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Cryptonym: STGOAL-1

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Unknown identity. A cable on October 17, 1963, described STGOAL-1 as a Chicom delegate to the International Union of Architects Conference in Mexico City.


10/05/63, Cable from Mexico City to Director: Slugline KAPOK LCHARVEST: "1. Reservations made per para 1 ref. 2. Many architects, including Corona (see para 4 MEXI 6345) arrived Mexico from Cuba via Cubana Airlines 4 Oct. No Chinese aboard. Presume Chinese delegation will arrive Cubana on scheduled 7 Oct flight. STGOAL-1 was scheduled take side trip to Merida 4 to 7 Oct, but appears he did not. He also listed to take side trip to Acapulco starting 13 Sept. 3. Will try get info requested ref from conference HQs, but failing this feel sure Corona can supply on his return from Merida evening 7 Oct. Corona to go Acapulco also. C/S Comment: *Re reservations for Larson at Del Prado. **In 30934."


10/10/63, Cable from Mexico City to Director: Slugline KOBIRD LCHARVEST KAPOK: "1. Larson met STGOAL-1 evening 9 Oct for approx 90 minutes, discussions cordial and concentrated primarily on current status mutual friends. Re our interests, following emerges from conversations: A. Although STGOAL main job is instructor at Nanking, he also general consultant to government on architectural matters. STGOAL spends little time in actual drawings. B. STGOAL expressed no dissatisfaction with regime although did imply that working under govt restrictions hinders any creative inclination. STGOAL said in many cases info coming from mainland is distorted. STGOAL expressed desire visit U.S. but said such visit would have to await improvement relations. C. STGOAL's older children have degrees in Chemistry and Physics. Youngest being trained as architect. Possibility of children receiving further education in West not discussed. D. Re finances, STGOAL said his immediate needs are met by govt e.g. housing, medical, vacation) and he has little for (unintelligible) held by Larson. STGOAL expressed little interest in money and asked Larson just to keep it. STFADELESS says he knows that STGOAL has surplus (unintelligible). 2. STFADELESS now attempting establish contact with STGOAL (unintelligible) fairly busy with conferences and tours. STFADELESS has many personal and business matters to discuss with STGOAL. After STGOAL STFADELESS meeting, we hope bring STGOAL, STFADELESS and Larson together for dinner at which time our interests will be introduced. (CONTINUED BELOW) For clearer print but with redactions: https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=31654&search=104-10092-10374#relPageId=2&tab=page


10/10/63, Cable from Mexico City to Director: Slugline KOBIRD LCHARVEST KAPOK: 3. Tentative plan is to have Sanseed introduced to STGOAL as scholar who making career of Chinese affairs and who good friend STFADELESS, when STFADELESS learned STGOAL would be MEXI he urged Sanseed go MEXI to chat with STGOAL who would probably be willing as personal favor to STFADELESS to have academic discussion with American. If subsequent conversations indicate STGOAL susceptible, Slinkard will be introduced to make pitch under official cover. 4. Hotel reservations for remainder Chicom delegation cancelled apparently due to transportation problems arising from Hurricane Flora. Appears therefore that STGOAL will be alone throughout his time MEXI."


10/11/63, Cable from Mexico City to Director: Slugline KOBIRD LCHARVEST KAPOK: "1. One more Chicom arrived for IUA conference. He is S.J. Liang aka Liang Szu Ch'eng (no telecode book available MEXI. Following are Liang's characters as numbered in Mathews Dictionary 3951 5580 379). Liang is Sohk Liang born circa 1905. Graduated U. of Penn School of Architecture. Foremost expert on ancient Chinese architecture. Circa 1945 Liang received honorary doctorate from Yale. In early 50's at request Chicoms Liang designed several buildings in Peiping however Chicoms subsequently criticized work as reactionary. Liang disappeared and did not reappear until after he had written severe self self criticism condemning his work, his Yale degree, his father etc. According STFADELESS, Liang's self criticism given wide publicity by Chicoms. Since then Liang has been Prof at Tsinghua University. Wife and eldest son both dead. 2. Can HQs confirm Liang's self criticism story as outlined above? If so suggest Liang offers interesting target for cold approach based on abuse heaped on him and, through him, on his father by Chicoms. Objective of approach would be same as for STGOAL as outlined para 2 DIR 71632. This effort will not cross with STGOAL op since STGOAL and Liang are involved different parts of conference and do not appear to spend time together. STFADELESS involvement STGOAL precludes his approaching Liang. If HQs concurs approach, request priority traces Liang plus precise self criticism." For clearer print but with redactions: https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=31655&search=104-10092-10392%2C#relPageId=2&tab=page

104-10092-10411: CABLE RE DISCUSSIONS.

10/12/63, Cable from Mexico City to Director: Slugline KOBIRD LCHARVEST KAPOK: "1. STFADELESS-6 met STGOAL-1 night 10 Oct. Discussion added little to info reported ref. STGOAL-1 showed no special interest in money held for him by STFADELESS-6 and as in case of $1000 held by Larson just asked STFADELESS to keep it. Bases results Larson and STFADELESS meetings with STGOAL, it appears STGOAL is satisfied or at least resigned to his life on the mainland. 2. STFADELESS-6 having difficulty arranging second meeting with STGOAL. STGOAL extremely busy with conference which badly arranged thereby precluding STGOAL from making any firm appointments. At next meeting STFADELESS will attempt arrange case officer STGOAL meeting. 3. Larson has returned U.S. C/S Comment: *Results of Larson conversation with STGOAL-1."


10/14/63, Cable from Director to Mexico City (Orig: E. A. Brubaker, Unit: FE/CIOT): Slugline KOBIRD LCHARVEST: "1. Improbable could arrive 14 Oct. This plus fact do not know extent damage if any from unsuccessful pitch (REDACTION) and our continued interests STGOAL-1, has caused HQs conclude insufficient time remaining lay on professional approach subject NCNA area where Chicoms may be unusually alert. 2. Have advised brother that because of limited time unable arrange his transportation and insure that he would arrive in time see subject. He understands and plans call subject again prior 16 Oct to explain could not make arrangements for trip on such short notice. 3. Brother has agreed make introduction if subject comes out again. C/S Comment: *Re unsuccessful defection pitch to (REDACTION)."


10/16/63, Cable from Mexico City to Director: Slugline KOBIRD LCHARVEST KAPOK: "1. Sanseed met STGOAL-1 but due STGOAL-1's very crowded schedule, there no opportunity broach operational matters. STGOAL cordial and willing chat about mainland situation. Appeared honestly unhappy discussions constantly interrupted by other IUA members. STGOAL-1 and rest of delegation staying at NCNA address. Entire party scheduled leave MEXI 0100 hours 10 Oct for Rio. Based STFADELES-6, Larson, and Sanseed observations, we see no basis for recruitment pitch although it possible something might be elicited from STGOAL during uninterrupted academic conversation. 2. There seems no further plausible access to STGOAL. Although Sanseed could contact him again in MEXI, believe such persistence would wear thin and would make STGOAL suspicious of academic cover, to point he would shy away. 3. Since group including WU will be MEXI through Friday, appears whereabouts time introduce brother into op. Re comments DIR 75386, do not believe (REDACTION)PLATE Liang discussions were carried on at academic level and which made no mention defection possibility, would affect a WU effort. Believe call from brother in MEXI could probably get WU free from rest delegation. If HQs wants send brother MEXI, additional TDY help not necessary. Prior call from brother in U.S. not desirable. 4. Advise. S/C Note: SVCD for confirmation." For clearer text/print of later cable: https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=46639&search=104-10093-10032#relPageId=2&tab=page


10/17/63, Cable from Mexico City to Director: Slugline INTEL/LCHARVEST: "SUPDATA source STFADELESS-6 from STGOAL. Info confirmed by Varig Airlines...Source delegate...to International Union of Architects Conference in Mexico City from Chicom delegate to conference." - - Page 3: Information Report: "1. The group of Chinese Communist architects who attended the International Union of Architects Conference in Mexico City will leave Mexico City on 19 October by Varig Airlines for Rio de Janeiro. The group making the trip will be Yang T'ing Pao, leader of the delegation, Liu Chien Chang, Liang Ssu Cheng, Liu Yun Ho, Wu Ching Hsiang, Ho Kuang Chien, Liu Lin Msiang and Yuan Tao..."

Gavin McDonald

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