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Cryptonym: WOCORK

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United States - used in the 1970s.

104-10178-10000: POSADA, LUIS CLEMENTE

12/23/69 cable from WH/3/V, slugline CIFLUTE CIFENCE: "Appropriate HQs component states it is possible for CIFENCE-4/Luis Posada to become Venezuelan citizen and still retain status as US permanent resident alien. In order (to) achieve this status, HQS must first determine if CIFENCE-4 and wife have lost their status as permanent resident aliens in view of CIFENCE-4's use of 'emergency Venezuelan passport'...and wife's failure to review status..."

104-10178-10000: POSADA, LUIS CLEMENTE

11/29/71 memo from Interrogation Research Division to WH/3: "Subject, CIFENCE-4/Luis Posada, is a 43-year-old, male, citizen of IDEN A who has been of continuing interest to JKLANCE/CIA since initial contact He had permanent resident alien status in WOCORK as does his wife.

Bill Simpich

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