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Cryptonym: UNRUMBLE-6

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Parisian agent communicating by shortwave with Manuel Ray of JURE.

180-10141-10251: Review of Manuel Ray y Rivero Files, Volume IX, January-July 1963

6/19/63 note. (Betsy Palmer of the HSCA created this summary.) "Ray in Paris and Brussels for purpose of turning Franqui and Arcos (in) to agents in place, or defection. Also Cabrera. Ray convinced Cubans here disillusioned with Castro. Asks for update of list of personnel and addresses of all Cuban embassies in Europe to be passed to him in San Juan and UNRUMBLE-6 in Paris. Wants to be trained in short wave system between himself and UNRUMBLE-6 and station felt these were good ideas and could be done."

104-10179-10136: RAY CONTACTED BY JERVAY 17 AND 18 JUNE

6/19/63 cable from Paris to Director: Further details that complement the summary in the preceding item. Note that Ray visited at least once with AMSPORT-1.

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