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Cryptonym: TODHUNTER

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DDCI Marshall S. Carter. A cable on June 5, 1963, referred to TODHUNTER, while a duplicate copy of the same memo replaced TODHUNTER with DDCI. The DDCI at this time was Marshall Carter.
Marshall Carter, in a memo to the Director of the CIA, on October 29, 1962, stated that he personally viewed the outcome of the Cuban Missile Crisis "as a bitter defeat." (Document from The JFK Files Twitter account: https://twitter.com/FilesJFK).


09/13/62: Cable from JMWAVE to Director: ..."3. According to Rodriguez Espada, while he and other UR officials developing relations with WAVE, Eduardo Garcia long-time member UR visited ZRMETAL (Washington, D.C.) and returned WAVE area 11 Sept. Garcia reported he had contacted Dr. Guillermo Belt, former Cuban Ambassador to U.S. who introduced him to Phineas C. Todhunter and GPFOCUS (Attorney General, Robert F. Kennedy). Garcia states GPFOCUS expressed general agreement their proposals to counterfeit PBRUMEN (Cuban) money from plates being processed in Nicaragua and to initiate activities against PBRUMEN shipping through PBPRIME (U.S.) dockworkers union leader unnamed. Garcia requested credentials for self and Belt to follow up leads in ZRMETAL and urged Rodriguez Espada see Belt for long term planning. WAVE directed that tactful negative reply be sent with explanation UR has official ODYOKE (U.S. Government) contacts through secure channels and good hope for solid support of practicable ops."


10/16/62: Memorandum from Marshall S. Carter to Special Group (Augmented): "1. The Director of Central Intelligence proposes that CIA undertake as soon as possible the following listed sabotage operations: a. Demolition by an eight-man raider team of the railroad bridge near Calafre, Pinar del Rio Province. b. An underwater demolition attack by two Cuban frogmen against shipping and port facilities at the port of La Isabella, Las Villas Province. c. Grenade attack on the Chinese communist embassy in Havana, to be carried out by a recruited Cuban agent who has access to a reef overlooking the embassy garden and who has volunteered for this mission. d. Mine with moored oil drum mines the approaches to one or more of the following harbors: Moa Bay, Nicaro Banes, Neuvitas, Mariel, Bahia Conda. e. A demolition attack by a hit-and-run raider team on the Matanzas power plant. f. A hit-and-run mortar and gunfire attack on the Soviet SAM site near Santa Lucin, Pinar del Rio Province. g. Incendiary sabotage by a raider team of the wooden cooling tower, wooden docks, and sulphur stockpile at the Nicaro nickel plant. A parallel attempt will be made against the sulphur stockpile using internal agent assets. h. Set afire by gunfire an oil tanker off Havana or Matanzas harbor. This operation will be mounted from a small, fast boat using recoiless rifles and rackets."


10/29/62: Memorandum from Marshall S. Carter to Director: "1. You will recall that in my memorandum to you of 18 October, I stated that if the United States decided to take action (against Castro and the missiles in Cuba) in the limited time available, then its objective must surely be the total destruction of the Castro regime and the installation of a government in Cuba favorable to Western ideology. Further, we must make clear at that time that we will not tolerate direct overt Soviet intervention into the affairs of the states of the Western Hemisphere...2. The United States was building up to just this sort of definitive, firm action when the Soviets, apparently realizing this, proposed their 'trade, 'i.e., removal of offensive missile bases in return for guarantees of Castro/Communist/Cuban non-invasion. It appears to many that this is quite a victory for the United States - I personally view it as a bitter defeat, if in fact the United States gets sucked into establishing a sanctuary in the Western Hemisphere for Castro, for Communism, or for the Soviet Union. Some people say that we are reverting to the situation which existed on September 1st, with purely defensive missiles in Cuba. On the other hand, with the Armed Forces available to Castro and a possible guarantee of complete freedom of action for Castro, we are much worse off than the situation as of September 1st. If we are so naïve as to give Castro or the Soviets these assurances, then we have in fact sold ourselves down the river and we must be prepared to live with and accept increasing overt encroachments by the Soviet Union in the Western Hemisphere. 3. Ray Cline's shop is preparing a background memorandum as well as an estimate as to just what the Castro/Communist/Soviet influences have been, are now, and will probably be in the future in the Western Hemisphere. MSC."


6/5/63 cable from Chief of Station of JMWAVE referring to TODHUNTER.


Duplicate copy of memo above. In this version, the word TODHUNTER is replaced with "DDCI". DDCI is the abbreviation for Deputy Director, Central Intelligence.

Final Report of the Assassinations Records Review Board Current Section: D. Records of Senior Agency Officials

Marshall Carter was the DDCI from 1962-1965. He was also a Lieutenant General. See https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=16200&search=%22marshall_carter%22#relPageId=26&tab=page


Marshall Carter served as head of the NSA from 1965-1969. His father was Brigadier General Clifton C. Carter.

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