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Cryptonym: SRPOINTER

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The name for HTLINGUAL mail opening project within the CIA's Office of Security.


Re: 1950s-1973: "On 8 April 1994, the complete set of SRPOINTER and HTLINGUAL security support files and indexes held by the Office of Security were destroyed in accordance with the guidelines set forth in the approved Records Control Schedules 31-76 and 31-83 and by the Office of General Counsel." At p. 20: "This responds to your memo of 9 February 1994 requesting confirmation that the security support files of the HTLINGUAL project are not the subject of a current litigation, investigation or other inquiry that would preclude their destruction pursuant to normal guidelines for records of this type. A review of OGC files located no currently active cases involving the HTLINGUAL project. Therefore, OGC poses no objection to destruction of the files if authorized by your approved records disposition schedule. For your information I have attached a copy of a March 1990 memorandum in which OGC provided guidance to the DO regarding the destruction of MHCHAOS and HTLINGUAL project files..."


Re: 1950s-1973 (continued): Page 45: "HTLINGUAL was a Directorate of Operations project involving the opening incoming and outgoing mail destined to and from the Soviet Union, China, Pakistan and South America. In the Office of Security this project was known as SRPOINTER with subprojects identified as WESTPOINTER, INDIAN, BANJO and SETTER. The Office of Security actually conducted the opening and monitoring of mail with the acquired information being referred to the Directorate of Operations. The Defectors File (#341008) was established circa 1950 with the purpose of recording information on US citizens defecting to other countries and information regarding foreign nationals considering defection to the United States...the Defector Machine Listing...was a computer printout of defectors and provided limited biographic data on each name. This listing was maintained separately from the actual Defectors File; notations within the Defectors File show the Defectors Machine Listing as permanently charged to the Security Analysis Group of the Office of Security. Efforts to locate this listing or to determine its disposition have been unsuccessful...one part consisted of an alphabetical file of defector names and assigned numbers. The second part listed the assigned numbers in numerical order and listed the limited biographic data on each name." At page 49: "The Security Research Staff (SRS) was the component responsible for collecting, developing and evaluating information of a counterintelligence nature to detect and/or prevent the penetration of the Agency's organization, employees and activities by foreign or domestic organizations or individuals...SRS coordinated counterintelligence efforts throughout (the Office of Security)."

178-10002-10045: [No Title]

"The Office of Security dissident monitoring activity in the Washington, D.C. area was carried out under Project MERRIMAC. The project for collecting information in other areas was called RESISTANCE...One program did not involve US mail but covered surveillance of mail while in the custody of the US Customs Office in New Orleans - SETTER. Another program involved intercept of mail in New York City involving one individual, a Pakistanian. The project was called SRINDIAN."

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