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TH was probably the digraph for operations and assets in Greece.
Cryptonyms such as THUNION-35, THACKERY, and THUNIFORM are mentioned in documents related to Greece.


02/13/63: Dispatch from Chief of Base, Thesselonika to Chief, EE (Info: COS, Athens): Subject: American Citizens on BGCANTAR Watchlist: "1. Following are translations of the two BGCANTAR directives sent to all passport control points in Greece. a. LANSKY, Meyer: American Jew, gambler, criminal, other details unknown: Attached hereto is a reproduced photograph of the above and we request that any entrance into Greece by Subject be immediately reported by wire; and that the local police officials be briefed in order to arrange a continous surveillance for detection of suspicious contacts and activities. He is a shady character having dealings and relations of every type with the underworld. He is traveling with his wife, Thelma, to Europe for an extended period of time. On 20 September 1962 they traveled by air from Switzerland to Athens, on 23 September from Athens to Istanbul, and on 25 September from Istanbul to Tel Aviv. b. American citizen GUS, Alex born 1916, holder of passport No. 1569555 and FEUGER, Susanne or FUEGER, Dietgaro. We request an immediate report by wire in the event that the above enter Greece between 22 December 1962 and the end of March 1963; and brief the local police officials for necessary surveillance of their contacts which should be reported to us. They have planned a trip from America via Switzerland, Italy and Greece in order to visit distant relatives in Athens...2. The above directives were requested covertly from THUNION/35 and are forwarded for your information and possible action. Perhaps ODENVY (FBI) and ODACID (U.S. State Department) would be interested in these matters. BGCANTAR's source of information on these people is not known. 3. For Athens: The Athens Station might deem it advisable to pass this information to the local ODACID representative. Martin K. Colella."


12/11/63: Cable from Director to Athens (Orig: Unintelligible, SAS/MOB/FI): Slugline TYPIC AMILL THMALTO: "1. Appreciate ref. No need pursue topic further thru THMALTO-10 because open letter from AMILL-1 postmarked 28 Nov HAVA just received via New Jersey address. 2. FYI: In letter AMILL-1 advises wife demanding separation and asks KUBARK (CIA) to write. 3. For WAVE: Pouching copy letter and HQs comments..."


12/11/65: Cable from JMWAVE to Director: CITE WAVE 7852: Slugline MHSPAWN THUNIFORM: "1. Subject delegation departed WAVE 10 Dec after receiving assurance from Tsirimokos secretary that meeting possible. First scheduled for 11 Dec but changed to 12 Dec due urgent UN matter. Will advise outcome. 2. Members delegation: AMWORD-3 (IDEN A), AMBLEAK-1 (IDEN B) and IDEN C."


12/11/65: Cable from JMWAVE to Director: CITE WAVE 7853: Slugline TYPIC MHSPAWN THUNIFORM: REF: WAVE 7852 (IN 12973): "IDEN A. Dr. Mario Seiglie Montoro, UR Secretary General...


12/16/65: Cable from Athens to JMWAvE, MADR (Bachman Acting): Info: DIR: THUNIFORM: "1. At the afternoon paper Vradyni in front-page article in 15 Dec headlined AMSCROLL Ref A request to FONMIN Tsirimokos for deportation Galbe. Printed gist AMSCROLL letter. 2. THUPRISE/12 (T/12) will now approach Tsirimokos upon latter's return from U.S. and call attention T/12's 27 May interpellation in parliament per Ref B. T/12 will ask what action Tsirimokos intends take. If Tsirimokos answer unsatisfactory, T/12 will advise him of intent re-raise issue from floor parliament. Will keep addees advised of T/12 progress. 3. Airmailing clips and translation to WAVE and HQs. 4. No index."

104-10180-10023: CIA FILE ON ROTHMAN, NORMAN.

08/09/72: Report Cover Sheet from Athens: Reporting Officer: Yanagita. Reports Officer: Spigurnal. Reporting Officer: Thollade: Project: THACKERY. Source Crypt: THACKERY/33: "1. THACKERY/33 required during four-hour conversation with 201-730187 and during his regular contacts with 201-216011, 201-730187 and the wife of IDEN to NKAA 4943. 2. Information passed to THICEFISH attributed to source in West Europe. Not for any other liaison. 3. File: 33-1-31: 33-9-26: x-ref 201-868095, 201-730187: 201-272262: 201-817991 and 201-216011. 4. Index for Field use: Paraskevopoulos: Iliou: Iliopoulos: Glezos and Nefeloudis."

Gavin McDonald

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