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Cryptonym: WIROAK

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Patrice Lumumba, first Prime Minister of the newly independent Republic of the Congo, from June until September of 1960.
A cable on October 15, 1960, mentioned WIROAK, with "Lumumba" handwritten in above the cryptonym. Lumumba was assassinated in January, 1961.

Church Committee: Interim Report - Alleged Assassination Plots Involving Foreign Leaders

08/18/60: Cable from Leopoldville to Director: "Embassy and Station believe Congo experiencing classic Communist effort takeover government. Many forces at work here: Soviets, Communist Party, etc. Although difficult determine major influencing factors to predict outcome struggle for power, decisive period not far off. Whether or not Lumumba actually commie or just playing commie game to assist his solidifying power, anti-West forces rapidly increasing power Congo and there may be little time left in which take action to avoid another Cuba."

157-10014-10089: TESTIMONY OF BRONSON TWEEDY, 9 OCT 1975

08/26/60: Cable from Director to Leopoldville (Orig: Allen W. Dulles, Unit: DC): FOR ROBERT GUTHMAN FROM ASCHAM: "1. In high quarters here it is the clear-cut conclusion that if Lumumba continues to hold high office, the inevitable result will at best be chaos and at worst pave the way to Communist takeover of the Congo with disastrous consequences for the prestige of the UN and for the interests of the free world generally. Consequently we conclude that his removal must be an urgent and prime objective and that under existing conditions this should be a high priority of our covert action..."


10/15/60: Cable from Director to Leopoldville (Orig: Withheld, Unit: C/AF): Slugline RYBAT (REDACTION): EYES ONLY (REDACTION): "1. You will note from cable through normal channels currently being transmitted a para on (REDACTION) (Handwritten note: Lumumba assassination operation) type suggestions. You will probably receive more along these lines as stumbling bloc WIROAK (Handwritten: Lumumba) represents increasingly apparent, all studying Congo situation closely and his disposition spontaneously becomes number one consideration. (REDACTION). 2. Raise above so you not confused by any apparent duplication. This channel remains for specific purpose you discussed with colleague and also remains highest priority. Re DIR 04802, request your reaction to possible directed assignment senior case officer soonest to concentrate entirely this aspect. We still working on third national mentioned that ref, but wonder whether you think early arrival case officer would make sense. Seems to us your other commitments too heavy give necessary concentration (REDACTION) advise. 3. Have discussed (REDACTION) possibility of commando type group for abduction (REDACTION) either via assault on house up cliff from river or, more probably, if (REDACTION) attempts another breakout into town as recently. Picked group of (REDACTION) (Handwritten: Mobutu) CNA troops might also be considered. Request your views."

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