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Cryptonym: WUPUNDIT

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According to Dan Hardway's HSCA notes, WUPUNDIT operations in 1964 included Praeger, Freedom Fund, Inc. (conduit), Seaman's Service Institute, a Praeger Spanish affiliate, and Continental Press, Inc.

104-10194-10023: CIA OP FILES ON E. HOWARD HUNT.

04/30/65: E. Howard Hunt Fitness Report for 1 April 1964 - 28 February 1965: ..."SPECIFIC DUTY NO. 2: Project officer for WUHUSTLER, WUBONBON, WUPUNDIT..."


00/00/78: HSCA document: Notes by Dan Hardway: "HUNT SUMMARY: Hardway: Files reviewed 4/7/78: ..."3. MPS Project file (WUPUNDIT): ops included in '64: Praeger, Freedom Fund, Inc. (conduit), Seaman's Service Institute, a Praeger Spanish Affiliate, Continental Press, Inc.


04/11/78: Memo from Rodger S. Gabrielson, OLC/C&R to Mr. Shepanek, O/SA/DO/O: Subject: Sanitization of HSCA Researcher Notes: "1. (S) Attached for your review, appropriate sanitization, and classification is a copy of the notes taken by HSCA researcher Dan Hardway on his review of the files on ECPOEM-WURABBIT, WURABBIT WUPUNDIT, WUBONBON, WUHUSTLER, etc (Hunt Summary). 2. (U) Please use black grease pencil to excise and directly above the excised information please write in a sanitized description of the information excised, for example: employee, asset etc. 3. (U) Please send us a copy of the notes after your sanitization and we will forward to the Committee. All original notes will be kept in this office under the name of the particular researcher involved."

104-10333-10006: ARRB - DO FOLLOW-UP BRIEFING

03/18/97: Memo from Jeremy Gunn, General Counsel and Associate Director for Research and Analysis to John Pereira and Barry Harrelson: Subject: ARRB Questions Submitted for DO Briefing: Page 3: ..."Question #10: Did the Agency have any relationship, projects or contacts with publishing houses during the time of the assassination and in the aftermath of the Warren Commission? How would a search be formulated to determine whether or not the Agency had a relationship with any of the same publishing houses that were also publishing books about the assassination? This question is a follow up to question #9. One record that is already in the collection (RIF 180-10142-10087) summarizes the Project File of WUPUNDIT and notes two 'one time only' operations in 1963 - WURAISIN and WUTRANSIT which were responsible for publishing two books each. In addition, WUSENDER is reported to be a 'one time only' operation responsible for three books in 1964. If these books have domestic implications or are on subjects related to the assassination, they would be relevant documents..."

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