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Cryptonym: SLIGO-31

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Unknown identity. A dispatch in November of 1972 stated that SLIGO-31 was a friend of Rogelio Cisneros (AMBANG-4). The dispatch also mentioned that Cisneros was a close friend of Rigoberto Sandoval.
A January of 1968 Field Information Report stated that Rigoberto Sandoval was then General Secretary of the Planification Board in Honduras, and was progressive and liberal in his views. In addition, a Information Report in June, 1970, mentioned that Sandoval was still General Secretary. Furthermore, a Information Report in November of 1972 stated that Rigoberto Sandoval was a lawyer.


01/22/68: Field Information Report: COUNTRY: Honduras. SUBJECT: Opinions on Rigoberto Sandoval/Manuel Acosta Bonilla/Armando Velasquez Cerrato/Activities of Ricardo Zuniga/Status of Present Government: "1. I have known Rigoberto Sandoval for approximately eight months. As the General Secretary of the Planification Board he is a very capable and competent individual. He is progressive and liberal in his ideas, though at times seems to be inclined to the left. He is a man of great potential for the development of the country. Sandoval was instrumental in instituting a housing project of approximately one thousand houses, to be constructed in San Pedro de Sula. The houses will be built for needy families. A loan of US$2 million has been granted by the 'Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo' for the project..."


09/11/69: Field Information Report: COUNTRY: Honduras/El Salvador. SUBJECT: Honduran Government Interest in Purchasing Weapons to Arm Reserves/Alleged Purchase of Combat Aircraft by Honduran Official: ..."4. Following the meeting my associate had a conversation with Rigoberto Sandoval, a member of the Planification Board. Upon being informed of the meeting, Sandoval warned my associate to be careful in any dealings with Colonel Coreccolli, since he was known as a corrupt government official, a 'thief'. Sandoval stated that this was the opinion of President Oswaldo Lopez Arellano who distrusted Coreccolli. A few days later my associate learned that Ricardo Zuniga, Minister of the Presidency, has been given the task of purchasing arms and ammunition for Honduras..."


06/24/70: Field Information Report: COUNTRY: Honduras. SUBJECT: Sandoval's Dissatisfaction with the US/Possible Lopez 'Continuismo' Maneuver: "1. I have recently had the opportunity to spend an evening with Rigoberto Sandoval, who as the General Secretary, Planification Board, is responsible for agrarian reform within the Republic of Honduras. He told me the following information: 2. Sandoval is making a trip to West Germany and possibly other non-Communist European countries in an attempt to procure technical assistance, credit and other unspecified help for the Honduran agrarian reform program. He feels it is in the best interests of Honduras to turn to countries other than the US for assistance. He claimed the US is now in decline; that she is both unable and unwilling to fulfill her international obligations, particularly within Latin America, and that she is slow to react and bogged down with bureaucratic red tape. Sandoval also suspicious that the Peace Corps, initially very beneficial to Honduras, is a tool of the CIA. 3. Sandoval considers himself to be the enemy of foreign businesses, particularly American, as they are holding large amounts of property which should figure in the agrarian reform movement. He did not mention plans to appropriate foreign land holdings however. 4. Sandoval has not heard President Oswaldo Lopez Arellano personally claim interest in another term. The feeling inside government circles is that Lopez will request a constitutional amendment permitting him to remain in office for six more years without benefit of election. If this happens Sandoval will resign. Although Lopez is behind the agrarian reform program his remaining in office would not be beneficial to the country."


11/14/72: Field Information Report: COUNTRY: Honduras. SUBJECT: Horatio Moya Posas, Agrarian Reform Director/Rigoberto Sandoval in Italy/His Attitude Towards the US: ..."2. The previous Agrarian Reform director was Rigoberto Sandoval. He is an extremely capable lawyer, very sagacious, intelligent and he displayed great foresight in that position. His present and future course of life is worth observing closely because a possibility does exist that he may be a candidate for an important political position in the not too distant future. To date Sandoval has not mentioned which political position he plans to seek. Another reason for observing him is that he is exceedingly anti-US. 3. If Sandoval does decide to seek a political office, it would most probably be General Oswaldo Lopez Arellano who would sponsor him. 4. Early in October 1972 a US importer-exporter received a very pleasant personal letter from Rigoberto Sandoval. By the tone of the letter one would judge that a close relationship has existed between them for some time. Sandoval stated that he was in Italy working for the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations (FAO), and that for the present his stay there was for an indefinite period. He enclosed a long list of items which he requested the US importer-exporter to send to him immediately if at all possible. The list consisted mostly of furniture, household furnishings, electrical appliances, etc."


12/15/72: Dispatch from COS, WH/Miami to Chief, Western Hemisphere Division; COS, Tegucigalpa: "1. We have been advised by SLIGO-31 that Rigoberto Sandoval (Handwritten: No 201), a Honduras citizen and an official of the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO), will travel to Cuba as an FAO official in January 1973. He will remain in Cuba for one week. SLIGO-31 obtained this information from Rogelio Cisneros Diaz (201-353107), a close friend of Sandoval. Subject offered to take any messages to Cisneros' relatives in Cuba and Cisneros has accepted his offer. 2. There are no Station traces on Sandoval. Cisneros is of the opinion Subject has leftist leanings and that the Castro regime may win him over. Consequently, he may return to the FAO as a Castro sympathizer. Cisneros met Sandoval when the latter was Director of the National Agrarian Institute of Honduras and Cisneros was a farm machine salesman in Latin America. Sandoval purchased about one million dollars worth of equipment from Cisneros. This strengthened their friendship. Sandoval reportedly asked Cisneros if it was true that the Peace Corps in Honduras was penetrated by BKHERALD. 3. Cisneros, who is a friend of SLIGO-31, was a former leader of the Cuban Revolutionary Junta (JURE). (Signed) Lucille B. Murstig."


04/24/74: CIA document: ..."3. UFAA-5041: May 1973: (COS MIAMI): " SLIGO-31/SLIGO-5 & Conti Blips on Radar Screen; VIERA, GOTLIEB, PICO, SLESTATE-, MHSAVVY..."

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