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Cryptonym: UTILITY

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Reinhard Gehlen, Nazi intelligence chief on the Eastern Front during the Second World War, and subsequent chief of the BND, the West German intelligence service.
The declassified CIA Files on Nazi and Japanese Imperial Government war crimes stated that UTILITY was Reinhard Gehlen.

A cable from Bonn, Germany, in June of 1963 stated that "Weyde reports UTILITY, during recent visit to Schreubrers, stated UPHILL (West German Foreign Intelligence Service - BND) final conclusion re AELADLE (Anatoliy Golitsyn) was that he dispatched agent. This conclusion apparently reached primarily basis AELADLE's inability provide detailed information, specifically in regard UPHILL security, plus his unusual demand retain tapes all interrogations."


CIA document: Research Aid: Cryptonyms and Terms in Declassified CIA Files Nazi War Crimes and Japanese Imperial Government Records Disclosure Acts: Page 58: ..."Term: UTILITY. Definition: Cryptonym for Reinhard Gehlen..."

Mary Ferrell Chronologies, Volume 1 - Prior to 1959 Current Section: 1956 (resumed)

..."April 1956 - The 'Gehlen Organization', the Nazi intelligence service dealing mainly with the Russians, is reconstituted as the BND, the official West German intelligence service. (Secret War for Europe: 43..."


10/06/60: Church Committee document: ..."PERSONS/ENTITIES: Mr. Gray, Mr. Gehlen. CATEGORIES: Special Group, MONGOOSE, Presidential Authorization: OCCURRENCE: On October 6, 1960 the Special Group discussed relating to Cuba: (1) Explanation by Mr. Dulles of the 'abortive supply drop to resistance elements' in Cuba. (2) Mr. Dulles' proposal for U-2 program in Cuba: 'All the members of the group said that they were in favor of proceeding with the coverage.' Mr. Gray asked to have the memorandums on which Mr. Dulles had based his presentation forwarded to him for use in getting the required decision. Mr. Dulles' proposal for use of American volunteers and foreign nationals in the Cuban operation. The group agreed Mr. Dulles could begin screening lists of potential candidates. Dulles 'added that there might be a possibility of including some Germans in this group and that we would talk informally to General Gehlen about it. He emphasized that he was asking for no Special Group approval at this time in this specific connection'..."

124-90092-10016: No Title

03/05/63: FBI Report from Washington Field Office by SA Alexander W. Neale, Jr: Titled: UNSUB; KGB Agent Known as 'SASHA': Page 30: ..."Harvey stated that while he was in Berlin he recalled that Peter Karlow's office, the Technical Aids Detachment (TAD) at Frankfurt, came under inspection following allegations of irregularities. Investigation disclosed a shortage of funds in the office but Karlow was not implicated in falsification of any records or the misappropriation of any funds. Despite this, Karlow was censured for a lack of administration in his office and was transferred to Pullach, Germany, following the completion of the investigation of the TAD Office. Harvey stated that there had been some suggestions that Karlow be fired as a result of the investigation but that this action was not taken. While at Pullach, Germany, Karlow was in a liaison capacity with representatives of the Gehlen Organization. In this capacity, according to Harvey, he had access to reports that the Gehlen Organization submitted to the Pullach Base with the exception of matters of supreme sensitivity which were communicated directly by Gehlen to the Chief of the Pullach Base. It was Harvey's opinion that Karlow would have seen all but a very small percentage of information submitted by the Gehlen group to the Pullach Base..."


06/13/63: Cable from Bonn to Director: Slugline UPHILL CAVATA AELADLE: "1. FYI: Weyde reports UTILITY, during recent visit to Schreubrers, stated UPHILL (West German Foreign Intelligence Service - BND, which formed out of what was previously known as the Gehlen Org) final conclusion re AELADLE (Anatoliy Golitsyn) was that he dispatched agent. This conclusion apparently reached primarily basis AELADLE's inability provide detailed information, specifically in regard UPHILL security, plus his unusual demand retain tapes all interrogations. 2. Although BFU apparently not buying theory, note they sent Johann Erb, chief IV A 4 to MUNI discuss matter. C/S Comment: Dissemination applicable to RYBAT (a high level of secrecy required to protect the message) AELADLE cables."


03/19/64: Letter from J. Edgar Hoover, FBI Director to J. Lee Rankin, General Counsel, The President's Commission: "Dear Mr. Rankin: Enclosed are two copies of a file prepared by the Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND - West German Federal Intelligence Service) which was furnished to the FBI. The original file was in the German language and was translated by the Bureau. The BND classified the original file confidential. These documents reveal results of interviews with several individuals concerning allegations that one Anton Erdinger, a German taxi driver, had knowledge of Lee Harvey Oswald prior to the assassination of President Kennedy. It is noted that during an interview Anton Erdinger completely denied having any information relating to the assassination or any knowledge of Lee Harvey Oswald prior to November 22, 1963. The file also contains a letter addressed to General Gehlen, President of the BND by the Generalbundesanwalt (Chief Federal Prosecutor) at Karlsruhe, Germany. The prosecutor expressed the opinion that although the allegations are not clear, he does not feel there is a possibility of further clarifying the matter..."

1993.08.04.16:59:43:180039: SUMMARY FOR HSCA OF 1963-4 COMMUNICATIONS FROM DULLES

09/11/68: Letter from Allen W. Dulles to DCI: "SUB: Letter: Subj: stating that he greatly enjoyed the dinner for General Gehlen and the opportunity to see so many old and mutual friends of the General. Expressing thanks for being included..."

104-10419-10060: RADIO TV REPORTS, INC.: FULL TEXT

10/24/77: CIA document for Public Affairs Staff: PROGRAM: The David Suskind Show. STATION: WTTC TV Syndicated: CITY: Washington, D.C: Pages 12-13: ..."SCOTT (note: Peter Dale Scott): Let's just get him off the boat and see what happens. You said he was met by a representative of the Travelers Aid. Even he's not an ordinary Travelers Aid man. SUSSKIND: Mr. Rakin (?). SCOTT: Mr. Rakin was a recently-retired secretary-general of the American Friends of the Anti-Bolshevik Bloc of Nations, which is a support group in America for a very activist intelligence/covert operations group called the Anti-Bolshevik Bloc of Nations, supported by Army Intelligence, CIA, British Intelligence, and something called the Gehlen Network in Germany, which itself was supported by CIA. So you can see that as you track Oswald's career, in Atsugi with the CIA, in California at a special training thing, then even the man at the boat has an intelligence background, he has intelligence all through his career..."

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