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Cryptonym: WKTANGO-1

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Orlando Garcia Vasquez, head of DISIP intelligence service in Venezuela.
A HSCA document in July of 1978 from CIA Segregated Collection stated that WKTANGO-1 was Orlando Garcia Vasquez.

Previously known as CIRASH-6. In 1976, he was intelligence and security adviser to Venezuelan president Carlos Andres Perez.

Gaeton Fonzi, The Last Investigation, pp. 344-345

"By 1971, (Luis) Posada, using the nom de guerre of Comisario Basilio, was chief of DISIP's security division, in charge of surveillance and counterintelligence...he made the mistake of gossiping about a salacious conversation that had been recorded between a young politician and his mistress. The politician never forgave him for wagging his tongue about that and when Carlos Andre Perez later became President of Venezuela, Posada was out of a job. It was then that he opened his private security agency...after Posada, President Perez appointed another Cuban exile to be chief of state security, Orlando Garcia Vasquez, a dapper fellow with a gleaming bald head and an immaculately trimmed black beard, was the man Al Gonzales and I had to see to arrange our prison interviews with Posada and Bosch. We were impressed with his six telephones, his gold Rolex, his two heavy gold rings (one diamond encrusted), his thick gold chain, his fancy silk shirt and his maroon cashmere sports jacket. Quite friendly, he seemed particularly interested in our interest in his prisoners. At the time, we didn't know that Orlando Garcia, besides being the head of the Venezuelan secret police was also on the CIA's payroll."

124-10280-10074: No Title

"In late September 1976 a usually reliable source reported that Cuban exile leader Orlando Bosch was in Venezuela under the protection of Venezuelan President Carlos Andres Perez. Furthermore, Perez had appointed his security and intelligence adviser Orlando Garcia to protect and assist Bosch during his stay in Venezuela...Upon his arrival in Caracas, Bosch was met at the airport by Garcia and Luis Clemente Posada, a private investigator and one-time member of DISIP (Venezuelan intelligence) who escorted Bosch to his Caracas hotel. (Field Note: While currently naturalized Venezuelan citizens, both Garcia and Posada are native-born Cubans.)...a few days (later), Posada was overheard to say that 'we are going to hit a Cuban airplane' and 'Orlando has the details'...following the 6 October Cubana airline crash off the coast of Barbados, Bosch, Garcia and Posada agreed that it would be best for Bosch to leave Venezuela."

124-10213-10343: No Title

10/12/76 FBI memo from J. G. Deegan to R.J. Gallagher: "Trinidad and Tobago police detained two Venezuelans citizens, Jose Vasquez Garcia and Freddy Lugo, in connection with possible sabotage against the Cubana Airlines DC 8. In the possession of (Freddy) Lugo was an address book with the following notation: 'Embassy American 2846111-127 FBI Joseph Leo, 331511.' Leo is Legat, Caracas."

104-10178-10002: POSADA, LUIS CLEMENTE.

10/16/76 CIA memo, slugline WNINTEL KMSTONE MHSPIKE: Ricardo Morales Navarette is described as WKTANGO-1 deputy. That would indicate Orlando Garcia Vasquez is WKTANGO-1.

180-10145-10345: [No Title]

October 1976: "Posada arrested in Venezuela on October 12, 1976 for October 6, 1976 bombing of Cubana Airlines airplane. Posada suspected of working with Orlando Bosch and others in plot. Also mentioned: Ricardo Morales Navarette, Freddy Lugo, Hernand Ricardo Lozano, etc. Persons suspected in Letelier killing also mentioned...(at p. 16) 10/19/76: Indicates WKTANGO-1 name popping up in reference to bombing. As of yet no hard evidence linking WKTANGO-1 or Ricardo Morales in bombing. May have become accessories after the fact."


June 1978: "(Cable DIRECTOR 233464) received after HSCA staffers had already conducted interview with WKSCARLET-3 (Luis Posada) on morning of 2 June. According to political counsellor, interview conducted in reception room of military prison: In addition to staffers Fonzi and Gonzalez and WKSCARLET-3, interview attended by Army captain on behalf of prison authorities...when questioned concerning assassination attempts against Prime Minister Castro, WKSCARLET-3 told HSCA reps that he refused to answer the questions as he 'too well-trained and disciplined'. Early in afternoon 2 July HSCA staffers also held brief session with WKTANGO-1. It apparently was cordial and WKTANGO-1 admitted to having carried Orlando Bosch's (not WKSCARLET-3's as reported REDACTED 36376 0790149) address book with him to Miami during his recent trip. Address book was turned over by WKTANGO-1 to Customs officers, and HSCA staffers brought it with them for return to Bosch...HSCA staffers have only one further individual they attempting to interview (Rogelio Cisneros, on whom there no station traces) and plan depart Caracas 4 June."


07/12/78: HSCA document from CIA Segregated Collection: Page 5: ..."26. Cable dated 15 Oct. 76...(note: WKTANGO is Orlando Garcia Vasquez, a Venezuelan official of a special investigating unit, for whom Morales serves as deputy)..." - - - This HSCA document also stated WKTANGO-1 was Orlando Garcia Vasquez: https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=234200#relPageId=1

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