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Cryptonym: UNSNAFU-11

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Unknown identity. A cable on December 13, 1962, stated that UNRUMBLE-2 (Pedro Ruiz Quintero) said that UNSNAFU-11's brother and possibly UNRUMBLE-5 were dangerous Cubans in Paris outside the embassy.
Both UNSNAFU-11 and UNRUMBLE-5 were residents of Cuba House.


12/13/62: Cable from Paris to Director: Slugline KEYWAY PBRUMEN UNRUMBLE UNBOUND: Pages 2-3: ..."UNBOUND stated that this their opinion also. UNRUMBLE-2 (Pedro Ruiz Quintero, a Cuban medical student living in Paris) stated UNSNAFU-9 (Luis Enrique Trasancos, a CIA penetration agent at the Cuban embassy in Paris) probably not commie since has helped anti-Castro Cubans PARI including UNRUMBLE-2 with documents. To query who were dangerous Cubans PARI outside embassy UNRUMBLE-2 stated UNSNAFU-11's brother and possibly UNRUMBLE-5, both residents Cuba House...4. During 45 minute meeting on 30 Nov two UNBOUND officials discussed UNSNAFU-4. UNRUMBLE-2 stated he did not know him. UNBOUND stated UNSNAFU-4 controls embassy ciphers and cables which UNBOUND priority target. UNBOUND then bluntly stated they looking for local dependable Cuban to cooperate with UNBOUND to attempt defect Cuban diplomats. UNBOUND offered UNRUMBLE-2 'any amount' of money for himself and for diplomats he could defect in place. UNBOUND offer also applied to UNSNAFU-11's brother..."

104-10220-10132: PEDRO RUIZ

01/04/63: Cable from Paris to Director: Slugline KEYWAY GYROSE UNRUMBLE: "1. Request priority POA IDEN for assignment and recruitment as PBRUMEN (Cuba) asset. 2. IDEN, a petroleum engineer, has been approached by UNSNAFU-11 in late Dec 1962, and offered job with PBRUMEN Government as petroleum engineer in Gran Algeria. IDEN informed UNSNAFU-11 he would think it over but appears tempted by offer. Preliminary assessment indicates IDEN anti-PBRUMEN. If recruited, could become valuable KUBARK (CIA) plant in PBRUMEN oil business and whatever oil deal is currently under way between PBRUMEN and Algeria. 3. No station traces IDEN or wife. Please assign UNRUMBLE-7 crypto. 4. For MADR. Request traces IDEN and wife. C/S Comment: *Please see para 22, page 21, MB 90-400-1 re use of multiple action indicators."

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