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Cryptonym: SMABLE

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SMABLE was the cryptonym for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.


CIA document: Research Aid: Cryptonyms and Terms in Declassified CIA Files Nazi War Crimes and Japanese Imperial Government Records Disclosure Acts: Page 52: ..."Term: SMABLE. Definition: Royal Canadian Mounted Police..."

104-10051-10200: WITHHELD

04/21/59: Dispatch from COS, Ottawa to Chief, WE Division: Subject: JAVA - Intelligence G. E. Golub and N. Makeev: "1. SMABLE would appreciate receiving any relevant information you may have on two Soviet Officials at present serving in Finland. They are: G. E. Golub - Soviet Consul. N. Makeev - Correspondent for 'Trud'. Both officials have been in social contact with members of the SMADD (nation of Canada) legation in Helsinki. This contact instigated by Golub was allegedly to inquire about SMADD immigration procedure. Makeev acted as his interpreter throughout the meeting. 2. SMABLE has a trace in their files referring to G. E. Golub as Soviet Intelligence Officer acting as liaison man with the Finnish Security Police. 3. There seems furthermore to be a similarity here with the activities of Boris Lupovich Tretyakov (Tretiakou) Head of the USSR Consular Section in Athens who has been conducting similar inquiries with the SMADDs there. (Handwritten: Olivia Unintelligible) for Philip L. Cruden."


07/09/62: Dispatch from Chief, WE to COS, Ottawa: "As per Reference, attached hereto for Station files are copies of transcripts of reels C-1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 covering SMABLE interrogation of AELADLE (Anatoliy Golitsyn). Paul R. Cawood." (Note: handwriting below signature).


03/09/72: Cable from Ottawa to Director: REDTOP AEKICK SMABOVE: "1. An-Nahar article has been given replay on local radio morning 9 March and again in evening paper 'Ottawa Journal' 9 March complete with picture of Petrovskiy trying to avoid photographer as he entered Sov Emb morning 9 March. As item being carried by Canadian Press (CP), expect it may be replayed other major Canadian newspapers and will watch see if it gets coverage CBC TV news tonight. 2. Strictly FYI, in conversation with COS, SMABOVE/11 said they had been prepared for article via liaison in London with SMOTH (MI-6). They had text in advance and placed it with their contact (IDEN A) for surfacing 9 March in CP. However, there had been a flap which was still on going because IDEN A's superior wanted confirmation that article had appeared and CP had been unable to give such assurance. IDEN A appealed in desperation to SMABOVE (Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Security and Intelligence) for confirmation, which they unable to give. On basis refs, COS was able assure SMABOVE/11 article had appeared and also picked up by AFP tho not UPI so far. Greatly relieved, SMABOVE/11 said he would call his contact immediately and assure him everything was back on the rails. 3. This little exercise has proven what station always suspected, that under SMABLE/9 direction SMABOVE is getting more active in above type activity and had ability to surface or replay articles from time to time. In addition to also confirming their man in CP, SMABOVE/11 mentioned another name of press contact (IDEN B) they may use to get an article done on RIS types in United States and associated international organizations. 4. Pouching clips. 5. File: 201-258015."

Gavin McDonald

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