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Cryptonym: WNINTEL

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Warning Notice - Intelligence sources and methods. Intelligence information to identify or would reasonably permit identification of an intelligence source or method that is susceptible to countermeasures that could nullify or reduce its effectiveness.


Warning: Intelligence Sources and Methods.


Guidelines for Handling or Distributing Classified Documents: "Intelligence information to identify or would reasonably permit identification of an intelligence source or method that is susceptible to countermeasures that could nullify or reduce its effectiveness."


May 1978: Marginalia states: "Sanchez 'NO' to Release of Senate Testimony'. CIA officer Nestor Sanchez complaining about leaks of Church Committee testimony in the JFK case, and that there is an agent in a Cuban jail whose safety would be endangered if the testimony in question was to be released. References DIRECTOR 215771 - see 104-10065-10369: The HSCA had requested a loan of the testimony Nestor Sanchez had given to the Church Committee.

104-10326-10103: WITHHELD

3/26/91 memo from CIA, re biographic and personality information on Cuban officials...Brigadier General Fabian Escalante Font...deputy minister of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs...at the time of the Cuban missile crisis, Escalante said he was 'head of counterespionage of a sector' and then explained that he was chief of counterespionage for the US (Source comment: Escalante looks too young to have held that position in 1961 or, alternately, he is very well preserved.) Escalante boasted that he was responsible for 'interrogating' all suspect 'CIA agents' during the 1960s. Along these lines, Escalante said that there was extensive Cuban infiltration of US activities in Miami during the 1960s, including the MONGOOSE program...he believes 'some elements of the CIA operational arm' in combination with the Mafia were responsible for the assassination of US President John F. Kennedy. REDACTED (following paragraph.)"


September 1996 memo to Director re news story on Lee Harvey Oswald and CIA: "REDACTED advised (chief of station) at reception last night that local UPI reporter is about to file a story based on local research and an interview with a retired Marine officer who claimed to be Lee Harvey Oswald's commander in Japan that Oswald was recruited by CIA while stationed with the Marines in Japan in the 1950s...Chief of Station suggested that much, if not all papers on Oswald's personal history have been declassified for use by media, researchers, and assassination buffs as part of overall Kennedy assassination declassification program. Chief of station also recalled that the UPI reporter's story, in some form, also has already been written. Hence, as a long shot in keeping a CIA-related story from surfacing REDACTED thereby prompting REDACTED journalists to pursue the same information, Chief of Station suggested to REDACTED that she pass (the) number of the Historical Office at Headquarters responsible for dealing with public queries to the reporter, suggesting that his scoop may, in fact, be old news..."

Bill Simpich

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