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Cryptonym: THROWOFF-3

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THROWOFF-3 was a cryptonym for Destan Berisha. According to a cable in January of 1954 Berisha also used the cryptonym of BLUEJAY-12.
OBOPUS was: "(formerly BGFIEND) (1949-58) was initially a joint US-British covert action program designed to overthrow the Soviet dominated regime of Enver Hoxha in Albania and evolved into establishing and exploiting National Committee for Free Albania (NCFA), propaganda media, infiltration agents, and economic warfare. VALUABLE was the British Albanian plan. The file includes Country Plan for Albania (V. 1); Project Outline, Reviews, Termination (V. 2); OBLIVIOUS: NCFA (V. 3); BGFIEND/JBPARSON: Albanian Holding/Training Camp W. Germany (V. 4); BGFIEND RED Team (V. 5); BGFIEND APPLE Team (V. 6); BGFIEND WILLOW Team (V. 7); BGFIEND-VALUABLE Leaflet Drops (V. 8); OBTUSE: Propaganda Campaign (V. 9); OBTEST: Clandestine Radio Broadcasts (V. 10); OBHUNT & OBSIDIOUS: Infiltration Missions (V. 11); BGSPEED: Vessel for Offshore Propaganda Missions (V. 12); BGFIEND Operations (V. 13-30); Photographs (V. 31). Hasan Dosti associated with OBLIVIOUS (part of OBOPUS). Xhaver Deva Principal Agent (PA) on BGFIEND. Destan Berisha, Ahmet Kabashi, Shaqir Kabashi associated with BGFIEND." https://www.archives.gov/files/iwg/declassified-records/rg-263-cia-records/second-release-lexicon.pdf (page 42).


CIA document: Research Aid: Cryptonyms and Terms in Declassified CIA Files Nazi War Crimes and Japanese Imperial Government Records Disclosure Acts: Page 54: ..."Term: THROWOFF-3. Definition: Cryptonym for Destan Berisha..." - - - Page 14 included the BLUEJAY-12 cryptonym which was also used for Destan Berisha.


04/05/51: Provisional Operational Clearance from Withheld, Staff C Operational Clearance Officer for ADSO to Chief, FDP/3: "Provisional Clearance is granted for the use of THROWOFF/3..." - - - 04/20/51: Memorandum from FDP-3 to Chief, STC/OCO: Subject: Error in Submitting PRQ I for Clearance: "1. On 6 February 1951 PRQ I for THROWOFF-3 was submitted erroneously as THROWOFF-4. On the basis of the information contained in the PRQ I Provisional Operational Clearance was granted to THROWOFF-3 who had been erroneously designated as THROWOFF-4. 2. Please correct your records and files to show that the clearance for THROWOFF-4 is actually meant to be clearance for THROWOFF-3." https://www.cia.gov/readingroom/docs/BERISHA%2C%20DESTAN_0010.pdf

104-10435-10071: [RESTRICTED]

01/28/54: Memorandum from Acting Chief, SE, Christian M. Freer to Senior Representative, Athens (Attn: Raymond M. Wormer & Alan H. Medhurst: Titled: THROWOFF/BGCONVOY: Contact Report (THROWOFF/3, Lyle O. Kelly, GOHAVEN): "1. Purpose of contact: a. On 8 January 1954, James P. Entler arrived in DTRABALO to contact Subjects. The primary purpose of the contact was to persuade Subjects to sign the Syros agreement which would result in their being confined to Syros under complete Greek custody and jurisdiction. 2. THROWOFF/3: a. THROWOFF/3 was contacted on 8 and 9 January and related to Entler what had developed since they last saw each other in Athens in September 1952. During the course of the discussion the following pertinent comments were made by THROWOFF/3: 1. An unidentified Greek Gendarmerie officer told him that KUBARK (CIA) and not the Greek authorities were preventing his marriage. ii. He was sent to DTRABALO primarily for security reasons...iv. He was accused of threatening a fellow refugee with a knife (he denies this) and as a result was confined for six months...vi. He will not resist emigration from Greece unless his staying in Greece would enable him to marry. b. THROWOFF/3 was set right on point (1a) above and the conditions of the Syros agreement convinced him that he was mistaken. Realizing that no other course of action was open to him, THROWOFF/3 reluctantly signed the agreement. c. THROWOFF/3 was told by Entler that this office has no objections to his resuming contact with, or marrying, his fiancé, but that such action would require the approval of the Greek authorities..."


01/05/54: Cable from Director to Withheld: ..."C. THROWOFF/3 (BLUEJAY/12): (REDACTION) proceeding FJHOPEFUL (Fort Clayton, Panama) shortly to secure subject's written acceptance (REDACTION) terms. No other solution in sight. 2. In unlikely event (REDACTION) and THROWOFF/3 reject (REDACTION) conditions must have alternative prepared. Therefore request you inform (REDACTION) we attempting arrange their return his terms. If they refuse, would he accept them on firm understanding they would stay only until we arranged other disposal and in no case more than one year? We agree have no further contact with subjects after their return..." Releasing Officer: (Handwritten: for) J.H. Richardson, C/SE. Page 3 stated that IDEN 1 (FJHOPEFUL) was formerly DTROBALO.


05/21/54: Dispatch from Senior Representative, Withheld to Chief, SE: Subject: OBOPUS/THROWOFF/3 Resettlement: "Headquarters' Action Required: Briefing of THROWOFF/3 regarding cover story for period in KUBARK (CIA) employment and holding. Synopsis: Possibility of resettlement through welfare organizations. Possibility of resettlement in U.S. Account of Developments: 1. (REDACTION) certainly does not object to putting THROWOFF/3 in contact with representatives of U.S.E.P. or W.C.C. 2. Field can easily ask U.S.E.P. to add THROWOFF/3 to a resettlement list, but as (REDACTION) knows, U.S.E.P. does not interview or document refugees. W.C.C. and I.S.S. perform this function and herein lies the problem...b. (REDACTION) states that he was told by a FJHOPEFUL case officer that THROWOFF/3 would be briefed and given a cover story for his activities and his stay in the western hemisphere. Was THROWOFF/3 briefed on a cover story, and if so, what was it? When field has assurance that THROWOFF/3 has a cover story field will ask (REDACTION) to review it with THROWOFF/3. If THROWOFF/3 agrees to stick to the story, field will initiate action for resettlement via U.S.E.P...4. So far U.S. Army recruitment under the Lodge Act has not materialized, but if it should, THROWOFF/3's name will lead all the rest. (REDACTION)"


12/01-31/54: ODHUNT Project Status Report: ..."5. The representative of the World Council of Churches in Athens has placed THROWOFF/3's name on their priority list for emigration. b. Pending Action: 1. Resettlement of THROWOFF/3..." - - - According to Page 41 of this document, ODHUNT was the cryptonym for "Infiltration missions into Albania via airdrops or overland to organize underground resistance, establish safe houses, collect operational intelligence, and to spread propaganda. These missions were associated with Project BGFIEND." https://www.archives.gov/files/iwg/declassified-records/rg-263-cia-records/second-release-lexicon.pdf

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