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Cryptonym: SLAPSTICK-1

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Unknown identity. Two dispatches in 1977 concerned SLAPSTICK-1 viewing photographs of an unidentified man who visited the Cuban and Soviet Embassies in Mexico City in 1963.
SLAPSTICK-1 was possibly a Cuban intelligence officer working for U.S. intelligence.

104-10183-10366: NONRELATED AMMUG-1.

10/16/75: Contact Report by Henry S. Pachankis: Subject: Contact Report on SLANK-1 (note: Vladimir Lahera Rodriguez). (S-1): "1. S-1 was visited on the evening of 15 October, at his new address (REDACTION) to discuss recent HQs requirements. 2. S-1 was excited to learn his old boss: Ramon Cesar Cuenca Montoro is in Caracas. 'I just knew he had to be there because the Cuban Ambassador (Norberto Hernandez Curbelo) was my boss in the DGI (c. 1963-64) and 'Cesar' was above us both.' (In other words, in c. 1963-64, Cuenca was superior in rank to both S-1 and Hernandez - the present Cuban Ambassador to Venezuela). (Cuenca was known as Cesar to his coworkers/friends). 3. S-1 is seriously ready, willing and able to partake in any Agency operation against Cuenca and/or Hernandez. S-1 is an AMCIT and has a valid U.S. passport. His only consideration is obtaining the proper permission from his employers. This is a matter which the Agency must solicit for him...5. Re 'Fernandez' - the Yemen based Cuban military instructor - S-1 reports negative. (SLAPSTICK-1 had previously reported negative)..."

104-10220-10132: PEDRO RUIZ.

11/13/75: Contact Report by Henry S. Pachankis and Emory D. Premselar: 12 Nov/1600-1800/ rm 502 Holiday Inn, Tysons Corner: "1. SLAPSTICK-1: Nothing new on the anonymous threat; no new letters or phone calls. S-1 has a new job, his new employer does not know about the problem. I told P to tell S-1 the FBI is investigating the case. Note: change in job may affect S-1's ability to travel, it may be difficult to go Leave for any length of time so soon after coming on the job. I told P we are zeroing in on Luciano Vazquez in Rotterdam, waiting for confirmation of his ICS presence there, also whether family is with him. Will have P contact Fernandez de la Prosilla (old friend of V's) in Port Charlotte, then make decision on how to make approach, using either S-1 or Fernandez. Also gave P 2 photos (from Sylvia) to show S-1, to determine whether he recognizes either and if so, to obtain background and assessment info. Photos on Carlos Lastra and uniden Cuban male..."


03/08/77: Dispatch from Chief, LA Division to COS, LA/Miami: "1. We request that the attached photographs of an unidentified man be shown to SLAPSTICK-1 for identification as soon as possible. A photograph of this man was published in the Warren Commission report on the assassination of President Kennedy. Copies of the photograph have been widely distributed in news media by journalists critical of the Warren Commission investigation. The unidentified man visited the Cuban and Soviet Embassies in Mexico City during October 1963. As of October 1963, he was described as approximately 35 years of age, athletic build, about 6 feet tall, blond receding hairline with balding top, and dressed in khakis and sport shirt. 2. We would appreciate any information SLAPSTICK-1 is able to provide on this individual. Please return the photograph upon completion of query. Pamela P. Larrabee."


03/28/77: Dispatch from COS, LA/Miami to Chief, Latin American Division: "1. SLAPSTICK-1 did not recognize any of the photographs of the individual forwarded via reference nor was he able to provide any information concerning this individual. 2. The photographs are being returned herewith per reference. (Signature) Harold R. Anglund." (Handwritten note: "(Unintelligible) pls make sure that COG is aware of them)."

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