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Cryptonym: WILDCAT-5

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Unknown identity. A cable in May of 1961 stated that WILDCAT-5 had requested a name check for WIROGUE (David Tzitzichvili) on behalf of WIROOT.
A cable in September, 1961, mentioned that headquarters did not pick up WIROGUE's false passport, and the main reason for his recall was the fear WILDCAT-5 would trace him and discover no such person existed. In terms of WILDCAT-5's identity, WILDCAT was the anti-Castro Cuban, Bernardo de Torres. Therefore, it is possible that WILDCAT-5 was associated with de Torres.

104-10182-10052: CIA FILE ON WIROGUE.

05/31/61: Cable from Leopoldville to Director: Slugline RYBAT WIROGUE: "On 28 May WILDCAT/5 requested name check for WIROGUE on behalf WIROOT. Apparent cause was application by WIROGUE for permanent residence card though Station not aware he applying until name check requested. WIROOT/2 suspicious Major Pierrot who has been in opposition WIFLAT/3. Thus WIROOT suspicious WIROGUE view his contacts with Pierrot. Station replying no traces. Depending on depth, check could cause difficulty for WIROGUE."

104-10182-10069: CIA FILE ON WIROGUE.

09/23/61: Cable from Leopoldville to Director: Slugline RYBAT WIROGUE: "1. Salvack met WIROGUE (W) when he crossed river on special ferry from BRAZ evening 22 Sept. WIROGUE friendly though considers many PBPRIME (U.S) actions senseless. W carrying KUBARK (CIA) provided false documentation and on producing old ministry defense pass was let into Congo after long argument with GOC (Government of Congo) immigration officials. 2. Regret HQs did not pick up WIROGUE's false passport. Main reason for his recall was fear WILDCAT-5 would trace him and discover no such person existed. Only change now is that KUBARK no longer has obligation to him. 3. W states he told HQs contacts he returning Congo so should be no surprise. Has some letters he wishes Salvack forward to his HQs contact 'Dan.' Said he was going to call either Guthman or Salvack immediately to let them know he in LEOP. Swore he would never do anything against PBPRIME and if he could be of any help any time was willing. Realized fully he on his own in Congo and KUBARK, under no obligation to him. Says he intends remain Congo and make living here. 4. W will phone Salvack in few days. CS Comment: *Stated WIROGUE being terminated and required to leave PBPRIME. **Re Zappleey meeting with WIROGUE BRAZ."

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