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Cryptonym: WODUAL

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American or United States, but not "US government".


Defined in this finding aid as "United States or American, but not US government."

104-10225-10012 : CIA FILE ON ( )SHELL-5

10/00/72: Cable from Madrid to Director, WH/Miami: Slugline RYBAT TYPIC: "1. Through QUEYE surveillance it was determined on 16 October that AMWOLF/1 left the consulate alone and went to his apartment. On the basis of this alert, positioned AMCHALK/5 (Miguel Angel Diaz Isalgue) near garage where AMWOLF/1 parks his car. 2. At 1656 hours 16 October when AMWOLF/1 left the garage, AMCHALK/5 was able to stop him half a block from his apartment and carried on a six minute conversation. Initially AMWOLF/1 was cold, visually upset but later became jovial. At first insisted that AMCHALK/5 come to the consulate or call him to set up meeting. However, AMCHALK/5 insisted they talk then and AMWOLF/1 agreed. After AMCHALK/5 made the pitch, AMWOLF/1 reacted by saying 'these Johnies have everything and now they really stepped on me.' AMWOLF/1 ended the conversation by again asking AMCHALK/5 to come to consulate or call him so they could have another talk. AMWOLF/1 returned to the car where his wife was waiting and started the motor and then stopped again and got out. He then had AMCHALK/5 come over and introduced his wife telling her that he had just been pitched on behalf of WODUAL (American or United States, but not US Government). She reacted by smiling pleasantly as if there was absolutely nothing wrong with what happened. 3. AMCHALK/5 commented to case officer that he did not think AMWOLF/1 would change his position now..."

Bill Simpich

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