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Cryptonym: SLLARCENY-1

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Man who claims he learned about three groups that worked together to kill JFK.

104-10014-10067: CABLE: ASSESSMENT

02/04/94: Cable from Withheld to Director: Slugline WNINTEL PLSLINGSHOT SLLARCENY: Subject: Assessment of SLLARCENY/1 by FGFORK/86: Pages 2-3: ..."10. L/1 (SLLARCENY/1) talked about assassination of President John F. Kennedy. According to L/1, in 1969, L/1 personally saw Fidel Castro receive a group of U.S. radicals. Castro talked to them for two hours about why just one assassin could not possibly have killed Kennedy. Castro ordered a reenactment of the crime, using his best marksmen, and they could not duplicate what Lee Harvey Oswald supposedly did by himself. L/1 said that three groups were involved in killing the president: One group of Cubans, one group of 'mafiosos' and a third group of mercenaries. The third group included a man with a Greek name. L/1 to F/86 that it is not known whether any of these secret groups ever had any connection with PNINFINITE. In this regard, F/86 reported to station that L/1 is always careful not to attack PNINFINITE when F/86 is present. 11. Station reporting additional info from F/86 separately."

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