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Cryptonym: UNSTAR

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Described as a "French diplomat" stationed in Cuba, who in the days after 11/22/63 allegedly claimed that JFK was killed due to a joint plot by the Chinese government and Castro.
Cortes and Figueredo/AMSUPER-1 ran the Clarice shoe factory in Guadalajara. See 124-10289-10046, p. 6: The shoe factory is also known as Calzado Stella. See 124-10289-10048, p. 5: Yet another name used for it is Calzado Clarice-Creaciones Unicas. This file also states that Cortes's manager was a Cuban named Jose Mederos Hernandez, who hired other Cubans to work at the factory, that Cortes hired a gunman who tried to kill Mederos, and that Cortes was not charged. Could there be a relationship between Jose Mederos Hernandez and Jose Pujols Mederos/AMCOAX-1; the latter was captured in Cuba in 1961 and received a 30 year sentence. Clifford Shasteen, the Irving barber, said he saw Oswald wearing yellow shoes that he obtained in "old Mexico". Guadalajara is an old colonial city founded in 1542, the second largest city in Mexico. No one else ever saw these shoes. See https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=44#relPageId=319 Was this part of a cover story designed to link Oswald to Ramon Cortes? It may have originated in the notes of Angleton's aide Ray Rocca, written the evening of 11/22/63 and attached below.

Bill Simpich, State Secret, Chapter 6, http://www.maryferrell.org/pages/State_Secret_Chapter6.html

a handwritten note to Whitten from Ray Rocca during the late night hours of November 23. Rocca intoned that “here is the assembled file”, and added that these documents were too sensitive to be shared with the FBI.[ 85 ] The key documents cited by Rocca expound the theme of Oswald’s Soviet connection, and the importance of following Kostikov everywhere...Rocca provided a backgrounder of Celia Sanchez, stating she was the head of intelligence in late 1958 before Batista was overthrown, and how she was presently the political officer for the Communist Party as well as Fidel's secretary and mistress. He then turned to three pages on the Saavedra family, and how Cuban interior minister Raul Saavedra was married to Nenita Sanchez, a close relative of Celia Sanchez. The final page recited five of the greatest hits from the file of the double agent Ramon Cortes, (discussed earlier in this book)...all five hits point to Cortes’ close relations with Cuba, while ignoring his covert relations with the American government. The last two hits point to Cortes’ relationship with Witoski/AMKIRK-1; as discussed earlier, she was close friends with Celia Sanchez...By early December, CI-SIG chief Birch O’Neal confirmed that a French diplomat outside of the US was saying JFK was killed due to a joint plot by the Chinese government and Castro, with Cortes and Saavedra in the middle of it all. O’Neal also admits that the tips from the French diplomat “have proven to be not too reliable”. It is third-hand information from “a source” to the French diplomat “Unstar”, and then to WAVE staffer Dudley Jentons aka J. Deering Danielson.


12/7/63 cable WAVE 8658, JMWAVE to Director: "Fidel Castro reportedly extremely concerned with persistence of investigation into Pres. Kennedy's murder and with possible disclosures that could result...a certain (FNU) Saavedra, only identified close friend Celia Sanchez uttered indiscretions which resulted in (following) info: Plot prepared by Castro and Chicoms. No Soviet participation as they considered too close to Americans at this time. Contact men Dallas, Texas are: Ramon B. Cortes (identified only as half Mexican, half American) and Fernandez Feito (identified only as Cuban). These men financed through bank located 14 Wall Street, New York City. Cuban refugee living Miami...named Robert Nieto can give details on Cortes and Feito." Also see 124-10289-10049: "(CIA) advised that on 12/7/63 that one of its sources familiar with Cuban matters had obtained information from one of his sources alleging that the assassination of President John F. Kennedy was the result of a plot prepared and executed jointly by the Chinese Communists and Fidel Castro through intermediaries...received from CIA, Miami, who obtained data from source described as Western diplomat stationed in Cuba who in turn received data from one of his sources...(CIA's) description of source who furnished information is misleading and fact that this is about thirdhand data should be clearly set forth."


12/10/63 cable WAVE 8765 from JMWAVE to Director: "Following obtained 6 Dec from wife UNSTAR in Nassau...on 26 Nov (Fidel Castro, Raul Roa, Rene Vallejo and two unnamed Cubans) lunched UNSTAR facility (note: probably the French embassy in Havana)...even though (Fidel) told UNSTAR on 26 November that (Cuba) expected 10 million ton harvest cane in 1970, in few days following (Fidel) indicated harvest at least 12 million tons."


12/10/63 cable WAVE 8736, JMWAVE to Director: "Mrs. UNSTAR remaining in Nassau with wife of Brazilian ambassador (NOTE: The "Brazilian wife" was AMSTRUT-1/Virgina Leitao) until return Hava Ca Dec. 10. As indicated...Mrs. UNSTAR unable provide any additional info...she only relaying info provided her by UNSTAR...contact with UNSTARS has been maintained by Jentons largely on personal basis and since Jentons only WAVE staffer in contact with UNSTARS would be difficult (to) contact Mrs. UNSTAR on crash-basis." Also see Oswald 201 File, Vol 6, CD6, Part 2, Addtl - p. 42 - 12/9/63 cable DIR 87746 ref WAVE 8658 from WH/3 x 5613 to WAVE IMMEDIATE: "Tracing all names. (FBI) here tells us they questioned Robert Nieto in Miami on basis your tip but he denied all knowledge of plot. FBI pressing us for direct access to source, which of course not possible. Pls cable immediate what itinerary what (Mrs. Unstar) is. (For the accidental revelation of "Mrs. Unstar", see 104-10400-10215, DIR 87746) Can she still be reached? Can she securely come to Miami if still in Nassau? Could she delay her return to Cuba? What is WAVE commo to UNSTAR? Our file shows none. How will UNSTAR report to WAVE by 14 Dec. Note: WAVE 8658 reported from UNSTAR and (illegible) allegations about Cubans being behind Kennedy assassination." Also see 104-10400-10217, 12/9/63 memo from CI/SIG chief Birch O'Neal, saying that he had told FBI liaison Sam Papich that UNSTAR was a French diplomat.

124-10289-10049: No Title

12/13/63 memo by FBI agent H. T. Burk: "Raymond Buenrostro Cortez, 4411 Airport Boulevard, Apartment 212, Austin, Texas, voluntarily appeared at the Austin Resident Agency office upon learning FBI was trying to contact him...Cortez denied knowing or ever having heard of Robert Nieto, Ferandez Feito, Saavedra, and disclaims any knowledge of plot to assassinate President Kennedy...Cortez has never met Celia Sanchez, but recalls one Maria Witoski (AMKIRK-1), secretary of Juan Orta (AMDOFF-1), former high official of Fidel Castro in Cuba. He recalls Witoski speaking of Celia Sanchez several times on several occasions as a friend of Witoski...(Cortez denies) that he ever had interest or connection with communism or any communistic groups or the Fair Play for Cuba movement." See Burk, 3/27/64 memo - Page 15: Operated Clarice shoe factory in Guadalajara, Mexico from 1960-1963, (note: aka Calzado Stella) and has been tied up in court actions since his return to Texas during Feb. 1963, including a charge of smuggling auto parts to Cuba. Page 17: Convicted in Oct 1962 for impersonating a Guatemalan consul in Dallas, affirmed Feb. 1964 by Fifth Circuit. Page 20: Ran shoe business in Guadalajara with Dimas Figueredo/AMSUPER-1, who was active with the anti-Castro CRC in Mexico City. Harry Zerbel, Economic Section of US embassy in Mexico City and "T-4" said at p. 10-11 that Cortez was not prosecuted for smuggling auto parts because he testified as US witness against Transcontinental (see GOOSECREEK); and also at page 23: In 1962, Cortez turned to Figueredo for protection after he beat the Castro government out of $80,000. Also see 124-10289-10058: Zerbel said CIA in Mexico City has "clandestine means of obtaining documents if necessary".


12/19/63 cable, JMWAVE to Director: UNSTAR identifies Raul Saavedra as an in-law of Celia Sanchez. He is a high official; Sanchez is one of Castro's closest confidants. Raymond Cortes identified as an important source if used properly - Dallas businessmen with office in Mexico City. Imports items into Cuba - believed to be cover for other activities.

Mary Ferrell Chronologies, Volume 2 (a) - 1959 Current Section: January 1959

"...a review of the files of Bankers Trust Company, 14-16 Wall Street, New York City, failed to reflect any bank accounts maintained by Ramon B. Cortes or (FNU) Fernandez Feito...Cortes had represented Intercontinental, S.A. (note, see GOOSECREEK cryptonym)...Cortes represented American Material and Equipment Company (Ameco), Texarkana, in 1960. He went to Cuba and stole Cuban funds. (Citations)."


10/21/64: CIA officer Paul Hartman to CIRA Ray Rocca: "(Annie Silbert of WH/3 said) that the source of the information had been the French (REDACTED - 13 letters and spaces), but that the French now know he had been talking to us. Also see 124-10289-10044, p. 4: The French diplomat was stationed in Cuba.

Bill Simpich

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