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Cryptonym: WKSCARLET-1

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Unknown identity. A cable in January of 1974 stated that "while station has no information as to who will replace WKSCARLET-1, rumors have it that Erasto Fernandez may get job for first three months of new administration in order 'clean' out WKSCARLET."
Erasto Fernandez was CIRASH-4, and was a former director of DIGEPOL. A cable in February, 1974, mentioned that WKSCARLET-1 was a former WKSCARLET chief, and was a security consultant to Dr. Gustavo A. Vollmer. WKSCARLET-1 was an associate of WKSCARLET-3 (Luis Posada). A cable in November of 1976 stated that WKSCARLET-1 wanted Frederick C. Bradspies to help him obtain a business visa, and demanded to be put in contact with Michael C. Choaden (David Phillips).

104-10178-10000: POSADA, LUIS CLEMENTE

02/00/73: Cable from Caracas to Director: RYBAT: Page 3: ..."6. Lawyers gave WKSCARLET-3 (Luis Posada) copies of pertinent documents which he gave to WKSCARLET-1 (REDACTION). WKSCARLET-1 now studying documents which WKSCARLET-3 is sure will be passed to President Caldera..."

104-10178-10001: POSADA, LUIS CLEMENTE

04/20/73: Cable from Director to Caracas (Info: WH/Miami, Buenos Aires): Slugline RYBAT PLMHABYSS WKRALLY WKSCARLET: "1. Concur with ref plan for confrontation of WKSCARLET-3 (Luis Posada) with two exceptions. Re para 2C, feel one of our strongest cards in securing WKSCARLET-3's cooperation on this matter is implied threat of our reporting his narcotics involvement to gov and possible resultant loss his WKSCARLET job. Recognize problem of perhaps provoking violent reaction by applying too much pressure but if we don't use this threat, believe we would have weak hand indeed. Also, suggest that W-3's case officer be accompanied to meeting by second officer. Feel that presence of second officer as witness will indicate to WKSCARLET-3 seriousness with which we view allegations against him and also will serve as inhibition, should he be tempted resort to physical violence. Good candidate for this role would be your forthcoming visitor, Robert F. Stontwist. If for some reason station prefers not use Stontwist, suggest Wilfred O. Clower (Joseph G. Sancho), who due to leave Caracas PCS this summer. Please advise what you plan to do. 2. Additionally, if you have not already done so, station should consider possibility of WKSCARLET-3, as naturalized Venezuelan citizen, going to WKSCARLET-1, or other influential gov official after confrontation, saying BKHERALD (CIA) 'believes' he has been working as penetration of WKSCARLET but he really has not (or some variation this theme); and telling WKSCARLET-1 that now BKHERALD accusing him of being involved in narcotics activities to coerce him into greater collaboration..."

104-10178-10001: POSADA, LUIS CLEMENTE

05/00/73: Cable from Caracas to Director, Ottawa (Info: WH/Miami): Slugline REAM SLALARM WKSCARLET WKRALLY: "1. Regret WKSCARLET-9 trip Treca seminar canceled by WKSCARLET-1 due lack WKSCARLET interest. 2. Idea for trip generated by IDEN Ref B who, according WKSCARLET-9, either wanted free trip north or was requested by government party, Copei, to attend. If latter the case, WKSCARLET-9 speculates that Copei wanted representative at seminar but did not want expend party funds for trip. 3. File 201-901757, 201-300985."

104-10178-10001: POSADA, LUIS CLEMENTE

01/00/74: Cable from Caracas to Director (Info: WH/Miami): Slugline RYBAT MHABYSS: REF: DIRECTOR 499853: "1. WKSCARLET-3 (Luis Posada) will not make trip to Miami at this time. He will travel Puerto Rico on personal business on 14 January on Viasa flight 792 departing Caracas at 1715. 2. Re para 2 ref, WKSCARLET-3 has almost no chance of remaining in WKSCARLET. While station has no information as to who will replace WKSCARLET-1, rumors have it that Erasto Fernandez (note: CIRASH-4) may get job for first three months of new administration in order 'clean' out WKSCARLET. WKSCARLET-3 and Fernandez are, to say least, not best of friends and Fernandez has told WKSCARLET-9 that WKSCARLET-3 must leave WKSCARLET. WKSCARLET-3 has also told station that he does not think he can stay in WKSCARLET. 3. According to WKNOBLE-8, new government intends set up national police force which would probably include a narcotics section with nationwide responsibilities. Station has urged WKSCARLET-3 to talk to his friends and contacts in order obtain medium or high level job in that section and he had agreed. Station feels he has at least even chance of obtaining such a job. If he does not get job by about 31 March 74, station plans offer him to DEA as source or terminate him if they have no use for him..."

104-10178-10001: POSADA, LUIS CLEMENTE

02/00/76: Cable from Caracas to Director, Santiago Withheld, LA/Miami (Info: Panama): Slugline WKBOXER SECURE MHSPIKE: REF: HVC-7200, 4 DEC 75: "1. WKSCARLET-3 (former unilateral asset) contacted station 11 Feb 76 to advise he and WKSCARLET-1 plan travel Santiago, Buenos Aires and possibly Miami during week 15 Feb. Purpose is investigation of attempted letter bombing Cuban ambassador Caracas. 2. Bombing incident surfaced when Cuban ambassador Norberto Hernandez Curbelo reported to WKSCARLET about two months ago alleged receipt of bomb. WKSCARLET-10 deactivated device which contained in large manila envelope bearing return address Dr. Gustavo A. Vollmer. WKSCARLET-1, former WKSCARLET chief is security consultant to Vollner and he has retained WKSCARLET-3, a former WKSCARLET officer now operating commercial investigations service, to determine who used Vollner's name. WKSCARLET-3, Cuban exile, retains significant contacts with extremist exiles and has regular correspondence with Orlando Bosch Avila in Santiago..."

104-10164-10060: BOSCH AVILA, ORLANDO.

02/23/76: Cable from Director to San Jose (Info: Withheld, Caracas): Slugline RYBAT VWLOFTY: "1. WKSCARLET-1 and WKSCARLET-3 (Luis Posada) are private investigators working for prominent Venezuelan whose name was used in return address on letter bomb sent to Cuban Ambassador in Venezuela in late 1975. W-1 and W-3 have been commissioned to determine authorship of letter bomb, and whether it was Cuban exile effort. W-1 and W-3 travels are related to investigation. Inclusion of San Jose on itinerary due to presence there of Orlando Bosch Avila, whom they plan 'interview' in connection with letter bomb. 2. In order to appear unwitting of Bosch arrest in Costa Rica, per ref B, W-3 still planning depart Buenos Aires for San Jose on about 26 February. 3. File: 201-0931810...LA Comment: A. Asks purpose of W-3 visit to Costa Rica. B. W-3 advised of Bosch arrest: Still planning to travel to Costa Rica."

104-10178-10002: POSADA, LUIS CLEMENTE.

11/00/76: Cable from Caracas to Director: Slugline WNINTEL RYBAT WKBOXER: REF: DIRECTOR 939719: "1. Evening 8 November 1976 WKSCARLET-1 (W-1) made surprise visit to consulate requesting see Bradspies. In typically demanding fashion, WKSCARLET-1 said he wanted to be put in contact with Michael C. Choaden (David Phillips) and wanted Bradspies help in obtaining business visa with consulate. W-1 prefaced his first request with statement he had been promised by Choaden when he last visited the headquarters area that a BKHERALD (CIA) representative would contact him following his return to Caracas, and that no one had contacted him. (Fact of matter is W-1 had earlier told us that for security reasons he should only be contacted at his office...3. As headquarters aware, W-1 has in past retained private investigations firm of Luis Posada to conduct investigations for W-1 as security advisor to the Gustavo Volmer industrialist group. We have seen other agency info that W-1 is actually a shareholder in Posada's investigations firm, but Posada never listed W-1 as among partners he identified to us during our last few contacts with him. WKNORTH-17 believes W-1 is a business partner of Posada and has alleged to us that W-1 is in part responsible for the Cubana airlines bombing on 6 October. We think this allegation was part of the gov intent to tie the Copei party into the bombing, but do not know what evidence gov may have...6. Above is FYI as W-1 may attempt high level agency contact next time he is in headquarters area. 7. File: 201-0740849."

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