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Cryptonym: UNPAPIST-1

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Unknown identity. According to a June 1965 CIA dispatch, UNPAPIST-1 acted as PA for UNRUMBLE-2 (Pedro Ruiz Quintero, a Cuban medical student) while the latter was in Paris.
UNPAPIST-1 was said to have got along very well with UNRUMBLE-2. In addition, UNPAPIST-1 moved to Puerto Rico on May 20, 1965.

104-10179-10136: RAY CONTACTED BY JERVAY 17 AND 18 JUNE.

6/19/63 cable from Paris to Director: "Ray contacted by Jervay (under IDEN A alias) 17 and 18 June. In addition contacts reported paragraph 1 PARI 8824, Ray has also been in contact UNRUMBLE-6, UNPAPIST, and at least one contact with AMSPORT-1/Bichi Bernal. Ray designated UNRUMBLE-6 his contact man (in Paris). Jervay not introduced but will contact shortly..."


04/08/64: Cable from Paris to Director: TYPIC: "1. Several PARI assets, including UNRUMBLE/2 (Pedro Ruiz Quintero), who (REDACTION) of JURE, and UNPAPIST/1 have recently increased reporting on Manolo Ray well propagandized intention be in Cuba by 23 May 1964..."


06/12/65: Dispatch from COS, Paris to COS, JMWAVE (Info: Deputy Chief, WH-SA; Chief, WE): "1. UNPAPIST/1 received a letter from UNRUMBLE/2 recently, mailed from JMWAVE on 20 April 1965. UNRUMBLE/2 was a unilateral Cuban asset of the Paris Station for several years, engaged mainly in penetration of the Cuban official and non-official community here and in propaganda work. He left Paris in 1963 to finish his studies. He is now a permanent resident of JMWAVE. During his cooperation with the Paris Station, he proved to be an honest and extremely hard-working individual of considerable initiative. He, like so many of his fellow exiles, finally and realistically decided that AMTHUG's fall might be delayed for some years and, since he had a wife and child to support, that he must plan on earning a living outside of Cuba. He therefore immigrated to the United States. His letters to UNPAPIST-1 have indicated that he is doing quite well in his chosen profession and is happy, having stayed out of the exile political activities to a great extent. 2. It is with the above considerations in mind that Paris feels the contents of his latest letter might be worth JMWAVE's time to investigate. In brief, UNRUMBLE/2 states the fact that he had been successful in penetrating a pro-AMTHUG group in JMWAVE; that he had developed some interesting contacts within the exile community generally; and that he has some information about Cuban activities connected with Algeria which is of interest. 3. Under separate cover we are forwarding a calling card of UNRUMBLE/2's, which he has initialed in ink. This will serve as bona fides should JMWAVE decide to contact him, along with the statement that the card was obtained from 'Dick' in Paris. For your information, UNRUMBLE/2 knows that Dick was CIA-connected. (CONTINUED BELOW)


06/12/65: Dispatch from COS, Paris to COS, JMWAVE (Info: Deputy Chief, WH-SA; Chief, WE): "4. As additional information which might be of some future assistance, UNPAPIST-1, who acted as PA for UNRUMBLE/2 while the latter was in Paris, will be in Puerto Rico from now on, having moved there on 20 May 1965. UNPAPIST/1 and UNRUMBLE/2 always got along very well and it is probable that they will get together again after UNPAPIST/1 advises UNRUMBLE/2 of his new location, thus opening up the possibility for an outside contact with UNRUMBLE/2. For the information of JMWAVE, UNPAPIST/1's new address is also being forwarded under separate cover."

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