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Cryptonym: ZACACTUS

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The declassified CIA Files on Nazi and Japanese Imperial Government war crimes stated that ZACACTUS was the cryptonym for CIA Office of Policy Coordination (OPC).


CIA document: Research Aid: Cryptonyms and Terms in Declassified CIA Files Nazi War Crimes and Japanese Imperial Government Records Disclosure Acts: Page 63: ..."Term: ZACACTUS. Definition: CIA Office of Policy Coordination (OPC)..."


08/21/51: Dispatch from COS, Athens to Chief, FDP: Subject: General - Transmittal of PGK-A-478. Specific - Activities of Alleged Illegal Group in Plovdiv Area: "1. Attached herewith are two copies of the captioned document which describes the activities of an alleged illegal group in the Plovdiv area. 2. A copy of this report, properly deleted, has been made available to ZACACTUS. Lloyd K. Desmond (probably John Whitten). Distribution: 3 - Wash. 1 - File. 1 - Zacactus."

104-10177-10121: PHILLIPS, DAVID ATLEE.

11/30/51: Dispatch from COS, Santiago to Chief, WHD: Subject: General - Operational Matters. Specific - ZACACTUS, Chile: "1. Enclosed herewith is the current issue of the weekly newspaper edited and published by the subject of referenced dispatch for Headquarters' possible interest. Jerome C. Dunbar"


01/07/52: Dispatch from COS, Karlsruhe to Chief, Foreign Division, M: Subject: General - Operational. Specific - Developments re Bjela Legia Radio Station: "1. We informed you in referenced paper that a meeting was held between POB representatives and (REDACTION) of ZACACTUS at which time formal activation of the Bjela Legia for propaganda purposes by ZACACTUS was discussed. As you know, the radio is controlled by the group operating courier lines for USAGE as part of Developmental Project Number 2. This operation was given three months probationary period to prove itself, and having apparently succeeded in doing so within the alloted time, we are continuing our support, at least until such time as other instructions are received. 2. Coincidentally with the end of the trial period we were notified by (REDACTION) that he has received approval from ZACACTUS to undertake support of the radio and broadcasting personnel from the purpose of filling the propaganda vacuum in Slovakia. 3. Upon receiving notification of this development, a meeting was held between (REDACTION) and (REDACTION) on 3 January at which the following was brought out: a. ZACACTUS will initially undertake support of the Bjela Legia radio in the form of a subsidy for a period of two months, during which time they will observe the modus-operandi of the Bjela Legia group and attempt to assay the value of the broadcasts. Continuance of the subsidy will be dependent on results of these studies. b. ZACACTUS does not wish to be involved with any direction of operations of the group, nor with logistical support other than financial. Secure housing of the radio proper will be provided through a ZACACTUS representative in Austria, or, if this proves impossible, rent will be paid for a house to be located by the Bjela Legia. c. ZACACTUS desires only very general control of the broadcasts, which will take the form only of setting general tone..."

104-10224-10002: MURPHY, DAVID E., OP

11/01/52: Dispatch from COS, Karlsruhe to Chief, Foreign Division N: Subject: Administrative Promotion of (REDACTION) - NOTLOX (?): "1. Recommendation is made hereby for the promotion of Subject from grade GS-13 to grade GS-14. Subject was assigned to (unintelligible) as Chief of the Soviet Operations Section in February 1951 charged with the overall direction of the (unintelligible) operational effort into the (unintelligible). In Sept. Subject took over as Chief of the Combined Soviet Operations Base in (unintelligible) responsible for the joint ZACABIN (CIA Office of Special Operations - OSO)-ZACACTUS effort. Into this ever increasing area of operational and acquisitive (?) responsibility Subject has brought a high prior motivation, outstanding drive, and excellent operational knowledge...2. As Chief, (unintelligible), Subject is in direct command over approximately 80 ZACABIN and ZACACTUS personnel including a very large training installation at (unintelligible) 60 miles away from (unintelligible) Headquarters..." Handwritten note at bottom of page: "A very well earned promotion. MLC."

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