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Cryptonym: UOACE

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UOACE was a Western Hemisphere project that provided funds for salary, travel and miscellaneous operations in Mexico in the 1960s.

104-10174-10069: CIA FILE ON (ASSET)

2/1/68 cable from DO/CO to Chief, E: "WUSALINE (Redacted) can be used as an information collection mechanism in cases where information requirements can be couched in plausible economic and commercial terms for contractual surveys." At p. 88, memo from Gale Allen, Chief, DO Support Group): "A DO proprietary company (WUSALINE) under Project WUBRINY provided cover and funding for contract agent Edward Tichborn (P) (WH Project UOACE) during the period 1 October 1966-30 June 1967."

104-10218-10009: [RESTRICTED]

6/21/67 from DOCO to Chief, DO, re Operational Survey in Spain by Tichborn: "Tichborn's mission is to identify operational targets, primarily in the business community but not excluding those in the military establishment, the Government, and the church, including Opus Dei. Identification is desired of elements, particularly in the business community, who have political influence now and who could be more important after Franco's death...WUBRINY-1 will meet Tichborn on 28 June and make appropriate introductions. At page 16: "The transfer of Tichborn from an exclusive WHD status under UOACE (Note: a Mexican-based project) to a wider-ranging assignment under WHBRINY makes him available for DDP-wide use."

104-10218-10009: [RESTRICTED]

UOACE was a Western Hemisphere project that provided funds to cover salary, travel and miscellaneous operations in Mexico in the 1960s to Edward Tichborn (true name Henry Lopez), contract agent and political action asset. Tichborn has been used primarily as an advisor in CIA-connected election operations throughout Latin America...In August, 1966, he was assigned PCS to New York City and (as of October 1966) placed under cover as Latin American referent in the SO proprietary REDACTED (WUBRINY Project). In the past year, he served briefly as an advisor to a REDACTED station asset AMANTHEM-4 and in an unsuccessful attempt to conduct an in-depth study of the PRI Party in Mexico. The present UOACE extension and termination request coincides with SOD (Special Operations Division) assumption of Tichborn's support costs under Project WUBRINY as of 11 October 1967." (Page 17: UOACE was terminated on 9/30/67.) (Page 19: AMANTHEM-4 was a Station Santo Domingo asset)

Bill Simpich

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