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Cryptonym: UOAMBER-3

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Santiago Alvarez, Jr.
A dispatch in August of 1964 described UOAMBER-3 as "a long-time friend of the Babun group, and "a Miami representative of Dominican Presidential contender Joaquin Balaguer."

124-90106-10031: No Title

10/9/63: Field Information Telegram: UFG 3833. SUBJECT: Planned Post-Hurricane Raid on Cuba by the Comandos L. PLACE & DATE ACQ.: United States, Miami (10 October 1963): "1. Source for para 2: Cuban exile with good access to activities of the Comandos L. Despite the fact that the source has had a relatively short reporting history, his reporting on raider activities has been generally reliable. 2. On 9 October 1963 Santiago Alvarez Jr. of Comandos L, a Cuban exile group, said that he planned to depart Miami between 10 and 14 October for a raid on Cuba. He would not disclose the target area. He said that he had obtained authorization from Antonio Cuesta del Valle and Ramon Font, leading officials of the group, to make the raid after Hurricane Flora had left the waters of Cuba...4. Santiago Alvarez, SR. of Comandos L has expressed an interest in obtaining operational information on Nicaro, Preston, Manati, Vita, Gibara, and Puerto Padre in Oriente Province, and Nuevitas in Camaguey Province..."


6/25/64 cable from JMWAVE to Director: "UOAMBER-3 plans meet with DeJoie 24 June." See p. 4: "(Louis) DeJoie said that he had arranged to meet with Santiago Alvarez, a leader of the Comandos L, on 24 June to discuss the possibility of reaching an agreement between Haitian and Cuban exile groups in an effort to topple President Francois Duvalier." Alvarez's bio number is identified here as 201-291419, and page 2 identifies him as "Santiago Alvarez, Jr."


08/10/64: Dispatch from COS, JMWAVE to Chief, Western Hemisphere Division: Page 2: "7. It was evident that neither UOAMBER-6 nor UOAMBER-8 was able to disregard EVLUCID-1's (probably Leon Cantave) desire to meet with the Babun group. Accordingly, UOAMBER-3, a long-time friend of the Babun group, was instructed by JMPALM to strengthen his relationship with the Babun group on the pretext of using the group as a means to obtain the release of several friends of UOAMBER-3 in Cuba. He would thus be placed in a position to monitor the Babun group in their dealings with EVLUCID-1 and his followers. UOAMBER-2, a Cuban national and Principal Agent for JMPALM, in the meantime succeeded in obtaining part-time employment with the Babun group and thus become aware of a number of Babun deals including Babun's desire to support EVLUCID-1...10...During the third week of July EVLUCID-1, UOAMBER-6, UOAMBER-3, and Identity (close and respected friend of EVLUCID-1) (note: Page 8: Identity was Juan Grupe) met with Eliseo Gomez...LOUIS DEJOIE: 13...Dejoie also met with UOAMBER-3, a Miami representative of Dominican Presidential contender Joaquin Balaguer, and requested support from Balaguer in terms of funds and man power for use by Dejoie against the Haitian dictator. Dejoie subsequently visited New York and, after two meetings with Balaguer, returned to Miami and reported to UOAMBER-3 and EVLUCID-1 (who told UOAMBER-6) that he (Dejoie) had not been successful in obtaining Balaguer's support..."

Bill Simpich

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