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Cryptonym: TPFEELING

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TPFEELING may have been similar to QKIVORY (National Committee for a Free Europe and its subcommittees).
A dispatch on December 13, 1962, from Chief, Munich Operations Base, stated that "copies of similar QKIVORY/TPFEELING internal correspondence are not received here." This indicates that QKIVORY and TPFEELING were similar organizations, or perhaps different branches of the same organization. The dispatch had earlier mentioned that "as requested in reference, we will discontinue sending copies of PBAFFIRM/PBCHORD correspondence to Headquarters." PBAFFIRM was the cryptonym for the American Committee for the Liberation of the Peoples of Russia (AMCOMLIB), which is a part of Project QKACTIVE. PBCHORD was the cryptonym for the Munich Office of the American Committee for the Liberation of Peoples of Russia (AMCOMLIB), which is a part of Project QKACTIVE. These latter two were different branches of the same organization.


12/16/58: Dispatch from Chief of Base, Munich to Chief, IO (Info: EE, COS/G): Subject: DTDORIC/QKACTIVE/Operations Report of Meeting with (REDACTION): ..."2. (REDACTION) became especially concerned when it appeared that at the outset of his career as Security Officer at TPFEELING his apparent ineffectiveness in satisfying the wishes of the TPLINGO staff in his case might be interpreted by them as an indication of how he would handle other matters coming within his competence during his tour of duty...2. It so happened that early in December a Frankfurt meeting had been arranged at which competent KUBARK (CIA) representatives, including Identity B (Lt. Col. Knapp - page 4) of the USAREUR G-3 staff in Heidelberg, were present. This meeting scheduled for 15 December contemplated a full-scale review of the current status of evacuation plans at both TPLINGO and TPFEELING. It was at this session that (REDACTION) draft plan for TPFEELING was to be gone over, the kinks removed, and a reasonably complete and workable set of ground rules established. (REDACTION) plan for TPFEELING was the one referred to in EGMW 6986 of 24 November when Headquarters requested that a brief status report of any similar plan by PBCHORD (Munich Office of the American Committee for the Liberation of Peoples of Russia - AMCOMLIB, which is a part of Project QKACTIVE) should be forwarded. It was expected that as a result of the Frankfurt meeting both TPFEELING and PBCHORD could present to Headquarters an up-to-date report on the whole evacuation problem...5. (REDACTION) wanted to know about the disposition and utilization of TPLINGO personnel and assets in the event of a political development in West Germany which would make the removal of TPLINGO a necessity. He cited for example the contingency of a possible political compromise in the Berlin situation which might call for the removal from West Germany of such thorns in the Soviet and Satellite side as TPLINGO and TPFEELING..."

104-10112-10113: CLASSIFIED MESSAGE.

05/18/60: Cable from Director to Munich and Frankfurt (Orig: A. F. Reynolds, IO/1): Slugline DTDORIC TPFEELING FOR BARMESTER: "Joe Scott advises State has reviewed amended draft letter submitted by Munich CONGEN, feels no letter in any form should be sent by consulate to exiles as proposed. Basis turned down that sending letter exceeds original letter authority ambassador and sets undesirable precedent. We plan further discussions here but feel any change above State position unlikely. Will discuss with Alexander 19 May but request you also inform TPFEELING asking whether alternative device (such as FEC letter as first proposed) acceptable TPFEELING and exiles. Advise. C/S Comment: *Barmester and Greenlee met with Hamish and Belenko after review copies PBCHORD's (Munich Office of the American Committee for the Liberation of Peoples of Russia - AMCOMLIB, which is a part of Project QKACTIVE) correspondence with Hoffman." Releasing Officer: C/EE. Coordinating Officers: OGC Pagan - by phone. OS/AAS Pennington - by phone. Authenticating Officer: Cord Meyer, Jr., Chief.

104-10182-10069: CIA FILE ON WIROGUE.

HARVARD: MONTHLY RESETTLEMENT SUMMARY: 1-31 October 1962: Page 2: Agents and Identities: DS-990. Case Officer: Reinbold. Status: On 1 November 1962 Subject will be turned over to CAMANTILLA (American Friends of Russian Freedom) which has made him USEP eligible and arranged to have him study German full time for one month. Prior to the end of November 1962, it is hoped that Subject will be employed by TPFEELING which has expressed an interest in him, or employed on the local economy with a German engineering firm..."


12/13/62: Dispatch from Chief, Munich Operations Base to Chief, KUWOLF (Info: EE COS/G): Subject: CAMOG/DTDORIC/QKACTIVE/TPFEELING/Operations Transmittal of Correspondence and Reports: "As requested in reference, we will discontinue sending copies of PBAFFIRM (American Committee for the Liberation of the Peoples of Russia - AMCOMLIB, which is a part of Project QKACTIVE)/PBCHORD (Munich Office of the American Committee for the Liberation of Peoples of Russia - AMCOMLIB, which is a part of Project QKACTIVE) correspondence to Headquarters. Copies of similar QKIVORY (National Committee for a Free Europe and its subcommittees)/TPFEELING internal correspondence are not received here. (REDACTION)."


4/28/66: Cable from Chief, Munich Operations Base to Chief, KUWOLF, slugline DTDORIC TPFEELING PBCHORD: "REDACTED may eventually arrange TPLINGO access to new Soviet defector who in (CIA) hands but not yet surfaced...It may be possible for UNFAVOR to interview defector during visit States late May early June...Discussion with TPFEELING led to no conclusion with regard to REDACTED interest in receiving from time to time special reports in nature situation reports on East Europe countries. REDACTED may wish explain to GPJAGER and seek his assistance..."


06/01/66: Cable to Director (Info: Germany): Slugline DTDORIC TPLINGO TPFEELING: Pages 2-3: "3. TPFEELING German works council has asked TPFEELING for statement concerning articles for use at its meetings 10 and 13 June. TPFEELING nationalities works council addressed letter 26 May to TPFEELING management. Letter says statement in articles concerning TPFEELING 'have caused concern among employees, mainly those who are not US citizens because it is feared tendentious references to TPFEELING in large circulation publications might harm not only interests of our common just cause, but also those employees who for one reason or another want to stay in Germany, be it because they are German citizens, be it because they would like to obtain German citizenship.' Letter expresses council's 'full support of all and any measures which management would deem necessary to correct false impression of role of TPFEELING created by Der Spiegel's misrepresentation of an article of The New York Times. Letter concludes 'NWC would like to underline importance of a broad and faithful partnership between management and NWC, and of a clear definition of duties and responsibilities of staff of TPFEELING. Such a clarification would once and for all put an end to the unpleasant and harmful rumors about the character of TPFEELING.' 4. QRBEAT advised (REDACTION) June that TPFEELING position as decided by GPJAGER is to avoid making any written statements on subject of articles which might get into hands press and engage TPFEELING in further publicity. TPFEELING will send representative, probably Stemen, to meeting German works council to state orally TPFEELING financial support, and will reply orally to letter from NWC."


01/08/68: Cable: Slugline TPFEELING TPLINGO: "USAREUR has requested USCINCEUR whether there remains justification for retention of wartime stocks held in Munich for military cover units of TPFEELING and TPLINGO. Advise."


07/25/68: Cable: Slugline GROOVY MHORDER PSYCH: "1. Further inquiries show that subject (REDACTION) is identical with second individual mentioned para 1 ref. Chief TPFEELING asked him about letter and subject flatly denied having anything to do with it. Chief TPFEELING described subject as responsible émigré who is head of local exile Bulgarian Socialist Democratic Party and whose German would have been totally inadequate to prepare the letter. No derog GRENGULF (Austrian State Police) traces. 2. Likely therefore that letter is crude attempt, probably by Bulgarians, to discredit US participation World Youth Festival in keeping with continuing local commie press campaign against same subject. Taking in TPFEELING, Zionists, and Czech revisionists rather Gilding the lily and attack on local QKFLOWAGE (United States Information Agency/USIA) and its chief somewhat novel twist."

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