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Cryptonym: SLSTEEL-1

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SLSTEEL-1 was probably Jose Enrique Camejo Argudin, UN representative.
A memo from LAD/JFK Task Force stated PLSLSTEEL-1 was formerly AMANVIL-1, AMCLOCK-1 and INDEVOUT-3. INDEVOUT-3 was probably Jose Enrique Camejo Argudin. Another document from the task force stated that it was SLSTEEL-1 instead of PLSLSTEEL-1. SL appears to be the digraph for figures related to the Cuban Government, particularly intelligence officers. Therefore, this cryptonym is much more likely to be SLSTEEL-1 than PLSLSTEEL-1.

104-10308-10198: DESCRIPTION OF SUBJECT.

12/31/64: Document from LAD/JFK Task Force: "SLSTEEL-1 (formerly INDEVOUT-3 & AMANVIL-1). 201-009239. 14 files (June 1947-31 Dec 64). Reports description of Subject - very sensitive high-level, on-island reporting source. VOL. 13. Memo to EE/SA/Switzerland. WH/SA-64-590. July 64: '...AMWHIP-1 (TEPEDINO) further stated that he himself was not particularly friendly with INDEVOUT-3, probably because he is known to I-3 as business partner of AMWHIP-2's...' (Handwritten: N.B. - arrow pointing to above section). There is no info in Subject's file re assassination nor any mention of operations directed against Castro or GOC (Government of Cuba). Attached are documents re Kennedy or reporting on events/ideas which may pertain to this search." - - - AMWHIP-2 was Juan Ventura Valner.


Memo for the record from LAD/JFK Task Force: Subject: PLSLSTEEL-1 (formerly AMANVIL-1, AMCLOCK-1 and INDEVOUT-3) Project and 201 Files:

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