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Cryptonym: VASLOUCH-3

VASLOUCH-3 was Anneli Matikainen, daughter of Lauri Olavi Matikainen (VASLOUCH-1) and Estrella Matikainen (VASLOUCH-2).


09/08/65: Summary Traces in SPR Format prepared by Bruce H. Gintalas: 201 Number: 201-285412: A-NUMBER: 18721: Page 12: ..."In Havana early in 1963, Subject befriended and apparently attempted to cultivate VASLOUCH-1, -2, and -3 (Identities 2, 3, and 4). The association was discouraged by KUBARK (CIA) because VASLOUCH-1 and -2 were performing important functions in connection with Cuban FI activities and contact with a possible RIS officer was not thought desirable. In September 1962 at the invitation of Senhor Vazco Leitao de Cunha, Brazilian Ambassador to Cuba and newly appointed Ambassador to the Soviet Union, VASLOUCH-3 traveled to Moscow and accepted a clerical position at the Brazilian Embassy where she remained for approximately two years. A year later, in September 1963, Subject returned PCS to Moscow. Between December 1963 and February 1964, Subject made three attempts to see VASLOUCH-3. According to VASLOUCH-3, the contacts were by telephone only and she did not meet with Subject personally while in Moscow..." - - - Page 14: "IDENTITIES...IDENTITY TWO - Matikainen, Lauri Olavi, Honorary Finnish Counsel in Havana and KUBARK contact since 1962. IDENTITY THREE - Matikainen, Estrella, wife of IDENTITY TWO. IDENTITY FOUR - Matikainen, Anneli, daughter of IDENTITIES TWO and THREE."

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