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Cryptonym: WIROGUE

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This project used a foreign agent to recruit assets for sabotage, intelligence gathering, and proposed assassinations.

104-10182-10057: WIROGUE, (VOL III).

The document states "The objective of this project is to provide a long term, deep cover asset, a contract agent, WIROGUE/1, in the Republic of Congo and adjacent areas in order to build a covert net in support of operational activities and to provide an asset for utility support for KUBARK personnel under official cover."

104-10182-10057: WIROGUE, (VOL III).

This project approval memo reveals this undertaking originates in the CIA's Africa Division and funding was provided to allow chief agent WIROGUE-1 to establish his cover in the Congo.


Additional WIROGUE and QJWIN documents brought together by Gary Shaw and Bernard Fensterwald.

Bill Simpich • Carmine Savastano

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