Cryptonym: VA

VA was probably the digraph for assets and operations in Finland, or related to Finland.
VASLOUCH-1 was Lauri Olavi Matikainen, businessman, trained in use of wireless telegraphy communications. Worked with CIA, may have become a double agent for Cuban intelligence. He was an honorary Finnish consul in Havana in the early sixties. Also known as AMSLOUCH-1.


08/06/57: Dispatch from COS, Helsinki to Chief, WE: Subject: VANQUISHER OPERATIONS: Comments on VANQUISHER/1 by VACCINE/1: "1. On 3 August Bramley had reason to see VACCINE/1 for about three quarters of an hour on the subject of DIR-28837. After discussing content of this cable and before departing, VACCINE/1 mentioned apropos of nothing at all that VANQUISHER/1 had again been confiding in VACCINE/5. This time VANQUISHER/1 said that VANQUISHER/3 had remarked that the VACCINES have contact with the West. This, of course, is not at all surprising since VACCINE/1 has maintained contact not only with the West, but with at least two Soviets as well, namely, Ivan E. Sergeyev and Grigory Y. Golub. The part that was surprising is that VANQUISHER/3 mentioned VACCINE/6 by name. VACCINE/1 then went on to explain that VACCINE/6 had acted for him in a number of cases, in contact with the Norwegians and the Swedes for example; but all direct contact in Finland had been carried on by VACCINE/1 with very few exceptions. VACCINE/1 continued to say that there may be some person who is talking out of turn at the Upseerikerho, and he intends to check the matter out with VACCINE/6. 2. For a moment at least Bramley had the feeling that VACCINE/1 mentioned the above for his benefit, with the intention of pointing out that contact was to be maintained only with himself V/1, but as the situation unfolded, it became clear that this was not what was on VACCINE/1's mind. He was apparently concerned that in one of the restaurants that they use, somebody may be reporting to the wrong people. Roland S. Bramley."


01/03/58: Air dispatch from COS, Helsinki to Chief, WE: Subject: VACCINE OPERATIONS: BGMORNING - Inquiry by Grigori Golub on BGMORNING Case: "On 28 December VACCINE/1 told us that he had recently seen Grigory Golub for lunch when the latter asked VACCINE/1 what he thought of the BGMORNING (a program related to LIFEAT, Mexico City, and the Soviet spy Rudolf Abel) case and whether he had been able to ascertain if Reino Hathansn had ever been in Finland. VACCINE/1 replied that he had been following the press reports with a good deal of interest. However, his organization has not been able to find any trace that a Reino Hathansn had been in Finland as claimed in the press. On getting this answer Golub went on to comment that the whole case was clearly a provocative fabrication on the part of the Americans. Roland S. Bramley."


03/19/62: Dispatch from Chief, SR via Chief, WE to COS, Helsinki: Subject: REDWOOD/LCIMPROVE - Request for Handwriting Supplies AELADLE: "We would appreciate your asking VALINK/6 to provide us with copies of the hotel cards quoted in reference providing they were filled out by the individuals concerned. We have found that analysis and comparison of handwriting samples is useful in establishing the identities of illegals or suspected illegals. While there is no immediate need for these, please tell VALINK/6 to bear this requirement in mind and furnish us with samples whenever possible. Mary B. Laxton. Preston T. Cargould." Originating Officer: A. D. Dickinson, SR/CI/P. Coordinating Officer: (Signature), C/SR/CI. (Unintelligible), WE/1.


09/08/65: Summary Traces in SPR Format prepared by Bruce H. Gintalas: 201 Number: 201-285412: A-NUMBER: 18721: Page 12: ..."In Havana early in 1963, Subject befriended and apparently attempted to cultivate VASLOUCH-1, -2, and -3 (Identities 2, 3, and 4). The association was discouraged by KUBARK (CIA) because VASLOUCH-1 and -2 were performing important functions in connection with Cuban FI activities and contact with a possible RIS officer was not thought desirable. In September 1962 at the invitation of Senhor Vazco Leitao de Cunha, Brazilian Ambassador to Cuba and newly appointed Ambassador to the Soviet Union, VASLOUCH-3 traveled to Moscow and accepted a clerical position at the Brazilian Embassy where she remained for approximately two years. A year later, in September 1963, Subject returned PCS to Moscow. Between December 1963 and February 1964, Subject made three attempts to see VASLOUCH-3. According to VASLOUCH-3, the contacts were by telephone only and she did not meet with Subject personally while in Moscow..." - - - Page 14: "IDENTITIES...IDENTITY TWO - Matikainen, Lauri Olavi, Honorary Finnish Counsel in Havana and KUBARK contact since 1962. IDENTITY THREE - Matikainen, Estrella, wife of IDENTITY TWO. IDENTITY FOUR - Matikainen, Anneli, daughter of IDENTITIES TWO and THREE."

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