski had joined crew of unnamed Swedish ship bound for U. S. port where he intends jump ship and infiltrate into U. S. 3. Borkowski was politruk on Polish vessel Kilinski who jumped ship BUEN 49. Seamen on Polish ships calling BUEN have been warned in past not to contact Borkowski. Latter regarded suspicious by local Poles because did no work and always had ample funds. Borkowski's father city commander Danzig with rank colonel. 4. Not known if Wojiciki intends aid Borkowski in U. S."

1994.08.10.16:50:27:160028: Reel 46, Folder H - MEXICO DISPATCHES.

10/11/63 dispatch from Win Scott to HQ, regarding (REDACTED) travel information that is almost certainly the inquiry that triggered the 11/19/63 memo below.


10/31/63 from Chief, EE to Chief, Mexico City: Info on satellite nationals goes from HBFINCH Mexico City to (State Dept), then straight to (CIA) for automatic ZODIAC processing.


11/19/63 memo: "Information on satellite nationals traveling to or from PBPRIME/US is forwarded by HBFINCH (embassy) Mexican to ODACID (State Dept). It is then routinely passed by ODACID (State Dept) to KUBARK (CIA) Headquarters for automatic ZODIAC processing."


12/04/64: Teletype from C/EE to CSB/FRAN; C/MLB; COS/VIENNA (Info: COS/G; COB/BONN; BONN ELEMENT/FRAN): Subject: CART CATIDE GROOVY: ..."2. (REDACTION) tracing Helmut Triska, DPOB 10 Feb 1912 Knittelfeld, Austria, currently residing Vienna, employed 'Allrop.' T. wartime member German FONOFF, member NSDAP, SS; active late 40's early 50's with Nationales Jugend Austria; used by CATIDE (West German Foreign Intelligence Service - BND) as spotter/informant 53 against HUNG trade mission, FRAN; of interest KUBARK (CIA) 56 as cutout ZODIAC recruitment op while T. director, Donauhandel, FRAN and associate Karpik..."

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