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Cryptonym: SYMPATHIZER-11

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"Visser", first name unknown. Perhaps it is Hendrik J. Visser, a translator, sub-inspector first class of the Netherlands-Antilles police force.

104-10123-10048: WITHHELD

4/24/58 memo, slugline RYBAT SYNCHRONY: "S-11 preparing report on talks with Massing. He appreciates opportunity. S-11 anxious arrange she contact Pieck and Krop under guise preparation article or study their motivation for break with (Russian Intelligence Service)...while S-11 on street with Massing REDACTED met by chance Diana MacPhail of local SMOTH...S-11 asks whether he would permit him tell SMOTH this was Massing..."

104-10123-10043: WITHHELD

10/3/58 cable from Chief of Station, the Hague to C/WE: "(Hede Massing) arrived with (Edward P. Lavell/true name Paul Gaynor) from Frankfurt on schedule and contacted Fagg and Meppiel who arranged for a meeting with SYMPATHIZER-50 on 25 September and a meeting with SYMPATHIZER-11 on 26 September." At the beginning of point number 3) there is a handwritten "O'Ryan" above the word "Fagg."

Warren Commission Hearings, Volume XXV Current Section: CE 2459 - Letter dated June 29, 1964, from the FBI to Commission, with attached report of reinterviews of Mr. and Mrs. ...

5/22/64 interview by Cornolis Brinkenberg of the Netherlands-Antilles police force of Juan de Cuba, a passenger on the Transportes de Norte bus ride of Oct.1963 who saw someone that may have been Lee Harvey Oswald on the return trip from Mexico City. Hendrik J. Visser, sub-inspector first class on the Netherlands-Antilles police force, did the translation.

104-10123-10046: WITHHELD

5/26/58 memo: "While in (Hague) Massing told S-11 (handwritten marginalia states "Visser") (Whitaker Chambers) was planning trip on his own to Europe. S-11 wanted to invite him to visit Holland..."

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