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Cryptonym: VASLOUCH-2

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VASLOUCH-2 was Estrella Matikainen, wife of Lauri Olavi Matikainen (VASLOUCH-1). Daughter Anneli Matikainen was VASLOUCH-3.

104-10173-10078: CONTACT REPORT

06/17/63: Contact Report: VASLOUCH/2, Di Ubaldo, and Dorenose: Dates: 19 & 20 May 1963: Place: Sands Hotel, Miami Beach, Florida:

104-10097-10139: MISSING BAGGAGE

12/11/63: Cable from Mexico City to Director: Slugline RYBAT KEYWAY VASLOUCH: "1. VASLOUCH-2 called station 11 Dec 1930. In absence Barker (Robert Shaw) and Choaden (David Phillips) and because she indicated urgency Easby (Alan White) met. At meeting recounted difficulty with baggage at Mexican Customs. Appears of six bags shipped unaccompanied only two arrived, one being doctors case. She got hands on it and discovered three or four screws holding doctor studs missing. Because unaccompanied baggage on waybill and entire shipment not there, customs would not release any but accompanied baggage to her. Even with help of guest could not get released since was told customs for cargo shipments closes 1400. At moment station unable confirm this. 2. She wished 'Paul' and 'Mike' informed as fears with three screws out compartment could open with any kind rough handling. Believe succeeded in calming her and promised her station officer would accompany to airport in morning to retrieve luggage and try repair bag. She understandably nervous but hope convince her missing screws unhappy accident and not work of PBRUMEN (Cuba) IS. 3. Request WAVE comments and advise in event she balks at taking ENG this trip. Reply priority no night action."


Circa 12/12/63: Cable from Director to Mexico City (Info: WAVE): Slugline RYBAT TYPIC VASLOUCH: REF MEXI 7373 (IN 80239): "HQs naturally disturbed at difficulties encountered by VASLOUCH-2. Station aware compromising nature contents bag if exposed to Mexicans or Finns. If both retainer bolts missing from end of bag which opens there is possibility that contents could be exposed by rough handling in warehouse or upon release or noted by close inspection. Therefore most anxious regain control bag. HQs has no suggestions for station action but would appreciate any measures taken which would serve protect both gear and agent's security. If possible, tell VASLOUCH-2 urge VASLOUCH-1 (Lauri Olavi Matikainen) travel MEXI soonest to recover suitcases. We will advise VASLOUCH-1 this effect in upcoming OWVL (one way, coded radio telegraphy link) 15 December."


12/13/63: Cable from Mexico City to Director: Slugline RYBAT TYPIC KEYWAY VASLOUCH: Another cable mentioning VASLOUCH-2 and also -1.

104-10098-10322: DEPARTURE CABLE

12/16/63: Cable from Mexico City to Director: Slugline RYBAT TYPIC VASLOUCH: REF: DIR 89224: "1. VASLOUCH-1 (Lauri Olavi Matikainen) departed for PBRUMEN (Cuba) 15 Dec. 2. MEXI investigating possible methods of securely obtaining release doctor's bag and other VASLOUCH gear. VASLOUCH-2 however strongly feels any such action would blow her to her local MEXI Embassy which now has papers and working on free entry. Delay in obtaining free entry will be due to holidays when local GOM (Government of Mexico) officers come to standstill even on diplomatic requests. Teus (?) unlikely VASLOUCH-1 could pick bags until after 6 Jan. 3. FYI: Two studs now in doctor's bag are diagonally placed."


09/08/65: Summary Traces in SPR Format prepared by Bruce H. Gintalas: 201 Number: 201-285412: A-NUMBER: 18721: Page 12: ..."In Havana early in 1963, Subject befriended and apparently attempted to cultivate VASLOUCH-1, -2, and -3 (Identities 2, 3, and 4). The association was discouraged by KUBARK (CIA) because VASLOUCH-1 and -2 were performing important functions in connection with Cuban FI activities and contact with a possible RIS officer was not thought desirable. In September 1962 at the invitation of Senhor Vazco Leitao de Cunha, Brazilian Ambassador to Cuba and newly appointed Ambassador to the Soviet Union, VASLOUCH-3 traveled to Moscow and accepted a clerical position at the Brazilian Embassy where she remained for approximately two years. A year later, in September 1963, Subject returned PCS to Moscow. Between December 1963 and February 1964, Subject made three attempts to see VASLOUCH-3. According to VASLOUCH-3, the contacts were by telephone only and she did not meet with Subject personally while in Moscow..." - - - Page 14: "IDENTITIES...IDENTITY TWO - Matikainen, Lauri Olavi, Honorary Finnish Counsel in Havana and KUBARK contact since 1962. IDENTITY THREE - Matikainen, Estrella, wife of IDENTITY TWO. IDENTITY FOUR - Matikainen, Anneli, daughter of IDENTITIES TWO and THREE."

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