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Cryptonym: SMABOVE

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SMABOVE was the cryptonym for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Security and Intelligence.


CIA document: Research Aid: Cryptonyms and Terms in Declassified CIA Files Nazi War Crimes and Japanese Imperial Government Records Disclosure Acts: Page 52: ..."Term: SMABOVE. Definition: Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Security and Intelligence..."


06/30/64: Cable from Director to Ottawa (Orig: W. Kerbe, WH/SA/CI): Slugline TYPIC AMMUG: REF: OCOW 4750: "1. Please advise which reports ref given SMABOVE so that HQs can pass same info SMOTH (MI-6). 2. Also need know date AMMUG-1 (Vladimir Lahera Rodriguez) visa application given consul OTTA." Releasing Officer: William D. O'Ryan, C/WE. Coordinating Officers: W. Kerbe (Handwritten: for) C/WH/SA/CI. (Initial) Armstrong, WH/SA/EOB. Young (by phone), WE/BC/C. Authenticating Officer: (Handwritten: W. Kerbe for) Bruce B. Cheever, DC/WH/SA.


11/04/69: Dispatch from COS, Ottawa to Chief, WOMUSE (Info: Chief, European Division): "1. As you will note in paragraph 7 of the Reference, we asked SMABOVE to give us compiled information that they have on various MHCHAOS (Program to gather and evaluate all available information about foreign links to racial, anti-war and other protest activity in the United States) targets. At the time they said that these contained their own internal source information and could not be passed. They promised, however, to furnish us the same material in a form that could be passed. The attached two books entitled 'The Black Power Movement in Canada' and 'Unrest in the Academic Community (Canada)' were recently passed to us in response to this request. 2. From cursory review of the material it appears that some of it is already known to you. Some is overt information while other items reflect results of SMABOVE investigations and thorough checking. We are also attaching SMABOVE's letter of transmittal which updates some of the information. You will note that they invite our comments. 3. We feel that this is somewhat of a break through with SMABOVE. We have not received this kind of complete report from them recently. We intend very soon to offer some comments to them and especially offer our appreciation. Your comments also would be appreciated. 4. We do not know for sure if LNERGO (FBI) was also given these books. We assume they were not. If we determine that they were passed to LNERGO we will let you known. (Signature) Theodore D. Noltham." - - - 2022 release: https://www.archives.gov/files/research/jfk/releases/2022/104-10063-10285.pdf

104-10225-10012: CIA FILE ON ( )SHELL-5

11/06/69: Cable to Ottawa, WH/Miami (Orig: John Mertz, WH/COG/OPS): Slugline RYBAT TYPIC AMCHALK SMABOVE: "1. Per Ref A, HQs believes necessary that Nebecker establish contact with AMCHALK-5 (Miguel Angel Diaz Isalgue) upon arrival in (REDACTION) so that he be able relay information from AMCHALK-5 to SMABOVE on DGI - AMCHALK-5 meeting site. This step necessary because feel protective surveillance of meeting site by SMABOVE requisite for continuing operation. Please advise Nebecker. 2. File: 19-136-1/3. 201-307337. WH Comment: Ref A says HQs desires Nebecker initiate contact with AMCHALK-5 and that AMCHALK-5 should not make meeting with DGI without surveillance by SMABOVE. Ref B says that Noltham, Ottawa Station Officer, will contact AMCHALK-5 at his hotel in (REDACTION) to try delay operation. It adds that Noltham and Nebecker (DCOS WH/Miami) will consult with SMABOVE to assure coverage of meeting. Ref C request no contact between Noltham and AMCHALK-5 for fear that operation would be exposed to DGI. Ref D requests that operation proceed only if protective coverage can be given to AMCHALK-5 - DGI meeting and that Nebecker initiate contact with AMCHALK-5 upon arrival (REDACTION)." - - - 2022 release, pages 120-121: https://www.archives.gov/files/research/jfk/releases/2022/104-10225-10012.pdf

104-10225-10012: CIA FILE ON ( )SHELL-5

11/25/69: Cable from Ottawa to WH/Miami, Director: Slugline RYBAT TYPIC AMCHALK: "1. Contacted Noltham who will contact AMCHALK/5 (Miguel Angel Diaz Isalgue), advising him postpone any possible meeting with CUIS until after Nebecker arrives. Will then be up to Nebecker advise AMCHALK/5 re points in reference. Noltham and Nebecker will consult SMABOVE to assure coverage of meeting. If SMABOVE unable cover only alternative is scrap whole thing. 2. Presume Nebecker has seen ref. If not please make sure he aware of contents and that he contacts Noltham immediately upon arrival. Noltham can be reached at (REDACTION). 3. Noltham will advise us at 0900 this morning the results of his contact with AMCHALK/5. 4. File: 19-136-1/3 and 201-307337." - - - 2022 release, page 123: https://www.archives.gov/files/research/jfk/releases/2022/104-10225-10012.pdf

104-10225-10012: CIA FILE ON ( )SHELL-5

12/02/69: Telepouch from Chief, Western Hemisphere Division to COS, WH/Miami: Subject: WH/Miami Representative Meeting with SMABOVE in (REDACTION) Items - RYBAT/TYPIC/SMABOVE: "1. On 26 November Nebecker and Ottawa station case officer Noltham met with SMABOVE officers (REDACTION). The purpose of the meeting arranged by Noltham was to brief SMABOVE on the AMCHALK-5 (Miguel Angel Diaz Isalgue) operation, discuss the Cuban problem as it related to (REDACTION) and to general acquaint SMABOVE with WH/Miami interests. Prior to meeting with SMABOVE Nebecker and Noltham agreed that frankness was called for and that within security limitations we would attempt to endanger increased interest on the part of SMABOVE for the Cuban target...3. (REDACTION) was clearly the person more concerned with the Cuban target. He took Noltham and Nebecker on a tour of Cuban installation sites and the area which Araoz had explored in preparation for his meeting with AMCHALK-5...4. Nebecker told Noltham that upon his return to Miami he would look for Miami agents or assets that had contacts in (REDACTION) and would work toward the objective of (unintelligible) interesting SMABOVE in the target...6. Noltham told Nebecker that the newly arrived (REDACTION) ambassador to (REDACTION) was also accredited to Cuba and that he had cooperated in the past with RVROCK (CIA). While the station in Ottawa had not yet recontacted the ambassador they were planning to do so in the future. A brief discussion was held on the possible utilization of this person. Noltham was requested to keep Cuba in mind during the forthcoming meetings with the (REDACTION) and particularly any information regarding his travel to Cuba. He was told that WH/Miami would like to meet with him prior to any travel to Cuba...Joel N. Nebecker" - - - 2022 release, pages 98-100: https://www.archives.gov/files/research/jfk/releases/2022/104-10225-10012.pdf

104-10225-10012: CIA FILE ON ( )SHELL-5

02/11/70: Cable to Ottawa (Orig: Withheld, WH/COG/OPS): Slugline RYBAT TYPIC SMADD AMROSE: "1. FYI only, reliable info from sensitive source has indicated Fidel Castro angry at DGI because two DGI officers PNG'd from United Nations during summer 1969. End FYI. Also defections AMBEDEW-1 and AMDELAY-1 have contributed to what is possibly waning influence of DGI within Cuban Government structure. PNG of Ramirez may contribute further if he indeed DGI. Only info that he might be DGI is from SMABOVE. Tend agree SMABOVE supposition based on seeing him with Araoz before and after contact with AMSTALK-5 (Miguel Angel Diaz Isalgue). Also, SMABOVE considered him CUIS suspect before and apart from AMCHALK-5 operation, per OCOA 14598, 15 Aug 69. SMABOVE may have additional details confirming Ramirez DGI connection. 2. HQs interested in knowing if SMABOVE has something specific in mind as regards any operational opportunity. 3. AMBEDEW-1 did not recognize Ramirez photo, which being pouched priority to WH/Miami..." - - - 2022 release, pages 86-87: https://www.archives.gov/files/research/jfk/releases/2022/104-10225-10012.pdf

104-10181-10011: CIA FILE ON ORESTES RUIZ-PEREZ, VOL 11.

03/25/70: Cable from WH/Miami to Ottawa (Info: Director): Slugline RYBAT TYPIC SMABOVE: "1. Per agreement during SMABOVE visit (REDACTION) we have located several relatives (REDACTION). (REDACTION) in contacting (REDACTION) one of the AMOTs received a rather unfriendly reception. Would be appreciated if SMABOVEs could determine whether (REDACTION) has had any contact with (REDACTION). 2. According to the AMOT report (REDACTION) has a brother identified as (REDACTION) residing (REDACTION) exact address unknown. 3. Pouching complete AMOT report for (REDACTION) and director. 4. File: 201-735296." - - - 2022 release, page 77: https://www.archives.gov/files/research/jfk/releases/2022/104-10181-10011.pdf

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